What the future of Call of Duty might look like

With the recent change to the Call of Duty development cycle we can extrapolate what the next few years will look like for the franchise.

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venom061743d ago

the next few years will look like at the other previous CoD years.. bad spawns, bad maps, OP-no-recoil laser beam guns and lying about actual "new" stuff.. it'll just take a year longer to find out about these things from each game.

TomShoe1743d ago

It's gonna have jetpacks and mechs, calling it.

barb_wire1743d ago

jetpacks, aliens, alien zombies, nazi alien zombies, 1 mech (for show), 'splosions!!

Ra30301743d ago

Exactly what Venom06 said. They first need a new game engine. Unless and until they get one it will be the same wash, rinse, and repeat done year after year. The only difference is they have another year to be bored with while doing it.

Simco8761743d ago

I'm happy with the extra time and excited to see what's new. It's an arcade shooter man, it's supposed to be frantic fun, I wish more people would remember that ^^^

Master-H1743d ago

More milk, just from a different vendor.

Pintheshadows1743d ago

I hope this gen instead of FPS we get a deluge of RPG's of all types. How good would that be. Fingers crossed as I am now sick to the back teeth of this type of game.