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Submitted by TheVideoGamHer 736d ago | opinion piece

The Order: 1886 Lacks Multiplayer, 30 FPS; Sony Fans: “It’s Okay.”

SheAttack: "I’m not here to say whether this game needs mutliplayer or not, or if frame rates and resolutions are important, or even which console is better. I’m here only to make an honest observation. Any issue with Sony seems to be casually swept under the rug while other issues with Microsoft and Nintendo are blown out of proportion and I can’t help but wonder, 'If the issues with the Xbox One were the issues of the PlayStation 4, would the gaming community treat Sony the same'?" (PS4, The Order: 1886)

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NYC_Gamer  +   736d ago
I really don't understand why any gamer would be upset about a quality game running at 30fps
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GarrusVakarian  +   736d ago | Well said
I cant speak for any other Sony fanboys on this site, but for me personally a solid 30fps has always been and will always be ok with me on both platforms (but i want MP FPS's at 60). Ive played numerous locked 30fps games on my PS4, the only time ive ever criticised an X1 games framerate is when those games are advertised as 30fps but turn out to run lower. I never have and never will criticize an X1 game for running at locked 30fps.

I also fail to see why people are acting like 30fps on an exclusive is the same as 30fps on a game that is on both systems. Of course it's ok for an exclusive to run at 30fps...but when a multiplat game runs worse on the more expensive console, the criticism is completely justified.

As for MP, im glad it's not in The Order 1886, as their first PS4 game, i want full focus on a great PS experience. Co-op and/or MP can come next time when they know the ropes a bit more. A horde mode would have been nice....but as i said, it's their first proper console game.

"'If the issues with the Xbox One were the issues of the PlayStation 4, would the gaming community treat Sony the same'?""

Lol, you must not have been on this exact website when last gen first launched. Trust me, Sony and the PS3 got it just as good as the X1 is getting it. Constant memes, constant jokes about how it has no games, constant bragging about how much better 360 multiplats looked.
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TomShoe  +   736d ago
Who cares? It's a single player, slow paced game. It's not a twitch shooter like Call of Duty.

30fps is fine.
LaChance  +   736d ago
"I really don't understand why any gamer would be upset about a quality game running at 30fps"

Ask the hordes of Sony fanboys on this site. They should be more than willing to answer. Hey thats pretty much all they talk about all day long.

EDIT: at least now we know that after all 30 fps is more than ok :)
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afterMoth  +   736d ago | Well said
Xbox One fans are upset because it was pointed out that Tomb Raider runs at twice the framerate on the PS4. Xbox One fans then jump to the conclusion that it means Sony fans aren't okay with 30fps games. All things equal 60fps is better than 30fps, that is the only relevance to Tomb Raider. Sony fans aren't saying Tomb Raider sucks for being 30fps but the PS4 version is better.
ThunderSpark  +   736d ago
We cannot judge The Order yet for being 30fps because it has not been done on any other system. For all we know, it might have to do with the sheer amount of other graphical enhancements and events occurring in the game.

30fps is not an issue unless it is proven to be capable of 60fps on other systems or consoles. Tomb Raider is a great example of this because it was 30fps on the Xbox one, PS3 and Xbox 360, however, was shown to be capable of a lot more on the PS4. Why should I get the game on the Xbox One if there is a better experience on the PS4?

All in all, this article is reaching. Xbox One fans are just tired of their console being compared to the PS4 and are now trying to nitpick PS4s exclusives. What happened last generation when exclusives didn't mean the PS3 was stronger, it was all about the multi-platformers. Now this generation is different? Talk about backpedaling.
Destrania  +   736d ago
Well said once again Lukas. I think the people disagreeing with you are being completely pathetic. The tech behind The Order is astonishing, the story is intriguing, and the gameplay looks to be exciting. Really stoked to see more. Xbots are just mad they won't be getting this game, and that their exclusives won't ever be able to achieve anything close to it.
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Kingthrash360  +   736d ago
@la guys said it was 30fps was bad in comparisons like cod vs. cod on ps4/x1..plenty of 30 fps games on both consoles but when staple mulitiplat games dont even out. the cod/bf4/mgs are better on pretty sure 1886 wouldn't run on x1 at 1080p hek prolly not even 30 fps...look at ryse, i prolly would have made 1080p on ps4...smh.
Eonjay  +   736d ago
30 FPS means it has really good graphics. No multiplayer means its a story focused game. Like Bioshock.

Also single player was announced back in Oct 2013. Only now are people trying to attack this game because of it.
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scott182  +   736d ago
I think a locked 30fps @ 1080p is more than ok. If it was constantly dipping way lower than 30 that would suck for games...
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showtimefolks  +   736d ago

i think these same one complaining about xbox one's treatment were the ones bashing sony/ps3. Life is funny as to what goes around comes around

2006-2008 all we heard or read was how ps3 doom or sony failure articles, no way is xbox one getting the same treatment
dedicatedtogamers  +   736d ago
'If the issues with the Xbox One were the issues of the PlayStation 4, would the gaming community treat Sony the same'?

Ooof. Let's rewind time back to 2005-2009.

'If the issues with PS3 were the issues of Xbox 360, would the gaming community treat Microsoft the same?'

And of course, we know that while PS3 suffered from fewer issues, it got much more hate.

New gaming gen, same argument. It is only natural for the most popular console to get a pass for its mistakes (for instance, hardly anyone raised a stink that PS+ is now required for some online multiplayer) while the less-popular console gets shat on. Doubly so, when you consider how much vitriol has been aimed at Microsoft over the last year (it's actually been building up since Kinect came out for 360).

Xbox fans, my sympathies. You're in for a rough couple of years. The same thing happened to early PS3 adopters. It's no surprise that it is happening to early X1 adopters.
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Giul_Xainx  +   736d ago
Why would it need a multiplayer part of the game?

Everyone just buys naughty dog, dice, and infinity ward games anyway. Why compete?
pyramidshead  +   736d ago
Bubble up for @aftermoth, knocking it out the park to put the whiners in their place.

Not to mention The Order is a true next gen game with a crap tonne of next gen features to boot. Tomb Raider was rightfully scrutinised as it's basically a last gen port of a multiplatform game.
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ALLWRONG   736d ago | Trolling | show
dirkdady  +   736d ago
Lol it's all relative ain't it? It's not about running at 30fps or 60fps it's all in relation from one system to the other like if the order runs at 30fps on the ps4 if it were also on the xbox one it would probably run at 15fps for example.
jamestewart  +   736d ago
For the X1 camp if they made this game on the X1 it would be lower frames than whatever the PS4 version will be.
Why o why  +   736d ago
Lukas and Aftermoth well said. You can state the same thing 50 times and some will still try their upmost not to get it so they can continue with fallacious points.

Repeat after me.....

30 is good but 60 is better;

30 is not so good if the other console is doing 60.

900 is ok but 1080 is better;

900 is not so good if the other console is doing 1080
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BG11579  +   736d ago
Some people are really grabbing straws here...

Why people are caring for the 1080/60 fps thing in the Xbone? Well because MS at the reveal, at the latest E3, bluntly presented their console a "1080 and 60fps" console. All the games where presented has running in the Xbone and running "1080 and 60fps".
And that the Cloud was this super great thing that only MS could use to increase the consoles graphics.
When logical and knowledgeable people prove it to be a lie, MS and their followers kept on defending it wasn't. MS tried why all their capabilities to hide this, by not revealing the truth capacity of the console, speaking of cloud, inventing fake numbers, buying comments, future timed reveals, and all that PR circus.
Since MS'reveal, all their games have been downgraded and so did MS'fans expectations.

When the PS4 or any game was presented, no lie was said about resolution and frame-rate. Sony spoke of the raw power of the machine directly, showed the game on its on console.
At this point Sony has kept all their promises in power for the console. Games have been upgraded since their presentation.

Who should really be upset at this point by the Xbone's 720/900 and inferior multip, are MS'fans. They were tricked to believe they bought a more expensive console that would natively be able of doing 1080 60fps and it's not the case.
The conclusion, while MS'fans like to be lied at. Sony's fans prefer the better value and trustworthiness. Which is what is being given with 1886.
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quaneylfc  +   736d ago
The commenters were right in that Thurway post, there has been a totally different attitude to that of tomb raider and others not being 60fps when it didn't even matter.

this "issue" was explained a long time ago by crytek regarding ryse but no one seemed to get that answer because ryse isn't for their platform of choice. I'm just glad now that people will learn about the directors intentions on how a game will look without consorting to an argument on whats "better."

All it took was some double standards but its the age we live in and there is nothing i can say or do to change that ;)
FlunkinMonkey  +   736d ago
Well said Lukas.

Wait wait wait, are XBone fans really trying to have a go at 1080/30 when the XBone struggles to even get 1080 full stop?!

These guys...
Gamer666  +   735d ago
I agree that last gen Sony ate a lot of crap last generation but that was a lot of their own doing and over-promising.

Check out this Wired article that went back and reviewed the PS3 promises:

They promised that they were capable of doing games at 120 fps (Page 2 of the article)! Then, when they shipped many games couldn't even hold 30 fps. And here we are a generation later and the newest consoles are not even reaching 120 fps never mind seeing that on the PS3.

With all that said, I think that fanboys get too caught up in the marketing hype on both sides. Sony fanboys keep on beating the dead horse about 60 fps at 1080p, and now that Titanfall is looking like a solid exclusive and a lot of XB fanboys are making it sound like Titanfall is the God's gift to gaming.

The reality is this generation has a long way to go... And 60 fps is gravy not a requirement. Same with 1080p over 720p. And MS tends to bring better exclusives at the start of the gen while Sony brings the best exclusives near the end of the gen.
dantesparda  +   735d ago
So the MS fanboys wanna start making this stupid argument, so they can look even dumber then they already look?! They understand damn well whats up, but they wanna act stupid so they can play their stupid little fanboy games.
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killzone619  +   734d ago
30fps is fine for platformers...but for shooters? no thanks.

games like CoD are so successful on last gen consoles because 60fps improves any shooter genre.

sony fans can disagree away but they havent experienced 60fps enough to realise its importance.
G20WLY  +   736d ago
"Any issue with Sony seems to be casually swept under the rug", said the awful troll site.

When was there ever even the slightest hint that The Order: 1886 would have multiplayer? Never, and that's why nobody has an issue with it.

30fps is sometimes fine, if it means greater fidelity. Some games, by the nature of their gameplay, are better with higher fps and lower resolution is a fair trade off.

Multiplatform games are a different story and this is where the author spins for the sake of flamebait. If one version is higher fps/resolution that the other, of course it is always preferable - if it's achievable.
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Tibbers  +   736d ago
"30fps is sometimes fine" but not in games where you control a camera (e.g. shooter).
Alexander1Nevermind  +   736d ago
When was there ever even the slightest hint that The Order: 1886 would have multiplayer? Never, and that's why nobody has an issue with it.


When the game was debuted, I don't remember any mention of Multiplayer.

Killzone was slated to be 30 FPS and all I heard was fans say try and get 60 FPS if possible (which GG obviously did their best to try and achieve), which is the same they are saying for The Order 1886.

I think a lot of the issue with DR3 was that the game is 720p (if I stand corrected let me know) and it still had frame rate drops. The issue fans have with X1is its performance when compared to the PS4.

This article wreaks of butthurt MS Fan imo.
Godmars290  +   736d ago
Because "gamers" have been all over such differences on multiplatform titles.

I don't need to say who or which ones...
Hicken  +   736d ago
Because those multiplatform titles were performing at a lower standard on one console than on the other. Hell, in the case of Tomb Raider, it's a last-gen game, which should make it that much easier. But that's a comparison of multiplats, where you'd expect the same framerate and resolution.

No one has flat-out said 30fps sucks. Not one person, even the Sony fanboys.

If The Order were 60fps on XB1, then there'd be a problem. But it's an exclusive, it's running 1080p(though a cinematic 800p), and we have no idea just how much is going on, though there seems to be some destructible environments, if I remember correctly.

Please, PLEASE stop making connections that just don't work. It's NOT hypocritical to be critical of the lower performance of a multiplat and then be alright with a given performance of an exclusive.
webeblazing  +   736d ago
what you mean by last gen game its a port of pc version. this have to be the worst response. its versions of multiplat game that came out that so called next gen consoles cant touch. do you have a last gen console? lol the stuff people was saying the didnt matter when pc gamers said did is now their goto move. funny right. im just saying people need to just chill its really getting pathetic on both sides. and no fanboys dont understand logic if it was a multiplat and ran the same the will go out their way to find something to bash the other with.
Prime157  +   736d ago
It's always funny when xbox fanboys become what they hate in Sony fanboys.

Hypocrites? No, human, but annoying as (in this case) their comparing apples to oranges.

Sorry, but you are being EXACTLY what you attack in other articles.
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Kribwalker  +   736d ago
If it's an exclusive game it should be better then if it's a multiplatform game made for 4 different systems where they don't have time to properly optimize. I am going to bookmark this page for the next time you sony fanboys decide to pile on the Xbox one for playing an exclusive game at 30fps or less then 1080p because you all think it's fine if it's exclusive as The Order is 800p and 30fps.
IE ryse
Dead rising 3
Ect ect
cozomel  +   735d ago

Dude are you stupid or something or just plain dumb? The Order isnt 800p because of some technical weakness, its 800p because they wanted it to be letterbox, they are doing it by choice not limitation . And im sure you know that, but are choosing to be an idiot about it. Then again aint all Xbot idiots for liking that sh!t.

As for your exclusive comment.
1.)Anything the Xbone can do the PS4 can do better, so if this game was on the X1 it would either be lower res or lower framerate or if it could match both the res and fps then it would be lower settings/quality
And 2.) All those Xbone exclusives perform horribly, the system can barely handle them, Ryse is 900p because the system couldnt handle it at 1080p (just like it had to be lowered from 150k per character to 85k).
And Titanfall is 720p with 6vs6 players. 720p should not be allowed this gen.
badz149  +   736d ago
wow, really? we're approving this kind of article now?

"The Order: 1886 Lacks Multiplayer, 30 FPS; Sony Fans: “It’s Okay.”"

I know, right? because the Xbone version totally running 1080p 60fps! PS4 is such WEAK SAUCE! oh wait...
there is no other version to compare it to! it's not like the game is gonna be 900p with unstable 30fps! oopps...

and since when is MP mandatory? where is this kind of article when Bioshock Infinite doesn't have a MP? it's wrong now when dev wanna focus on SP? GTFO!
Elit3Nick  +   736d ago
that's not the point, he's saying how Sony fanboys will hound a xbox game when it doesn't reach 60fps but then they say it's fine when one of their games isn't either.
mkis007  +   736d ago

I think people forget that Xbox one guys are the ones who started their 60fps war with bringing up how forza is the only 60fps exclusive. Meanwhile Killzone shadowfall runs at 60 during single player a lot of the time and im having a blast.
rhood022  +   736d ago

No. People hound xbox exclusives that do less than 1080p and have fluctuating frame rates - sometimes topping out at 30fps.

People hound multiplats that show a clear differences in resolution and fps.

The one XbOne exclusive that's held a steady frame rate and/or maintained a 1080p resolution - Forza - shows a clear downgrade from it's E3 demo.

In those instances, people have asked why the compromises were made in the first place if the XbOne is as capable a system as it's supporters say?

Those are when people say anything.
Prime157  +   736d ago
It would run 15fps on x1, or 1280x720 resolution on x1. And that's what xbots don't get about these conversations.

Or they could run the same as ps4 with no 4x aa. Regardless, the point is x1 has to sacrifice, and most people make those ignorant excuses.
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hulk_bash1987  +   736d ago
Right its okay because the game is a completely next gen game and it shows in the screens that were released, so 30 fps is understandable. And I say this with all platforms in mind. But a game like tomb raider, which is basically an upscaled last gen title, running at below 30fps doesn't seem right. That is the difference.
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ThunderSpark  +   736d ago
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PoSTedUP  +   736d ago
in reply to Lukas

exactly. the ps3 got it twice as bad last gen, where the hell was this author? people arent hating the fact of 30 vs 60 frames, they are hating what MS is doing wrong, their practices, and the fact that they have been spinning things on their heads. the hate was comming from 360 fans TOO. they had it comming to them, if you ask me. The Order being 30 frames is not a performance issue with the ps4, its a choice of the devs. lower rez or frames on multiplats compared to the ps4, or even below 30 frames X1 exclusives IS a performance issue apparently, and thats just another reason to hate on MS. i feel 60/1080 should be the standard this gen, but if some devs dont want do that then i have no control over it; if devs were hardly able to on my next gen system, id be pissed..
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dcj0524  +   736d ago
I'm more dissapointed than upset. 1080P with a LOCKED 60FPS should be the minimum for NEXT-GEN games
I can't wait to play infamous SS or this but they would be better if it was 60FPS. Nobody says " ugh killzone is 60FPS. I wish it was 30 so it could be more cinematic."
PersonMan  +   736d ago
Actually, they just came out with an update that allows Killzone Shadow Fall to run at 30fps if we choose it in the options.
dcj0524  +   736d ago
What exactly do you guys disagree about. State your case.
3-4-5  +   736d ago
30 FPS is more than enough for a Dev who knows what they are doing.

They seem to be those kind of people.
creatchee  +   736d ago
Every Sony fan is proving this article right without even realizing it.

As for me, I've always been of the school of thought where a good game is a good game regardless of frame rate or resolution OR PLATFORM.
Bathyj  +   736d ago
Theres a difference between an exclusive game that the dev has decided to 30fps to push other areas, to a multiplat game (last gen no less) that can do 60fps on one console but cant do it on another.

This Tombraider thing has shown its not that 30fps on Xbone is bad, its just that its highlighting that PS4 is more capable, a fact some still deny.

Has for targeting 30fps on an exclusive, Im fine with that if its locked, but many of the Xbone games were criticized (rightfully so) for dipping well below that. 30fps per second is fine this gen in my book, but it should be the minimum.

If youre dropping into the low 20's or even teens, and youre doing it at a low resolution as well, its not really good enough. Before you disagree, tell my why low frames and low res as Ive just described is good enough.
webeblazing  +   736d ago
it was a port of the pc version all these exclusives that yall are bragging about has been done on pc. so saying tomb raider is last gen when ps4 cant even perform on par is reaching. ill give you more. games that you consider last gen still havent been out matched with these so called next gen features. so when a game is made for all platforms dont pull the last gen thing out you @ss. ps4 didnt avg 60fps and the gfx effects wasnt as good as pc(expected its pc). and thats tomb raider, what about the other last gen games metro LL, crysis warhead, crysis3, bioshock3(i both can know it max but it looks completely different on pc). dont downplay the devs work. gamers need to start being humble. people on this site looking like savages
Bathyj  +   736d ago
Um, no ones talking about PC. No ones ever talking about PC.

It was a game made to run on PS3/X360. PS4 can do 60fps and Xbone cant (on this game). That says more about the machine than it does about the game.

Thats all I'm saying is why the TR comparisons were such a big deal and why its not really relevant to compare it to an exclusive developed for a next gen system, was the point of my original post.
starchild  +   736d ago
Nonsense. Almost nobody contests the PS4 being more powerful. That is simply an excuse you guys came up with to troll the XB1 gamers.

Also, Tomb Raider is NOT 60fps on the PS4. It has an uncapped frame-rate that fluctuates down as low as 33fps and as high as 60fps, but spends most of its time in the 40s and 50s.

"on the PS4 we see frame-rates regularly fluctuating between 40-50fps depending on the complexity of the scene".

EVERY game that is capped at 30fps would run quite a bit higher if the cap was removed. This would introduce judder, however, which is generally considered to be very undesirable.

If you uncapped the XB1 version I have no doubt that it would be running at least in the 40s.

So the difference in reality is more like the XB1 would be averaging around 40fps while the PS4 averages around 50fps. Hardly the mindblowing difference some of you believe.

But when you say "the PS4 version is 60fps and the XB1 version is 30fps" it sounds very dramatic. Too bad that it isn't accurate.

Tomb Raider on the XB1 has a very solid frame-rate. It averages 29.84fps. Essentially all games that are capped at 30fps have at least a few occasional dips. An average of 29.84fps means that it sticks to 30fps over 98% of the time. Games like The Last of Us didn't have nearly that solid of a fram-rate, yet they were still praised and immensely enjoyable.
PersonMan  +   736d ago
Don't forget that TWO different studios worked on the Tomb Raider definitive edition port.

Could it be that one studio did a better job at porting the game than the other?
Sci0n  +   736d ago
exactly, what the spinmaster xbox fans tend to leave out is the fact that multiplats are running better on the PS4 then the X1 and many developers have went on the record to say they got the best they could out of each console regarding the development of the multiplat games and the X1 version keeps coming up short. 500 dollars worth of a bunch of shortcomings regarding the quality of multiplats and soon will be AA first party exclusive games.
hulk_bash1987  +   736d ago
30fps is fine for a next gen game in my book. Hell, Dead Rising 3 is one game that the Xbox One had at launch that I wanted to play so badly. But an updated version of a last get game dipping below 30fps isn't so great. Taking a quote for Digital Foundry article "However, with Xbox One dipping under 30fps - often in scenes where sustained visual feedback and consistent controls are really a must, the Microsoft platform clearly comes up short in comparison to its unlocked rival."
#1.11.6 (Edited 736d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
MikeGdaGod  +   736d ago
i'm more of a SP gamer, so of course no MP is fine with me for most games. i dont even play Madden or 2K14 online, i love franchise mode and hate when people send me game invites. antisocial gamer i guess.

i guess that why xbox online social features last gen never appealed to me
come_bom  +   736d ago
Sony fanboys will accept anything from Sony... unfortunately for the rest of us, we demand more from Sony, specially from their exclusives. Since most fanboys accept what Sony offers without protest, developers don't feel the need for that extra effort on their games.

I expected from this console generation almost all games to be 1080p/60FPS... and what we are getting is almost none of the games are 1080p/60FPS. I will not even mention that most X1 games are 720p... that's just sad.

This console generation is beginning to suck...
#1.13 (Edited 736d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Bathyj  +   736d ago
Since do Sony devs not "feel the need for that extra effort on their games?" Sony devs have proven to be some of the best performing in the business. Dont act like you had such high hopes and that is why youre disappointed.

And why if you demand so much from Sony are you so lenient on MS? Do I need to make a list of all the ways they disappoint?

Sorry, I'm not into lists.
Prime157  +   736d ago
Says a guy whose computer runs tomb raider on medium and 50 fps.

come_bom  +   736d ago
Typical Sony fanboys. As long as their version of the game is better then the X1 version, then they are happy and Sony is doing a perfect job.

"And why if you demand so much from Sony are you so lenient on MS? Do I need to make a list of all the ways they disappoint? "

So you are happy and pleased with Sony, as long as they don't disappoint as much as Microsoft ?
I can see the people at Sony saying and thinking... "Our fanboys don't demand much, just as long we do a job a little bit better then Microsoft."
Well since i have the intention of purchasing a PS4 in a couple of months, i demand more from Sony then "just little better then Microsoft".

As for Microsoft, I've criticized them and the X1 in various occasions. I'm not interest in purchasing a X1 any time soon so at the moment i don't much care if Microsoft disappoints or not.
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starchild  +   736d ago
Tomb Raider on the Xbox One runs at 1080p during gameplay and at a very solid 30fps, yet it was ruthlessly attacked and criticized for it.

Yes, I know that the PS4 version runs uncapped with a higher average frame-rate, but that is a negative thing for many people. A solid frame-rate free of judder is usually considered a good thing. But even if you overlook that aspect and say you like the PS4 version better, it still doesn't mean the XB1 version is crap, like I heard so many Sony fans say.

The fact is, if it is ok for Sony games to be 1080p/30fps then it is ok for any game. You can't apply double standards.
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PersonMan  +   736d ago
I agree with you 100%!
Kribwalker  +   736d ago
Yet the order is 30fps and 800p
dragonyght  +   735d ago
lol let me simplify it for ya in the Order 1886 case its a design choice and in Tom Raider case it wasn't proving by the fact that PS4 version is 60
is that clear enough for ya m8
XSpike  +   736d ago
I totally agree & I expect to be playing games at 30fps next-gen and even the one after maybe even beyond that.
ion53  +   736d ago
As long asthe game looks great, 30fps is fine. If it looks like shit (which it doesn't) only then would we be able to bash the game and the PS4
Gamer666  +   735d ago
I don't either.

But, it seems that the Sony loving gaming "journalists" (I use the term journalists very loosely) and Sony fanboys have made it a huge issue since this gen's launch...

To me, 30 fps is the acceptable level, and everything above is gravy. I doubt that this gen will sustain 60 fps. Especially when truly next gen gameplay and (if) 4K games appear.
UnHoly_One  +   735d ago
I think you guys are missing the point, or else just moving the goal posts to suit your needs as usual.

First let me just get this out of the way, I have no problem with this game being 30 fps, it sounds fine to me.

And I have no problem with comparing multiplats.

But... there have been hundreds, literally hundreds, of comments on this site making fun of Ryse or Dead Rising not being 60fps.

Those are exclusive games, and the same rules should apply, but apparently it doesn't work that way here. It's ridiculous.

I don't care that most of you have picked sides and you hate everything about Xbox, but if you aren't going to follow the same rules for both consoles, you just come off looking like a bunch of hypocrite fanboys.

This message is directed at nobody in particular.
#1.19 (Edited 735d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Flames76  +   735d ago
There you go you just said it.Thats why im a Xbox One owner.X1 games are all about quality and are amazing.The only bad thing is there are just to many of them and it breaks the ole wallet.thank you for saying that it is the truth man
MELMAN26  +   736d ago
It's weird how people are all of a sudden so passive when anything Sony related is involved.

Actually it's quite commical to watch!
mania568  +   736d ago
one does not simply compare resolutions or fps from 3rd party games to exclusives.
one thing is a game on 2 consoles and one is clearly inferior as fps or resolution goes another is a exclusive that is only in one console, its a 4x AA resolution, 30 fps on this kind of game is OK, with this settings in mind do you think xbox one IF it had the order 1886 would do better? that is why you cant compare multi platformers with exclusives
Insomnia_84  +   736d ago
That's exactly what I was thinking.
MysticStrummer  +   736d ago
It's only *comical* if you've completely ignored or missed the point, as some here apparently have. It's not about 1080p/60fps making an automatically better game. It's about the more expensive console having less power than the cheaper console. Pointing at an exclusive and relating it to the other res/fps discussion doesn't really mean anything because there's nothing to compare it to.
jessupj  +   736d ago
The issue was never "Lulz xbone can only do 30 fps. 30 fps is lame last gen. lulz".

It was always "gee, that's a very significant performance gap between the PS4 and xbone version of the same game".

Only idiots were saying 30 fps was lame.

But I have another question to pose to the author of this article. If the tables were turned do you think so many media outlets would be apologising and defending Sony's inferior hardware? Do you think they'd be saying resolution and frame rate isn't important?

That's a rhetorical question because the answer is obvious.

For me personally, if the shoe was on the other foot and the PS4 was the slower more expensive console I probably still would have chosen it over the xbone. But regardless what reasons those were I certainly wouldn't be making myself look like a complete idiot and spouting there's only a very slight power difference and 900p looks as good as 1080p like a certain other group have been doing. I would concede the huge power gap and accept I'll be receiving lower performing multiplats for the entire generation.

Maybe when infamous gets released the unhealthy denial will stop.
#3 (Edited 736d ago ) | Agree(34) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Prime157  +   736d ago
First, well said! I liked your use of words.

The question is rhetorical because last gen was the other way around. Those dolts created the Sony fanboys they hate so much.

And now Sony fanboys are creating the same xbox fanboys they hate so much.
Mr-Dude  +   736d ago
My dear God, get a tissue... ; (
Shok  +   736d ago | Well said Xbox One game gets confirmed to be 30 frames. It's "LOL weak-ass Xbone!!" But when it's a..........

You know what, I'm not even going to finish. You know the rest.
4ShotKing  +   736d ago
30 FPS creates a cinematic feeling now *Facepalm*
CaptainSellers  +   736d ago
It was more the fact that Xbox can't run games as well in 60fps compared to the PS4 (Tomb Raider).

Nobody ever said 30fps was bad, just that 60fps was superior.
MrBeatdown  +   736d ago
Let me try finishing it.

"But when it's a..." PS4 exclusive like DriveClub or Killzone, I pretend they were never criticized.

Am I doing it right?

It's funny... people act like it's all Sony fans doing the criticizing, and they're all hypocrites. But PS4 games are criticized. So are Sony fans criticizing their own games, and not hypocritical at all? Or are we just pretending Xbox fan don't do something that we're throwing PS4 fans under the bus for?
pyramidshead  +   736d ago
Could not have said it better myself.

Yes, you are doing it right. Keep on doing it too. +bubb.
DanielGearSolid  +   736d ago
To be fair thr games that get scrutinized are multiplats... That run better on ps4
MrTimesplitters  +   736d ago
To be honest who gives a shit about framerates or graphics
GarrusVakarian  +   736d ago
Yeah, let's all go and dig up our PS1's!


They aren't not the most important aspects, but don't act like they don't matter.
MrTimesplitters  +   736d ago
@Luckas_Japonicus I rather play PS1, than PS4, or Xbox one, or Wii U right now
#5.5.2 (Edited 736d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(6) | Report
Xsilver  +   736d ago
lmao lets go back to the PS3/360 remember Xbox fans attacking Sony fans at every turn when it came to games performing :/ and if you think that the order would run anybetter on the X1 then i can't help you..
#5.6 (Edited 736d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Riderz1337  +   736d ago
Lol look at multiplatform titles. How do you have so many bubbles with such an idiotic comment? Xbox One is weak compared to PS4, the superior multiplatform games on PS4 prove it.

Also, which Xbox One games uses 4xMSAA? That's right. None. Go away troll.
I_am_Batman  +   736d ago
I can't believe how many people are completely missing the point with that topic.
MysticStrummer  +   736d ago
It's funny how many XB fans either completely miss or ignore the whole point. Maybe it's a conscious or unconscious deflection. Moving the goalposts has been a pattern with them for awhile, after all.
pyramidshead  +   736d ago
What I think is:

Seeing as it's a direct contrast to last gen, lots and lots of Xbone fanboys are having a really difficult time with all the criticism the bone is getting about its ability to perform. This causes down right knee jerk reactions and a loss of reason as they need any argument to put FUD & damage on the other. This means ignoring important variables destroying rational thought and false equivalences are created. This is basically how they deal with the low blow Microsoft has given them by not developing a down right market destroying successor to the 360, which is what they truly desired.

I wish some would just sit back and take it on the chin like Sony fans did back in 2006.
MysticStrummer  +   736d ago
No doubt. When I first stumbled across this site it was heavily pro-MS and anti-Sony. Did I cry and stomp my feet? No I played the games I wanted to play on the system I wanted to play them on. As time went on, lo and behold PS3 caught up and passed 360, while also becoming the more favored console here. Coincidence? I think not. I never left N4G even though PS fans got berated in every comment section early on. Some of these people have no spine.

You're dead on with what you said about the desired market destroyer that the fans didn't get. It has made them bitter and irrational indeed, but they support it like the sheep/droids they like to talk about. In the psych world that's called projection.
imt558  +   736d ago
When Xbone games will have 4xMSAA?
GarrusVakarian  +   736d ago
I don't think ive ever seen anyone say that an X1 game running at locked 30fps is unacceptable, it always 720p that i saw people ripping on. Locked 30fps is fine for both consoles. In fact, i expect 1080p 30fps will be what many devs aim for this gen. Or they will drop to 900p for 60fps.

But i have seen people that say 30fps on the X1 is unacceptable when the same game runs at a higher framerate on the cheaper PS4. And they are completely right.

People are making it seem like Sony fanboys are saying "30fps is ok for PS4, but not for the X1", but that's not what happens, 30fps on the X1 isn't acceptable when the same game runs at a higher framerate on the cheaper PS4. What is so hard to understand there? If an X1 exclusive is released and it turns out to be 30fps....then that's fine because it has no other version to be compared to. Criticizing X1 30fps while giving the OK for PS4 30fps is not hypocritical because the only games that have been criticized for 30fps on X1 have been multiplats....and that's because they run at higher framerates on PS4.

So it's not as if people are hating on X1 30fps period.....they are hating on X1 30fps when the same game runs way higher on the cheaper PS4.
#5.11 (Edited 736d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
MrBeatdown  +   736d ago

I don't get how people can be so dense. Those pointing fingers ignore any nuance or underlying reason behind any criticism, and dumb it down to "30FPS = bad". Then they take it to a whole new level of ridiculousness, by pinning that generalized opinion on all fans of the competing console, and calling it hypocrisy when their dumbed down generalization isn't what people are actually saying.
GW212  +   736d ago
Exactly. This.
maniacmayhem  +   735d ago
I love how people on this site are calm, level headed and post sane remarks when it comes to Sony related articles.

Please don't sit here and post this stuff as if you are new to this site. Go to any early Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Titanfall article and tell me if Sony fanboys were not all over those articles pi$$ing on those games for not being 1080p, 60fps or running both at the same time.

And those ARE exclusive games to the Xbox One.

I read a lot of sony defenders claiming that The Order's 30fps is a design decision from the dev and should be respected but when Respawn's decision for 6v6 was announced this site took a huge dump on the game and called out Respawn for a lack of understanding what the public wanted or any other disparaging remarks.

Then when The Order was announced with only SP this site cheered. There were a few folks disappointed but not nearly the same amount of negativity when Titanfall was revealed to be MP only. I remember most wanting the game to be 40 bux because of no MP, funny how the same standard isn't applied to this game which is SP only.

It may not be you Lukas who's barking loud about X1 30fps/1080p but it IS the majority of trolls and Sony fanboys who can be constantly found in any Xbox One exclusive article ready to post about framerate or resolution.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   736d ago
I know Shok I agree. Now the other PS4 gamers want to come up with excuses. I knew from the start that not all PS4 games was gonna be 1080p/60fps. PS4 is still the better console of course but now I feel stupid for picking on the XB1 fans. Starting toady I'm through with the fanboy stuff. Both consoles are not perfect but they do offer something for every fan to enjoy.
Hicken  +   736d ago
Please, don't finish. You're freakin' trolling. You and all the Xbox fanboys in here know damn well that it's not the same thing.

An Xbox game at 30fps has been one of the following: a multiplat that runs at half the frames of the PS4 version, or an exclusive with quite significant drops in frames.

Even the complete and utter trolls haven't flamed an Xbox game solely because it's 30fps.

If this is all you're gonna do, head back to the Nintendo section.
Yep  +   736d ago
Just sit down, man. You know very well N4G is notorious for kicking Xbox One when it's down, but when PS4 falls into the same predicament, it's passiveness all around.
ginsunuva  +   736d ago
Only when ps4 runs the same exact game at 60fps.

Otherwise I don't care about framerate.
UnHoly_One  +   735d ago
Thank you, well said, Shok.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   736d ago
I think gamers don't care but this makes great fanboy fodder. I think as most people observe the hypocrisy is funny.
joeorc  +   736d ago

"I think gamers don't care but this makes great fanboy fodder. I think as most people observe the hypocrisy is funny."

just like the last few years when certain fans of a certain game console kept using the term's that against Sony's PS3 about how all multi-platforms lok better and was cheaper..yes

"the hypocrisy is quite funny."
MysticStrummer  +   736d ago
It's funny if it's on purpose. It's sad if it's not.
CrossingEden  +   736d ago
If you imitate the same behavior from EIGHT years ago then you're no better than the people you make fun of. Period. It's like going after a bully years later and everything is said and done.You really think the police will accept the excuse: "B-b-b-but, he did the same thing when we were younger"
Ignore Unreal01, he literally said the same thing to me yesterday, he assumes that everyone who criticizes sony doesn't own one.
#6.1.2 (Edited 736d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report
Salooh  +   736d ago
I'm glad that i never cared about this stuff. Fanboy war will never end. So why give my self a headache lol. Ps3 fanboys suffered in last generation until 2010(Kinect released). And now Xbox fans suffering. Both tasted this annoying stuff but they never learn.
4ShotKing  +   736d ago
Honestly I was majorly disappointed to hear that not only is the The Order 1886 30 FPS, but there's no form of MP at all, I expected at least co-op in the campaign as the trailer suggested a squad of 4 players, so naturally I assumed 4 player co-operative as Gears 3 was 4 player co-op for the campaign and with that in mind, I was expecting a Horde-like mode. I would of loved to see how RAD/SMS could try and top the epic Horde mode experience with The Order 1886. I understand SP only has it's benefits, but for a linear TPS, I don't see much replay ability in this game, if it was open-world or an RPG, then I could understand the SP only decision.
#7 (Edited 736d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
MassOnesumis  +   736d ago
I agree you with 4Shot. I, for some reason expected, coop but I shouldn't have considering they made no mention of it.

My only concern is that there doesn't appear to be any killer first-party multiplayer shooters to play for awhile, maybe years, on the ps4. That isn't coming or already on the PC.
Unreal01  +   736d ago

How is it it disappointing when you don't have a PS4, nor have any intention of getting one? I mean come man, people can't take you seriously, this sort of thing is my least favourite type of trolling. And please, before denying it, yes I know of your comment history.

OT: I believe this game will be fantastic, 30fps is not a problem for me. For Christ sake people, have faith in the developer, PS4 is getting a great exclusive and people just love to pick it apart. I guess that gameplay trailer can't come sooner.
4ShotKing  +   736d ago
Who says I don't like Playstation? I love Playstation, I just don't like the fanboys. I have strong intentions of buying a PS4, this was going to be the game to make me buy one, I was hyped after hearing destructible and dynamic environments. 30 FPS is only a minor complaint compared to the lack of replayability and content for me.
iMaim  +   736d ago
I'd only be disappointed if they created a multiplayer and it ended up souring the entire package.
Kinda like what Tomb Raider did.
king_george  +   736d ago
Yeah man totally agree. The game just seemed to have this co op vibe to it and when they said its single player only i was a bit dissapointed tbh. I never wanted CoD style multiplayer at all but i wouldve loved a co op story mode
TheMadHatter  +   736d ago
I'm a PS4 gamer that actually does care. 30 fps needs to stop being the target frame rate. Don't get me wrong 30 fps is perfectly playable but 60 fps is much much better. It's next gen people jeez.
GW212  +   736d ago
Totally agree. Needed? No. But then why do I have a PS4?
Bathyj  +   736d ago
But what if targeting a locked 30fps meant they could up the graphics considerably?

As they seem to have done, as well as adding destructable environments that let you actually carve out a new path through the level and add a different level of tactics to a cover shooter.

This is a much greater advancement in gameplay design than simply 60fps in a game that doesnt need it. This game is going to be full of detail, I am not going to miss the extra 0.016 seconds it takes to register my inputs.
ginsunuva  +   736d ago
Depends on the game.

Order and Infamous get better visuals by halving the framerate, and aren't fast-paced games, so why bother 60fps only to lower the visuals.

Now an fps or fighting game benefits from it
#8.3 (Edited 736d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
I_am_Batman  +   736d ago
You can always go for more details, better effects and a better fidelity in general no matter how powerful the hardware is. Most devs will choose to go for that instead of higher framerate because:

1. 60fps is not needed in most cases.

2. The "wow-factor" is bigger (the game looks better).

3. It's easier to advertise great visuals than high framerate (you can't see the framerate on screenshots or most video platforms).
#9 (Edited 736d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
McScroggz  +   736d ago
With all of the crazy graphical things they are trying to do, this doesn't surprise me. As long as it's steady, I'm cool with it.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   736d ago
N4G should be called O4G opinion for Gamers, thats all this site is becoming.. the site where one individual states his opinion for clicks and a war between fanboys..

OH N4G get rid of the opinions
Summons75  +   736d ago
Gameplay would be nice....sometime before the game releases too please
Majin-vegeta  +   736d ago
Feb 18 embargo lifts i believe.
Summons75  +   736d ago
too little too late, they should have showed gameplay when they announced the game instead of an extremely dull and uninformative cgi trailer.

Really hope the gameplay will turn my expectations around for this game.
polow got sol  +   736d ago
What else do you expect from sony fans hell sony can sell the order with a dildo in the case instead of the game and the fanboys would gladly shove it up their arse
kewlkat007  +   736d ago
If only you visit the xbox one game threads with similar resolutions and frame rate games..

I been saying it all along, fanboys been using this framesolution-gate whenever it suits in fanboy banter against another console.

Right now, devs hardly had much time with these new hardware so your gonna get surprises like this on early generation games. It's the devs job to make sure the game is technically sound.

Why everyone thinks every game that comes out on consoles have to be 1080p 60fps is beyond me. These consoles are slightly outdated by 3 years graphic-wise. Expectations are to high right now.
imt558  +   736d ago
I don't wanna multiplayer!!! Why any game in the world must have the fucking multiplayer? I want fucking singleplayer xperience, just like in glory PS2 days. Singleplayer, nothing more.

Who is the author of this article anyway???

Some Xbone butthurt!
#15 (Edited 736d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
OrangePowerz  +   736d ago
Would it be nicer to have it running in 60fps? Yes. Will I boycott the game because it`s 30fps? No. We haven`t seen yet how the graphics are, if it looks incredible I`m more willing to accept the 30fps. If it looks ok I will criticize why that is only 30fps if it doesn`t look any better than other games that do run in 60fps.

Anyway the main argument about 30fps was the comparison with other multiplatform games that would run significantly better on the cheaper console and not so much that a game is 30fps in itself.

Regarding no MP. I do not need tagged on MP in games. If they have the singleplayer designed in a way that it works better alone that`s fine. Devs need to stop to shoehorn MP into games, just look at Tomb Raider or other games. They spend time and resources to make a not so good MP instead of using that to make the singleplayer better. If they don`t think they can make a good and meaningful MP then they shouldn`t try to add one and focus instead on the part they know that will be good. Bioshock Infinite had no MP and it didn`t need MP it was fine the way it was. I wish Rockstar would have spent more time on the singleplayer instead of doing GTA Online given how that turned out in the end.
#16 (Edited 736d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Eonjay  +   736d ago
Because a game that would bring the PS4 to 30FPS will be much more graphic intensive than a game like DR3 which will also bring Xbox to 30FPS at on 720P.
Biggest  +   736d ago
Dead Rising 3 is 30FPS? That must be when it's not stuck around 20 FPS.
AutoCad  +   736d ago
its only ok when its on ps4.
B1uBurneR  +   736d ago
It's sad when a dev have to single out a entire fanbase as if they are cry babies. Let the dev decide which fps fits their game best. As gamers we've played under worst condition and still enjoyed the games.. game on.
Master-H  +   736d ago
Nice spin, again. Tomb Raider was a mutliplat, which showed the power gap, The order is an exclusive and the dev decided to go with 30 FPS (which is fine for this type of game), if The Order was ported to the bone with the same graphics , you can bet your bottom dollar it would have a terrible FPS if it even could run with that resolution and graphic settings.

It would have been hypocrisy from us Sony fans if a multiplatform title magically had a better resolution/FPS on the bone version than the Ps4 version and we were like "it doesn't matter, gameplay is what matters"..stop spinning shit to fir your arguments people.

Also i'd rather they focus more on the SP than add a tacked on mp just for the sake of having mp, like with Tomb Raider, not to say that having a good Sp and MP couldnt be done (TLOU), but they never said it would have MP or suggested it and no one was expecting it anyway.
#20 (Edited 736d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
stamps79  +   736d ago
As long as it's a smooth running 30FPS, that's all I care about in the end.
#21 (Edited 736d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Visiblemarc  +   736d ago
This game doesn't *lack* multiplayer. It doesn't *include* multiplayer.

Why the hell did it ever become a trend to require tacked on multi? Personally I'm thrilled to see that lame trend disappearing.
iTehDroiD  +   736d ago
Only stupid people thought this is going to be 60FPS. The majority of Console Games will ALWAYS be 30FPS. If the PS4 would have 3 TFLOPS this game would still be running at 30FPS with even more improved effects and textures. And guess what guys, most PS5 games will run at 30FPS too. If you don't like 30FPS in games DON'T BUY A CONSOLE!!!
iTehDroiD  +   736d ago
Only stupid people thought this is going to be 60FPS. The majority of Console Games will ALWAYS be 30FPS. If the PS4 would have 3 TFLOPS this game would still be running at 30FPS with even more improved effects and textures. And guess what guys, most PS5 games will run at 30FPS too. If you don't like 30FPS in games DON'T BUY A CONSOLE!!! This type of games doesn't need 60FPS like a FPS or a Beat-Em-Up does.
gamingisnotacrime  +   736d ago
Well at least this game is not running in another console at 60fps. 30fps is not the best but it gets the job done
CapsLocke  +   736d ago
So much for the next gen. Greatness got screwed again.
TKCMuzzer  +   736d ago
If it's a locked 30fps with loads of destructible scenery and loads of enemies with great effects then why should it not be great?
The devs obviously chose 30 fps so they could do other things with the game, next gen is not all about 60 fps, we as gamers want them to push the envelope of games so lets see what they have done before we pass judgement.
okmrman  +   735d ago
flippity floppity
oODEADPOOLOo  +   736d ago
While I prefer to game on PS4 and appreciate what sony is doing for the most part I'm not afraid to call them out if they mess up something I feel is important. Like for me the order 1886 was a game I was really looking forward to. From the trailer it seemed b/c of the 4 characters it would support some type of co-op(online,local).

I even added it to my amazon wishlist as soon as it was listed. Then I come to find in these recent articles about the game that the dev is admitting it doesn't support multiplayer. I didn't know if that meant coop or not but another article shortly thereafter confirmed that co-op was not coming. While I understand the decision to focus on the single player to max its potential, it dosen't lead to much replay value at least for me, especially without co-op support.

I found that to be pretty damn lame, I even took it off my amazon wishlist after that, bc after teasing all these characters in the game fighting in a team and then not following up with some couch/online coop was really a huge missed opportunity. It made sense to not focus on the mutlipayer as in matches with plyr vs plyr, but not allowing people to play as the characters against the monsters was just a dumb move in a team focused game.

I guess I just forgot in the early stages of consoles that you pay for the dev's learning experience. Now I have to wait for something like Evolve or Dying light for some actual co-op.
jizzyjones  +   736d ago
If it ran at 60, the graphics would be less impressive and it wouldn't have 4x AA....i don't care for 60 in 3rd person the way i do online fps (look at uncharted/last of us). As for online, it looks a story driven game an you could bet the online would be 'tacked on' and again, i prefer my online shooters first it suits me
brew  +   736d ago
Of course it's ok , Game of the Year The Last of Us was 30 frames or less , and inFAMOUS Second Son is probably going to be pretty amazing.

What's really going on here is all of the resolution-texture-anti-aliasi ng-framerate talk last gen comparing multiplatform titles , and all the talk about how Microsoft would beat Sony on power in their next gen boxes - because Sony didn't have enough money or because Sony don't know how to make a good platform for developers.

We all know what transpired all year with the hardware. It just didn't work out for the Xbox fans they way they expected it to. We've been through the denial , all of the Xbone's "secret sauces" , and all the damage control that went on and is still going on.

It's only natural that Playstation fans will have some fun with them. It makes them mad.
#29 (Edited 736d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
izumo_lee  +   736d ago | Well said
Like many have stated already in this thread, it's not that 30fps games are bad, far from it. The issue is that a cheaper system is running games at higher frame rates than a system that is more expensive.

When we see multiplatform titles run better on the cheaper system than there are some issues with the system that is more expensive. When the more expensive system is having trouble with an enhanced port of a last gen game like Tomb Raider, one has to ask the question "Why?".

So the decision for RAD to choose 30fps, yeah go ahead if they want. If the quality is there to justify the chosen frame rate there shouldn't be any problems. Of course every developer wants to hit 60fps but that will not always be the case. You can still get good experiences with a lower frame rate.

For example Capcom decided to make Dead Rising 3 30fps cause of all the stuff happening in the game. Does that make the game bad? Of course not. It was a design choice. The same can be said for the Order, it was a design choice & if the hype is real it will be something special.

Exclusive game can be any frame rate they want if it delivers the experience. The problem with multiplatform games is that developers are sugar coating the truth which is why there is so many problems we are seeing when we see the finished project. So one console is more capable than the tell it like it is to save the gamer the headaches.
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