How many hours of gameplay is just right?

How many hours of gameplay is just right for games?

Being too long or too short can ruin a game.

What is PlayStation 4 discusses why certain genres need a specific length of gameplay and why gamers expect this.

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jay21745d ago

No Multi plenty of single player action.

ShaunCameron1745d ago

Since I mostly play action games, anywhere between 4 and 15 hours.

urwifeminder1745d ago

8 to 10 otherwise I get sick of it and start killing the protagonist for fun as they are getting on my nerves.

dcj05241743d ago

You must not play rpgs at all lol.

urwifeminder1743d ago

You are very right zzzzzzz.

ninjahunter1745d ago

Two dollars per hour of engaging gameplay is my policy. But honestly 1 hour in one game could have the quality of 3 hours in another game. Like Metal gear rising versus skyrim, Skyrim is a pretty awesome game the first time you play through, but its a very slow burning game, where as metal gear rising is very very intense, but obviously doesnt have the length that skyrim does.

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