Game Informer: Exclusive MGS V: Ground Zeroes Playthrough Impressions

GI: "You might be confused about Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. First there was the reveal that didn't label it as the fifth entry in the main series, then there was the confusing rollout of The Phantom Pain, and now you might have heard some secondhand accounts about the length or quality of the game."

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Batzi1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

So they basically loved everything about the game and were shocked with the ending and considered it one of the most shocking Metal Gear moments. Yea..definitely day 1.

This is going to be one of those examples that shows quality always prevails over quantity.

I'd rather play a 2 hours game that is polished, fun and has a lot of replay value than a 100 hours game that is buggy, dull & which I wouldn't even pay a $ for.

-Foxtrot1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Great way to exaggerate it

Besides I would take this impression with a grain of salt, these guys are the ones to set off the entire "short campaign" thing which get everyone's attention so I think now they are going to do as much as they can to make peace with Konami or those potential exclusive interviews, previews, new game reveals in the future are no more.

"I'd rather play a 2 hours game that is polished, fun and has a lot of replay value than a 100 hours game that is buggy, dull & which I wouldn't even pay a $ for."

Dude...the fact is he's trying to screw us over with something which is not only a high price for what your paying but something which like the Tanker missions in MGS2 should of been in the game from the start, meaning cut content.

No matter how much you sugar coat it they are still greedy arseholes.

God I'm replying to a guy with Kojima as his display pic....this is going to go well ¬¬

Batzi1774d ago

The video was shot when they were still in Japan, meaning that they didn't even know the fans' reactions yet. Your argument is invalid.

Baccra171774d ago

That straw grasping, and defending having your wallet raped. Fool.

OpieWinston1774d ago

Kojima already stated that it's designed to FILL the gap...We won't be getting Phantom Pain for a year. So if price is really the big problem you have with it...Just buy the digital version for 360/PS3 for $20. They sound super hyped for the game....And they didn't even do the side ops.

Oschino19071774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

You are always such a Negative Nancy. Try having a more positive outlook and don't jump the gun on anything and everything before knowing the full story or having experienced yourself.

Lol how you jump on quotes and other stuff constantly then when the full story comes out you backtrack and discredit the same thing your whole view is based on.

If YOU don't know something it doesn't mean YOU can fill in the blanks and call it anything except an outside unsupported opinion. You have done this more then once and then complain when people disagree... Well if you keep like this expect more and more logical level headed people to disagree and not support your view.

Akuma071774d ago

I agree with Fox. GZ is a clear cash grab. There is no reason for it. "Filling the gap" oh please, mgs fans aren't that desperate, dont flatter yourself Kojima.

How can you guys possibly expect to defend $40 for the Tanker mission????

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Globox20121774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Despite this whole 2 hour thing, i'm still going to get it, I like metal gear, and all the extras id emissions and stuff I feel will boost it a bit, I've also replayed Metal Gear Solid games numerous times, just my opinion of course, plus found it for £24 retail copy for PS4 online so i ain't too bothered.

Saying that, I am going to be reading a lot of reviews before I pay off the pre order.

GrandpaSnake1774d ago

I dont get it, most of the metal gear games are usually high quality, high replay value, high content and story driven. kojima usually releases finished games from top to bottom. I will take the lesser of two evils and support kojima as apposed to EA. This game is great fan service to metal gear fans and anyone who wants to experience a glimpse of whats to come for the fox engine.

imtheman20131774d ago

I think about it like this: the main game will last me, according to almost every source, around two hours. Then there are the five side operations that Kojima talked about, I'd be willing to wager that those will last me another couple hours. Then there's the missions exclusive to either the PS4 or Xbox One, and probably easter eggs or secrets around the game world. All of this, combined with top-notch gameplay and trophies will definitely hold my attention for at least six to seven hours. $30 for that length is completely justified for anyone who's an MGS fan.

TheDrunkenJester1774d ago

They are basically selling a demo for $40...

BABY-JEDI1774d ago

I expect there will be a bit of a back lash over this gap filling demo resulting in digital copy's being included when the full game is released.

Plasticgearsolid1774d ago

I could easily get the 20 digital version but I'm choosing to buy the ps4 physical copy which kojima decided to give to the fans who wanted it.