Review: The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 1 – All That Remains | oprainfall

oprainfall's Tyler Lubben writes:

"I’m pretty much a newcomer to the Walking Dead universe. I’ve never read the comics, nor have I seen the TV show. I’m actually not a big fan of zombie stories in general, but I am a big fan of Telltale Games. However, my chief experiences with the developer up to this point had been comedic and adventurous titles like Sam and Max, Back to the Future and the Poker Night games – lighthearted games that offer laughs and fun while you’re playing, and don’t call for very deep retrospection once they’re over. Needless to say, I was… unprepared for the violence, heartache and sheer brutality of the first season of The Walking Dead."

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jimjam34421774d ago

i enjoyed the read but isnt this article a little late to the party? i mean episode 1 has been out since december.
not to say i didnt enjoy the article (i did) it just seems a little late is all.

ChiChiRocket1772d ago

Yes, it is a bit late, but, in its defense, this wasn't a planned review, just something I wanted to talk about after playing it for myself. Subsequent episodes will be more timely.