Peripheral Review: Nyko Charge Base for PlayStation 4 (New Gamer Nation)

We all know that notification that comes up when you are in the middle of an epic battle just to see the controller charge icon appear. That means having to go back to a wired controller which defeats the purpose of having a wireless controller to begin with. However, there are some solutions out there that make it an easier and cleaner process to make sure you always have a fully charged battery. That solution is the Nyko Charge Base for the PlayStation 4 system. Its intuitive design eliminates the need for wires and allows you to drop your controller into the cradle and let it charge up for a truly pain-free experience.

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Rockefellow1769d ago

I can't believe how quickly the PS4 controller dies in comparison to the Dualshock 3's I have lying around. I managed to get at least a few days, if not weeks, out of DS3 controllers... yet the DS4 seems to lose its juice after a handful of gameplay sessions. It's not an inconvenience or anything, since I don't play for a dozen hours straight, but it's just something I've happened to notice. I just charge it up like my phone every night before I go to bed.

Has anyone else noticed that you can't charge a DS4 up via a wall charger yet? I tried the micro-USB that my phone uses with the DS4, and it simply wouldn't charge. I could be wrong, and it might just be my charger, but it sure seems that way.