Sonic Boom-Will the New Character Design Cripple Success?

Today a huge announcement hit the web about SEGA releasing a new game with the ever popular Sonic as the main character yet again. While some fans were left smiling at SEGA’s Sonic Boom, others were left wondering what the heck happened to the beloved series.

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TheSuperior 1770d ago

I dont like it. Knuckles looks like the 'big stupid guy'; slow and tough without a brain. Hes never been like that but thats the way he looks. I wonder if there is a change in his attitude too or if its just the new look. Hes always been my favorite and the cool one. Amy looks far less annoying :/ idk what to think maybe it will be ok.

adventureghost1241770d ago

Actually he's kind of always been like that, they are just expressing it now and with more steroids, Amy I'm not going to judge yet, tails In my opinIon looks better and sonic looks kinda cool, I think the game after this one well be good but this one looks terrible in my opinion, like a really really bad sonic heroes

Link2DaFutcha1770d ago

Yeah I'm not quite sure what's going on here, it looks like they're trying to make Sonic a hipster, Knuckles a jock, Tails a steampunk geek, and Amy... Amy actually looks pretty cool. Hopefully the game isn't garbage, but considering the track record as of late, I'm not holding my breath.

Cloudberry1770d ago

And does Sonic HAS to wear that scarf in the first place?

I watched the Sonic Boom TV series trailer, and looking at Sonic running while wearing that is...


Loadedklip1770d ago

Probably because the developers also worked on the first Uncharted game. I actually like it!

WeAreLegion1770d ago

I don't think it will hinder sales at all. It's not drastic enough to cripple success.

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The story is too old to be commented.