Call of Duty: Ghosts - Interview with Distiny: a look behind the facade of the anti-cheat system

Interview with the Cheater Distiny: a look behind the facade of the anti-cheat system of Call of Duty: Ghosts

Example (you can find the original and english version of the interview in the spoiler):

"As I said before previous experience taught me that IW makes it very easy for us cheaters thus I waited until game launch and wasn't surprised I was able to change my squadpoints, xp, etc only a few minutes after I launched the game for the first time. In the cheating community I'm also active in atm I shared my findings, released hacks, source coded etc because I believe that when I can teach others something new they in their turn will eventually find something that I can learn from and use.

I was happy that the game was x64 since VAC doesn't have a 64 bit version yet (though some claim it's already in Nether I haven't seen proof yet only the foundation) thus didn't have VAC to protect itself. So that only left their own new protection Live Anti Cheat. While reversing the game (parts of it) and looking at the LAC parts specifically I found out their AC is integrated into Demonware ( IW's matchmaking system) Thus it wasn't on your pc itself which makes it less effective (usually) after further testing and reversing I found that it works with ConsoleID to get info from the player (Obviously PC's don't have a ConsoleID;only consoles)"

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