Keiji Inafune talks Mighty No. 9, shows Mighty No. 7

Comcept's Keiji Inafune came to D.I.C.E. Summit 2014 today to talk about the potential of crowdfunding and how the games industry might change for the better through the freedom they provide. But he also took the opportunity to show off robot Mighty No. 7 for the first time, from his upcoming game Mighty No. 9.

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link2Dpast1769d ago

Don't get me wrong I'm.pushing all the way and want to see this succeed because capcom is being A-holes with mega man but come on that's a legitimate rip off of zero, I loose some respect their. Whats next all the bosses will just be different variations of original cast.

cyguration1769d ago

Dude, that's the whole point.

Capcom screwed up. You'll probably never get another good Mega Man game from them.

Keiji is taking everything you loved about Mega Man and doing it in a brand new franchise, so when Capcom dies (and they take Mega Man with them) you'll still be able to enjoy something fresh from the original creator.

link2Dpast1769d ago

i see what you mean, i honestly had no idea capcom had full rights to megaman , i always thought he purposely did similar characters and game play to show capcom he can out work them and with out him the blue bomber is the blue-balls lol. thanx for that info