Review: Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z [XLC Gaming Network]

XLC Gaming Network writes:- When it comes to getting Anime/Manga games out to us gamers Namco Bandai Games have been the go to guys lately. They are not shy to bring us westerners some of the best tie-in games from Japan including games from JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure or the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN series just to name a couple. The latest release is Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z based on the highly popular Dragon Ball Z series. This is a team based fighting game for up to eight players – four players per team – that takes place in the world of the popular Anime franchise. The fights take place in wide open maps and consist of in-air and on-ground battles. I have to admit this for me is my first step into the world of Dragon Ball Z games so much of the story flies by my head like a giant pink pig, however that said this is still a fun, frantic and action packed fighter.

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