Comic Likens Games Industry Treatment of Females to Boys Clubs of Early 20th Century

GR - The kinds of interactions depicted in the comic below aren't the kind you'd see on the front pages of enthusiast press websites everywhere. As a fan of video games, this probably seems impossible, but these types of interactions happen on a day-to-day basis in corporate lobbies or trade shows or even on Facebook.

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Aaroncls71773d ago


In all honesty, I think the problem is more about the age of the players than anything else. That plus the whole thing of 30 being the new 20 adds up more to the fray.

An all grown up, mature male player (even if it is a mature 21 yo) might not treat fellow lady players in such a way.

And girls, don't let that discourage you, the joke's on them; because most likely you can take that ugly behavior as a reflection of their insecurity and hardcore childishness.

Hicken1773d ago

No, it's really not genius. It's a caricature of a dozen inaccurate or at least non-unique generalizations. It's the perpetuation of the stereotype that women are, somehow, treated differently from men in every aspect of gaming. In fact, they're treated exactly the same, and that's the part that bugs these women.

If I go online, my sexuality will be questioned(I'm straight, but that matters not a bit), my race will be insulted(I'm black, so you know how that's going down), and any other insult that can be tossed at me WILL be. Me NOT being a female doesn't prevent me from being subject to the same level of abuse; my gender only ensures- and even then, not really- that the CONTENT of the abuse will be different.

I can't speak too much on the development side of things, but I think I've heard none of the ladies in charge of big-name studios talk about how difficult it was for them. Hell, I haven't heard but MAYBE one or two women AT ALL saying their entry was unfairly barred. As SilentNegotiator intimates below, there aren't many female developers trying to get into the industry. And, no offense, but I wouldn't be surprised if, a time or two, those rejections were just ASSUMED to be gender-related, when in actuality that was not a factor.

One of the things that pisses me off the most about all this is that it's always treated as if this is misogynistic behavior is indicative of the overwhelming majority of the gaming community, rather than the VERY small minority it actually is.

Again, if women want to be treated as equals, then they should expect the same disrespect everyone else has to deal with. Thinking they should be exempt from that when, say, I'm not, is not equal treatment. It's a desire for preferential treatment.

kingdip901773d ago

This is probably the smartest observation I have seen on here in a while. Bravo good sir.

SilentNegotiator1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Except nothing is keeping women out of the game industry. You can't hold social media and the standards that make booth babes acceptable (something not even remotely exclusive to the gaming industry) up as some sort of representative of the game industry. If a women chooses to throw away her games over some social media tomfoolery, that's their decision.

And as for the development side of things, Gabrielle Toledano, executive vice president of EA said herself [paraphrased]; the problem isn't women not being hired, it's a lack of applications.