Why The Video Game Industry Needs Dudebros

Maturity Crisis: Ever since the casual market exploded, it seems gamers have desperately wanted to give themselves a label. This label is commonly known as the hardcore gamer. Apparently the hardcore gamers stands above all other gamers. The hardcore gamer sits in his/her castle in the sky boasting about their years of video gaming experience and cuddling with their 3DO and Virtual Boy memorabilia. The hardcore gamer looks down from their mighty castle and sees these Call of Duty lovers and Madden players as the peasants of the industry. The hardcore gamer thinks, “These dudebros are ruining everything. I wish they would buy better games or leave games alone completely so the industry would thrive.” Here is the problem hardcore gamers, the casuals and the “dudebros” are just as important, if not, more important to the industry than you are. Read on and I will explain everything.

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dedicatedtogamers1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

In many regards, I'll take a dudebro over a hardcore gamer. Dudebros just play their games and enjoy their games. As long as they don't get insulting ("dude, why would you play THAT game, dude? Why not play CoD?") then they're fine.

(Some) Hardcore gamers suffer from far more things: irrational brand loyalty, snide superiority, hate for anything they deem "casual" or "mass market" (the true hipsters of gaming, and just as annoying), and blind hero-worship of certain developers, regardless of their flaws. Games can't be "fun". No, they need to be cinematic or artful or whatever obscure metric the hardcore gamer wants to use.

Fishy Fingers1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Good post. I agree on the main. I hate the labels myself, I find the thought of calling myself a "hardcore gamer" as well as all the stigmas that go with it embarrassing. It's a hobby I hugely enjoy, but I'm just playing games man, same as that "casual" racking up hours playing games on their tablets. It's just entertainment.

erathaol1769d ago

Someone tell me if I'm on topic or off?

I recently watched the video of Seth Rogan playing Last of Us, the thing that struck me about how he played is, that he was having fun commenting on the game.

At one point he says, "Woooo, thank god my friend is a cold blooded badass."

The entire time he's enjoying it, being more a fun guy to hear when playing a game, rather than a guy who is spewing nonsense or being overly serious.

To me I want to be a player like that, someone who plays for fun and makes people have fun too. Some of my favorite youtubers are like that, and I feel like the gaming industry needs more people like that.

Basically, just gamers who like having fun playing games.

3-4-51769d ago

The Problem is, there are like 100 billion different types of people.....

Meaning, there are different types of "dude bros" and other types out there....

I think most will agree, nobody likes an arrogant person or somebody who is mean just to be mean, or anybody who is purposely annoying.

Those types of people are in every group, religion, race, nationality ect.... in the world...

stylishjerk1769d ago

I agree I didn't touch on that in this article, but i don't understand the superiority complex. I enjoy games like Gone Home, Super Mario 3D World, and The Last of Us. But, I also enjoy career mode on Madden because its a fun experience. I believe there are games that should be cinematic and artful because that is what I enjoy, but I also enjoy a good game of Madden as well. Also without the "mass market" there is no Last of Us. Developers will be afraid to take risk because the install base is too small.

TM3331769d ago

Great pic of Georgio! Love that hair.

tubers1769d ago

Basically, need more "casuals" because they're the largest potential of added install base and chance for "conversions".

stylishjerk1769d ago

And also mindshare, but yes an increased installed base is important for third party and first party. If you don't have that, your stuck with a WiiU and PS Vita situation.

wonderfulmonkeyman1769d ago

To be fair, the Wii U's install base IS increasing at a more steady pace now, and it's got some promising titles coming down the pipe pretty soon.

SpiralTear1769d ago

"Casuals" and "dudebros", from what I can gather, seem to be in different sections of the gaming crowd. "Casuals" follow fads and dump them once they get bored of them, while "dudebros" stick to what they like, even if that thing is starting to become less relevant.

You'll have a better chance "converting" the Call of Duty or Halo player toward another genre of gaming than you would for someone who plays Angry Birds. You might have more casuals, but they aren't as likely to dive into anything past what's currently popular.

stylishjerk1769d ago

Exactly. "Dudebros" will religiously buy Call of Duty and Madden every year because they enjoy it. Casuals don't have the type of dedication usually to a certain game. There is a chance of converting a "dudebro" to a different type of game. That is why EA and Ubisoft want to support consoles that have a large install base.

tubers1769d ago

It's really vague but IMO that kind of dudebro sounds like a "casual home console gamer".

I guess it's just up for definition. Subjective.

For now, I just consider dudebros a sub-specie of the casual crowd as a general (there are exceptional specimens ofc).

"Casual mobile gamers" sound like the Angry Bird crow of w/c you're talking about.

xDHAV0K24x1769d ago

when was this term adopted?

KingDadXVI1769d ago

Exactly my thought. The term dudebro sounds like a pansy term. Why not just call them gamers?

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