Dragon Ball Z's Best Game Yet - And You've Never Even Heard of It

Dragon Ball Z's best game ever is sadly, fairly underground. It's time it gets its just-desserts.

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Ofthingsmanmade1773d ago

I played this game; it's a lot of fun. Makes me miss the old days of gaming :(

vishmarx1773d ago

it was kinda hard lol.
though i loved the animations of special attacks lol

travis405081773d ago

haha, me too. Especially Vegeta's Gallick Gun.

Lilrizky1773d ago

I loved the old DBz counter strike mods back in the day

travis405081773d ago

Haha, I've never tried them, what are they like?

Lilrizky1773d ago

This is it! it's dated now obviously I played it a long time ago at my local net cafe lol. But there's some footage of it

WildArmed1773d ago

I remember playing this again and again.

One of the best things was you could alter the story for DBZ.

For example, Goku arrives before anyone dies after Vegeta and Nappa land.

It's one of my fav DBZ game, right up there with Bodukai 2 / 3.

mohuzas1773d ago

I'd say Legacy Of Goku 2 is the best.

Indo1773d ago

I always like the Dragon Ball Z gameboy games, the best road trip entertainment since taking a nap.

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