Sledgehammer Confirms Development of CoD for 2014

JunkieMonkeys: "Well, it's that time of year folks. But...a little different, this time, right? Instead of a bunch of teasers, a gigantic reveal, tons of rumors, we get a blog post, straight from the devs themselves. Simplistically elegant, I must say."

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TomShoe1769d ago

How did this slip through Pending? It's a duplicate.

jayswolo1769d ago

I don't intentionally post dupes by the way, but nothing showed up when I was posting this story. Even went out of my way to search for articles. Found it odd that the news had been out for about 45 minutes and no one said anything.

Mr Pumblechook1769d ago

3 years spent on each CoD game indicates that next-gen games need more development time and that Activision recognises the importance of delivering a product of a high standard or else lose their customers.

jayswolo1769d ago

Not really. That's just the best way to handle it when you have 3 studios all developing for the same franchise. It's not for the sake of the game, it's just making the best of an oversaturated situation.

showtimefolks1769d ago

Mr Pumblechook

I think you both are right but let's be honest the game will see more development time meaning more polish and more time to try new things to see if they work within COD

still waiting on activision to make COD's on new engine

Remy_S1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Oh great, its those damn guys that released the snoozefest MW3, I could bet money that it will be just as bad as Ghosts or possibly worse. This year should have been Treyarch's turn, the only competent COD devs left.

lets_go_gunners1769d ago

Agreed..The last Cod I bought was Bo2 and it looks like it will be the last Cod I buy. Zombies FTW.

Rikuide_Furame1769d ago

Completely agree with Treyarch and I'm gutted they're out a year later (though does mean more dev time). Still, my understanding was that Sledgehammer worked primarily on the MW3 campaign and given all the crapstorm surrounding the game's launch with IW leading development, I'd say give them a chance to see what they can do.

Hey it's CoD - we're all be saying told you so come November :p

NarooN1769d ago

The current Infinity Ward is a joke, just look at Ghosts. Easily the worst CoD yet. Go look at a video of Grant Collier (one of the original founders of Infinity Ward) for CoD4, that version of IW is dead.

MW3 was abysmal, and definitely a snoozefest as you correctly labeled it. I played it on both PS3 and PC and it was terrible on both.

Treyarch at least *attempts* to get it right, even though Blops 2 had a ton of issues with netcode and weapon balance. They are the only CoD dev who even makes an acceptable PC version as well.

Lilrizky1769d ago

totally agree. I don't think Sledgehammer has proven themselves at all, I'm very cautious to see how they go on their own. MW3 is actually my least favourite COD in recent years behind Ghosts.

Treyarch all the way.

jayswolo1768d ago

they haven't even had a chance to. They saved a billion dollar franchise from missing the release of the highly-anticipated ending to the trilogy that kickstarted the success of the series, lol.

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Convas1769d ago

MW3 aside (One of only 2 games I regret with all my heart and soul that I purchased), I'm willing to give Sledgehammer a chance to at least see what they'll bring to the table.

As long as the PC port is competent.

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