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Outlast (PS4) Review | Hardcore Gamer

In recent years, the survival horror genre has taken two very distinct paths. The big budget AAA industry has largely moved away from the genre, but the games that remain are more or less action games with horror themes. Games like Resident Evil 6 and the Dead Space games are action through and through, featuring little to no actual survival elements, and the same can be said for most AAA horror titles. The indie horror scene, however, has gone in pretty much the exact opposite direction. The majority of indie horror games don't have any combat at all, instead focusing squarely on survival and providing the player with frightening imagery and genuine scares. Among these indie horror games is Outlast, which was a minor phenomenon on PC last fall and now makes it way to the PlayStation 4. (Outlast, PS4) 3.5/5

sobekflakmonkey  +   77d ago
really? 3.5? I dunno man, I thought this game was at least at 4.5, I really enjoyed it, made me want more to be honest.
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admiralvic  +   77d ago
"I thought this game was at least at 4.5"

Do you really think this game is so good that mostly perfect scores are justified?
Thirty3Three  +   77d ago
jamestewart  +   77d ago
A lot of games get 4.5. Scoring scales just lame now.
PS4isKing_82  +   77d ago
It's obviously much better than all the lame fps games with bald dudes who aware a lot. I suppose you think yearly updates of those are worth the near perfect scores they recieve every year huh?
Ashunderfire86  +   77d ago
I agree with you man. I jumped so many times in this game, especially the outside rainy scene. This game is a 4.5 in my book! It did a better job of scarring than Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Dead Space combined.An its all done on an Indy Game for free. I hope Alien Isolation will follow the same formula, with its unpredictable Alien A.I.

Love to see the reaction of people on Twitch/Ustream playing Outlast! Its just hilarious especially if a girl plays it and she freaks with her friends lol!
sobekflakmonkey  +   76d ago
Outlast basically did what Penumbra and Amnesia did, and Alien Isolation is doing what all those games are doing, which is good. I just hope there aren't too many of them, cause flooding the market with half ass attempts at making a scary game in that style would really suck...but yeah I'm really looking forward to Alien Isolation; I would actually be pretty stoked if the creators of Amnesia: Dark Decent and Machine for pigs would port that over to PS4, that'd be bad ass.
gillri  +   77d ago
4.5!? No its a solid indie effort but nothing more id would give the game 7 /10
sobekflakmonkey  +   76d ago
7/10 doesn't apply to this situation, read the article...
DryBoneKoopa85  +   77d ago
I'm downloading this first thing when my wife gets home with my PS4 tomorrow. Can't wait!
SynestheticRoar  +   77d ago
Played this on my PC. Enjoyed it again of my PS4 it's still a kool game.
Canadianfubar  +   77d ago
I agree, a 4.0 or 4.5. Excellent presentation for a indie game. Please review where it belongs..
tethered  +   77d ago
While I found the story interesting it didn't hold my interest long. Game play is repetitive but the startling atmosphere is top notch. I think the score is spot on. I might give it another try after I am finished with Tomb Raider.
Ashunderfire86  +   77d ago
Yes it has repetition in it, but all games have some kind of repetition to them too, like Assassin's Creed with its signature Bird Eye view and jump in the water, or hay like 9000 times. Heck Ubisoft regurgitate that with Far Cry 3, with the whole climbing the tower thing to see more land. Watchdogs has that same mechanic as well with hacking systems, in order to hack other areas. Dude what the heck everything in this world is repetitive, even you and me.
ALARM-clock  +   77d ago
This is actually a favorable review, the 3.5/5 scale just doesn't look as good as a 7/10.
KarateExplosion  +   77d ago
I liked it but it definitely needed more variety. Don't get me wrong. If you want the jumps and scares they were there but come on now... Get this key... Wait no.. Now you need that Key.... Almost there... Twist this valve... Hoooold up!!!! Now this valve!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I felt like I was clicking on door 430 from Stanley's Parable. It got a little tiresome. 3.5 is a good score for a good game.
skoorydook  +   76d ago
Agreed not enough variety to warrant a 4/4.5, good game maybe even very good but definitely not great
lonelyplayer  +   77d ago
I'm enjoying it so far.

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