Respawn Entertainment: Making Titanfall

Respawn Entertainment has smashed all award records for their upcoming debut game Titanfall, in our latest For The Win interview Jessica Chobot talks to the team about the studio's origin's and their pedigree for making some of the biggest FPS games of all time!

The starting point for Respawn Entertainment was not as easy and straightforward as you might expect. An ongoing lawsuit coupled with the stress of starting a new company has required a lot of determination and experience to reach the point that Respawn has today. In the beginning, staff had nothing to work with but a derelict building, some fold-out chairs and their passion for creating games.

The reaction to the first Titanfall trailer back at E3 2013 has only added to the motivation of the staff, many of whom had no idea how gamers would react. From a team with FPS experience ranging from Medal of Honor to Call of Duty however; it comes as no surprise that they are developing a title with plenty of hype and expectations.

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Bigpappy1776d ago

I am happy for these guys. They haven't released yet, but the hype alone will sell millions.

If it is as good as previews will have us believe, this could be a very successful franchise.

pompombrum1776d ago

Urgg the hype for this game is killing me.. I didn't actually want the beta to start on Valentines day however I just want to try this game out for myself so badly. Every preview from people playing it says it's awesome however I'm still not convinced from what I've seen and heard about the mechanics. The beta can't come soon enough tbh.

zerogotit1776d ago

Trust me...the game is crazy

Axios21776d ago

Well deserved, can't wait

jatakk1776d ago

Sweet, Dis Gon B Gud!! Can't wait!

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