Bible Game Call of Abraham Is Possibly A Crowd-Funding Scam

Hardcore Gamer: Call of Abraham, a third-person adventure game in which you travel across the middle-east as part of Abraham’s caravan, launched a Kickstarter campaign last month.

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ChaosKnight1775d ago

Yet again somebody uses the bible to scam people. It's a story as old as Christianity itself.

Rockefellow1775d ago

The faith people put into the bible allows for some easy manipulation, that's for sure. It's rare for people to put such little effort into their trickery, though. Did you take a look at the game in question? It looks about as old as the bible itself. The Kickstarter's quality alone was enough to scare away people with half a brain.

nohopeinc1775d ago

I like what you did there, bubble up.

badjournalism1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Religion? Check. Other peoples' money? Check. Are people really surprised that a crowd-funded project of a religious nature is a scam?

WeAreLegion1775d ago

I fear we'll never see a great Christian video game.

SourShoes1775d ago

Contribute to the offering plate and you'll get a better seat for eternity. A bunch of fantasy stories fit in perfectly with a fantasy video game.

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