GH’s Top 10 Most Visually Stunning HD Games of the Last Generation

Gamer Headlines writes:

"The list contains video games from the last generation, which have not only the best graphics, but inspire with aesthetics, impress with stunning visual effects, move with their graphical fidelity as well as deliver on good quality textures. As you are now aware what we mean by visually stunning games of the last generation, you probably know how hard it was far us to choose just ten from the long list of games."

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WeAreLegion1773d ago

Beyond: Two Souls didn't get an honorable mention?

Nerdmaster1773d ago

It deserved one of the top spots on the list.

Roccetarius1773d ago

Considering the compromises they had to make, i agree with the author that it's not impressive as a whole. Plus, these games have all been released on PC as well.

WeAreLegion1772d ago

I know. I play them all on PC. They're all gorgeous. Beyond holds its own though.

GamingGod3581772d ago

It was mentioned, if you read carefully .. :D

SonyStyled1773d ago

U3's graphics are far better than 2's. but with no PS3 exclusives on the list, clearly this guy doesnt own a playstation 3

fonger081773d ago

I wouldn't say they are that much better. UC2 was one of the few games this gen that made me say "wow." But I agree, this list is comprised of Xbox360/PC, I can't really tell what system(s) he's using. Personally I didn't think Metro looked all that great on the 360.

matt1391773d ago

Clearly you have never gamed on a maxed out PC. All of those games listed on PC on full settings demolish any ps3 title in terms of graphics.

fonger081773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

@matt139 oh I agree, FarCry is amazing maxed out. I guess I'm just confused about on what system he's referencing these games to. If they are PC games, well then theres really refute this list casue as maxed PC games they are all very impressive. Please don't make this about PC vs console thing, they are two very different setups.

webeblazing1772d ago

pc version of those game looks better than next gen games says something

Pandamobile1772d ago

...or PS3 exclusives don't really have good enough graphics to be part of this list.

Uncharted 3 is probably one of the best looking PS3 games, but it gets blown out of the water by stuff like Tomb Raider, Battlefield and Crysis.

GamingGod3581772d ago

Actually I do own a PS3 .. I love both beyond: two souls, the last of us and the whole uncharted franchise .. been a PS fanboy for quite a while now ...

HOWEVER, the set criteria for the top ten is mentioned in the beginning of my article .. if you read carefully .. you will see why the games are not included :P

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teedogg801773d ago

I would love it if Far Cry came to PS4.

Hicken1773d ago

Wait... so it's the best looking games of last gen... then he uses ALL PC games, when PC HAS NO GENS?

"Generation" is a console-exclusive kinda thing. So how can you make a list of the best ANYTHING of the last generation, and NOT use the console version?

webeblazing1772d ago

you have a point he maybe was using the article to downplay next gen consoles because next gens are just starting to come close to these gfx. i doubt we would see a game that looks better than metro, crysis, arma this year and those games came out last year around this time(expect arma).

Pandamobile1772d ago

A "gen" is more of a timeframe than anything.

Hicken1772d ago

I call BS. These games may have been part of the seventh generation of consoles, but they weren't part of any PC generation. Which means they should be comparing the console versions, if they're going by generation.

Now, if they were talking years, that'd be another story.

Pandamobile1772d ago

Get over it? People use the term "gen" to describe slightly different things. If that offends you, you might wanna consider relaxing a little bit.

GamingGod3581772d ago

Does no one here actually READ?

The first two para .. please m8 ... don't make me repeat myself ... read the first two para of the article :P

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