Did you know? Sonic Boom originally shown in CryEngine 3 GDC 2013 video

Anyone that watched the showcase of the CryEngine 3 last march saw some of the environment for the upcoming Sonic Boom video game.

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alejandroelputo1771d ago

Sonic boom has been in development for 2 years... good enough

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animegamingnerd1771d ago

and there is no signs of sonic team to be found so this will be either the best sonic since adventure 2 or the worst since 06

EliteGameKnight1771d ago

I was always more of a fan of Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut than its sequel myself. The Free Roam with multiple characters and a story for each one was the best thing since sliced bread to my young mind when I first got it

linkenski1771d ago

Not to mention, the graphics are just the same in the trailer from yesterday as they were in march 2013's cryengine demo. All seems well this time.

DryBoneKoopa851771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I just found out that the guy who worked on Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, 3 and tag team racing and the Jak and Daxter games is working on this game. That's why the environment look's so close to those games.

With him on bored I'm VERY confident this game is going to turn out very well. Can't wait to see more.

SpiralTear1771d ago

I think the new character designs are distracting everyone from how great the environments look, especially with that 1080p HD shine. Naughty Dog were great at environment design even back in the days of Crash Bandicoot.

It's certainly different, but quite honestly, I think it's neat to see this series in hands other than Sonic Team. I don't think this will be as bad as everyone originally thought it would be.

shivvy241771d ago

Yeah the environment did give off a jak and daxter tpl vibe

brewin1771d ago

Ehh sony fanboys are a very fickle bunch. I remember fanboys bitching about the jak and daxter designs back then. If they didnt change anything those people would be saying they keep recycling, then when something new is tried they say its too different. Whatever, those fools need to STFU and find something else to slog about.

Funny that they should be playing their shiny new systems but instead they still find time to slog the net and distribute their daily dose of nintendo hatred. I really think MS and Sony pay these trolls to talk crap about anything nintendo related and spread their mis-information like its the plague.

I think its good they are doing something like this with Sonic. I am not a huge fan of the designs, but I will reserve judgement until I play the game for myself. Why is that so rare these days? Nobody can just wait and play the game. They always slander anything they dont like as if they were important and all game companies need to cater to their wants. Its a sad sad state the world is in now with these people everywhere.

FlyingFoxy1770d ago

The environments look very colourful, some of the foliage looks nice too. Ground textures are ok, that's one of the things i noticed that isn't as high quality as the character models. Still, overall it looks nice.

I was trying to see what they toned down to keep performance up on the Wii U, and the ground textures were the only thing i noticed really. This is to be expected though, CryEngine is a hog and even Crysis 3 has it's dips with high end GPU's on PC.

Not the most hardware friendly engine on any hardware to be honest, but if they can get it to work well then great.

AKR1771d ago

This is one of the growing number of titles that show that the Wii U, despite being behind the PS4 and XBOX One; really can output some beautiful games.

BRB-Entertainment is doing a sweet job with the visuals.

Metallox1771d ago

But they're still making 3DS versions. Nintendo says that it wants to sell more Wii Us but they are just killing those possibilities with 3DS versions of Sonic Lost World and Super Smash Bros. Ok, forget Sonic, but the handheld version of Smash looks cool and it will cost less. I mean, yeah, that's good for Wii U. Hope that the 3DS version of Sonic Boom sucks.

Dread221771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I don't think the 3DS version of smash is even considered for Competitive players. Which won't be the majority, but will be the vocal majority and their free advertisement loud speaker (assuming they don't ruin the gameplay like brawl for them).

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iplay1up21771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Why do trolls have to disagree. Why can't they just look at a game,and see that it looks great, and leave it be. Nope, as far as I am concerned these petty people, see a game that looks great on a Nintendo system and have to disagree, because they can not suck it up and admit that Wii U, does have some power,and more importantly a lot of great games out now, and a TON coming this year.

Lets face it if this is slated for 2014, We have Sonic Boom, Donkey Kong TF, Mario Kart, SSBros, Monloths X, Bayonetta 2, Zelda Hyrule Warriors, That makes 7 more exclusives this year alone, and that is just that We know about. Shinen is working on a couple too. Add the 3DS Wii U support this year, and WOW my head will spin, as I do not have 3DS (I don't do handhelds, use my phone/tablet.)

So yeah Nintendo no matter if you like em or not has the games. When PS4 gets pumping there will be more games to play than I will have time for sure.

Shnazzyone1771d ago

Seriously, Happy to hear this basically confirms wii U can run cryengine 3. Hope we see a few crytec titles hit.

AKR1770d ago

That's up to EA.
Crysis 3 was almost done and they told them to pull the plug on the Wii U version...

Revolt131771d ago

What exactly is barf? Besides Knuckles tool looking ass?

pcz1771d ago

tails is winking because like everyone else, he knows this game is going to suck

Neonridr1771d ago

different studio... I will give them the benefit of the doubt. But I will wait to see more.

iplay1up21771d ago

LOL they do not look like that in game.

brewin1771d ago

Oh, the "It doesnt look like I think it should, therefore it sucks" post... You obviously wouldnt like a game like this anyway so why bother posting on the article? Dont you have some more CoD or something to play? Be gone troll..

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stragomccloud1771d ago

Actually, I just noticed that yesterday when I rewatched it after watching the Sonic Boom trailer.

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