10 Playstation 3 Games That Need Playstation 4 Upgrades

Paste looks at ten games they wouldn’t mind seeing re-released for the Playstation 4.

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NaAsAr1594d ago

Without reading the article, i cast my vote for Heavenly Sword 2. :)

stavrami-mk21594d ago

yes please and south park and dark souls 2

xHeavYx1594d ago

There needs to be a Heavenly Sword 2 before it can be upgraded, lol

Army_of_Darkness1594d ago

I only want Resistance 3 and the last of us.

caseh1594d ago

Should read the article :)

It's existing games like the recent Tomb Raider release on PS4.

NaAsAr1594d ago


ok point taken. definitive edition and sequel on the same disk. ^_^

360ICE1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

The re-release of Heavenly Sword 2? What did I miss?

EDIT: Oops, other people made that point. Sorry, don't mean to be redundant.

Section81594d ago

You clearly have no clue how the english language works. If you would read the title, it says PS3 games upgraded to PS4.

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Deividas1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Edit: Thinking of the wrong game. My bad

stavrami-mk21594d ago

red dead is not a xbox exclusive

Deividas1594d ago

Yea your right, I was thinking of the wrong game haha

LondonMediaOS1594d ago

Wait before I comment …. Are you serious?

fonger081594d ago

This is not like taking PS2 non HD games and upscaling them to 1080p or 720p on the PS3. What/how exactly would you justify resources taking a beautiful game like Uncharted and making it 720p to 1080p? The differences would be minor, and then with Playstation Now coming out, why would you go out a buy the game again?
Tomb Raider is a bad example because it's built with upscaling for the PC in mind as multiplat. Most of this list of games are 1st party meaning they built these games that utilize the PS3 architeture the best. The PS4 architecture is very different. I guess I would just want Sony focusing on new IPs or sequels built specifically for the PS4.

Section81594d ago

Fine. Enjoy streaming over some lame server that Sony won't be able to handle with more than a few lag jumps versus getting a superior version on a real disc.

Godmars2901594d ago

Still hoping for some upgraded PS2/PS1 love. Dark Cloud, Legend of Dragoon or Sky Gunner.

kingdom181594d ago

People would be in an uproar for reboots of games like that, I'll add Chrono Cross and Shadow Hearts.

guyman1594d ago

Don't agree with most of those games there at all. Far cry 2 (for example) was a floating piece of s**t, really Don't understand how out of all the games on the ps3; games such as God of war, demon souls etc. Didn't make the cut, but that's just an opinion I guess... Though a Ridiculous one If you ask me

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The story is too old to be commented.