Sony: Console business "pretty solid," virtual reality could be a big deal

PS4 lead system architect says Sony proved the analysts wrong with new system; virtual reality has potential to be major player in the next decade.

Is this the final traditional console generation? According to PlayStation 4 lead system architect Mark Cerny, consoles may go away at some point, but it's not happening yet. The traditional hardware-based console business is looking "pretty solid," Cerny said today during a D.I.C.E. presentation in Las Vegas when asked to give his prediction for the future of the industry.

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MultiConsoleGamer1774d ago

The PlayStation division is the most promising part of the company. I expect great things in the coming years. PS Now will be amazing. PS4 is going to be a monster all generation long. Vita is going to have a much deserved comeback. Greatness really does await.

bothebo1774d ago

Lol where are you getting the Vita part from? I own one and there is nothing more that I want than to make this happen. Hell, I even have a youtube channel dedicated to it, but I cannot see this happening unless Sony shows us some big AAA games at E3. Indies have done nothing but fill the software drought with mediocre to just bad software. At E3 it needs to be all AAA games, I would like to see some Minecraft, but I don't care about Borderlands 2 on the system, or any other ports. We need exclusives: Bioshock Vita, infamous and so on. These are what will make the Vita great, not some ported indie game that is inspirational, bland, and has poor touch controls or even analog controls: Hotline Miami, Total Recoil... you get the gist. Big games are going to be the messiah for the Vita, but Sony has to show they are willing to throw their weight behind it more than they have already.

darthv721774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Personally i see a service oriented future for Sony. Meaning that if their investment in streaming games pays off, it will mean they can offer their service to any company that wants to incorporate it in their product. From phones to PC to TV it means less investment in the console hardware R&D side and more investment in the server farm side.

sony making next gen TV and bluray players gaikai capable along with phones, tablets and whatever else can connect to the internet will be very lucrative. And it doesnt just have to be thier product line, they can license the tech to companies like Samsung, Toshiba, JVC, Pioneer...whoever would want in on this venture.

As for VR, that has been a sort of dark horse for many years. The biggest factor is the headgear. If it can be light and easily worn then it is possible that we could get it sooner rather than later. Same goes with fully reactive body suits that let you feel the action while in a VR environment.

UltimateMaster1774d ago

It'll depend on the price of the VR headsets.
Just hope they don't forget 3D support because that would be awesome.

dedicatedtogamers1774d ago

I'm really fearful that they'll chase the VR market. It's not worth it. Please, Sony, focus on games, put more focus on making the Vita a success, and don't try to do too much too fast. VR will always be available and no one is going to get a monopoly over it. If you want to do VR, do it later.

theWB271774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

They are focused on games, clearly. The Vita is as dead as the WiiU.

It's better to do VR now. At no point in time will there be a "correct" time to do VR. Even later on..Sony will still be making games and you could still tell them to wait...wait...wait...wait.

Sony is a hardware company...I'm sure they can develop VR without it messing with game (software) development. I highly doubt the devs(software) would be working on VR (hardware) anyway.

Why are gamers so scared of attempts of pushing gaming past the standard controller interaction? You can't build on anything without first having a foundation.

Nintendo is ragged on for staying behind tech, power curve...

Death1774d ago

I agree. Sony has a great thing going with the PS4. They need to focus their resources on making the PS4 a long term success.

They are moving in too many directions. It's disappointing to see they sold off their PC division with the new generation of tablets really coming around. Their phones have come a long way and it seems like a natural extention to take the same formula to tablets and PC's.

They make great TV's, but struggle against competitors that offer similar quality at a reduced price. Having exclusive access to PSNow on Sony TV's would give them the edge adding value without reducing price. Even including VitaTV to all their Blu-ray players and TV's would give them an edge. There is so much they could do if they focused more on their core markets. Financially they haven't had the resources in quite some time. Once they start moving out of the red and into the black, investors will come back giving them the cash injection they need.

Axios21774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I don't know why ppl put on blinders and try to focus on a small part of Sony?
The big picture shows a projected $1,100,000,000 loss, ergo the reason why Moody's joined Finch in down-grading Sony stock to Junk status.

5000 jobs are to be cut in addition to the 10,000 already cut


I see the real reports are all being spammed with reports to hide the true financial status of the company, lol.

kryteris1774d ago

ouch, perhaps PS4 is bad mojo after all. Not the system in particular.

rarity1774d ago

Why do you morons keep spamming this? I've seen this several times today by 3 different people geez give it rest will ya

joeorc1774d ago



"I see the real reports are all being spammed with reports to hide the true financial status of the company, lol."

How the hell is it that those public reports are being Hidden? they are freaking Public!

"I don't know why ppl put on blinders and try to focus on a small part of Sony?"

Small? really? you do know since its inception sony's Playstation part of the company has generated over 50 billion in revenue at retail!

yeah that's small alright, LMAO!


"The big picture shows a projected $1,1000,000,000 loss, ergo the reason why Moody's joined Finch in down-grading Sony stock to Junk status. "

TV division into a fully owned separate subsidiary.


The two moves amount to a massive restructuring for one of the world’s largest electronics titans, which has seen promising growth in its gaming, mobile, and imaging divisions, while TV and PC sales have dwindled. According to PC magazine, the restructure will result in 5,000 layoffs in 2014, including 1,500 in Japan, and 3,500 overseas.


They are taking the loss now in order to increase profits further later.

LeCreuset1774d ago

You know how you always have those people that will pin their hopes on an impeachment if the person they didn't vote for gets elected? Yeah. Keep spamming that and waiting for the Playstation brand to go under, as those PS4 sales continue to climb.

Axios21774d ago

@ joe & Lecr

Let's set some facts straight...

What do you do when you're desperate for money when you're operating at a lose?

You see assets...

In the last 2 years:

Sony New York Headquarters...sold
Japan Building...sold
Music catalog...sold
and now...PC business...sold

SilentNegotiator1774d ago

"I see the real reports are all being spammed with reports to hide the true financial status of the company, lol"

So your definition of "hide" is "post on relevant site"? Because those articles aren't being reject on Techspy where they belong.

Keep spamming N4G with links about Sony's overall business on a gaming site...maybe if you wish upon a star someone will give a s**t.

tethered1774d ago

thank me later or disagree with me now.
Whatever. lol

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kenshiro1001774d ago


Unless you're a business analyst or have stocks with Sony, GIVE IT A REST.

I'm sure Sony knows more than you on how to fix their situation.

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kryteris1774d ago

i just hope it will be 720p! From what i have read, it will require more processing power and with the screens so close to your face would only require more visual fidelity.

dcj05241774d ago

Why 720? Make it 1080p.

kryteris1771d ago

i dont know what pixel density they need when it is so close to your face. Just as phones with lower resolutions, they look fantastic.

joeorc1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )


Did you also let it slip your [email protected] mind Sony also bought a freaking large complex in silicon freaking valley? Purchased yet another CMOS maunf.plant, than invest into yet another manuf. Plant for smart phone production in china!

All at the very same time they are selling off those toxic assets.

The result is they are far from going bankrupt like you and others are trying to claim.
They also have over 12 billion in cash reserves on hand!

tethered1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Joe -
I think you need to learn how to reply to someone. You replied to kryters not Axios2. I find it confusing. lol

On topic:
I think they should always try for 1080p/60 if it can be done. If not just adjust down where needed just like they do with The One when it cant handle it.

SilentNegotiator1774d ago

Solid is right. It practically single-handedly made Sony's last quarter profitable.

XiSasukeUchiha1774d ago

VR is a revolution in the gaming industry! Sony PS part is pretty much the saver right now because of PS4

Aces171774d ago

I don't want any virtual reality until I can fully enter it on a virtual Avatar level.

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