Rust Guide: How to Deal with Other Players in Rust

Dealing with other players is one of the most risky maneuvers to pull off in Rust. This helpful guide will make your first encounter a little less terrible.

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k3x1746d ago

"Should you run into a group of bandits, it's easier, and smarter, to comply with their orders. When you have a gun pointed on you, even in-game, the emotions run wild. They may not kill you after taking your stuff (...)"

I've always wondered about that and thought people were just heavily invested into roleplaying. To consider it a viable, "smart" gaming tactic is just plain ridiculous. If you "comply with someone's orders" in a video game to save your virtual life then you, sir, are a newbie and possibly a moron too.

If you lose all your stuff, then what is the point? Your naked character's life is worth only the time it takes to walk back to wherever it is you died if you care about getting back to that particular spot. And even if you get to keep some of your "hard-earned" items, how about you "roleplay" a character who developed a pair of balls? Your name stays with you a lot longer than items. Have some dignity. And I say this as a person who plays these kinds of games with the sole purpose of killing you and taking all your stuff...

xNomaD1745d ago

It can definitely making the gaming experience a little more intense and in some cases fun to roleplay a little with your character. Definitely helps with the immersion factor.

That being said, a player with a stone isn't taking on a player with an M4, no chance. It wouldn't make much sense to attack.

k3x1744d ago

It certainly doesn't hurt to try, it's just a game. He could also try running. Anything is a better "tactic" than what you're proposing.

I've seen people go with this sort of stuff on youtube many times. Why would anyone ever submit themselves to something like that is beyond me. Is it a form of virtual masochism? Do people get their jollies off being treated like this?

Whatever floats your boat, but "tactically" speaking, this is a huge waste of time. Die, respawn, build your char up and fight back is what you do if you're into gaming rather than acting out your sexual fantasies online.