Sony Insider Thuway: 60 FPS Argument-"Showed The Power Gap Between X1/PS4"- More On The Order:1886

With the hype surrounding The Order: 1886, Sony Insider 'Thuway' tackles comments revolving The Order's FPS

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theWB271533d ago

What other reason would people tout the res and FPS? There's a difference when an exclusive runs at 30fps and a mulitplat where one runs at double the frames at the same visual fidelity.

30fps will still be the majority choice. I don't know why some gamers don't know that, in the closed console space, devs will almost always choose better visual fidelity at the cost of FPS.

assdan1532d ago

I'm feeling this game will be 30fps. I do need to add that the ps4 runs games at higher framerate/Res and higher fidelity. Most people who've played tr on both conses at saying the ps4 version looks noticably better.

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assdan1532d ago

@edonus: Problems with your first paragraph. There's so many I'm just going paragraph by paragraph to reply. If you read the previous comment, you would be able to tell that I was talking about xbox one, as I was replying to it. Second, Ryse doesn't have the highest fidelity. Lower framerate, Res, AA, etc than KZSF. Not to mention, both RYSE and Forza have a lot less going on in the background than KZSF (very little AI in ryse). I should have put Framerate and resolution, I know they're different things. I was just using them to prove the same point, so I lumped them into the same category. Also, you say slight difference. TR: higher framerate and (probably) res on ps4. Battlefield: higher textures, AA, Res on PS4. COD: higher everything except framerate. AC4: Higher res, and probably other things, but there aren't many comprisons I've seen. Every game that's yet to release that's commented on the matter has said the PS4 version will look better. Those may only sound like slight difference to you, but those differences are twice as hard to run.

Second paragraph: How does the ps4 only look better in "very specific ways" than the xbox one? Seriously tell me. "tons of factors" means nothing. I actually provide specific detail. If a game runs better on certain platforms, it just runs better. There's no if and or buts about it. Also, TR doesn't run at a "slightly higher" framerate on the ps4. The Xbox one version runs anywhere from 18-30fps, averaging at about 26-28fps, depending on the video. The ps4 ran 34-60fps, with an average just over 50fps. Not double, but pretty close. Not to mention, most people that have played both versions say that the ps4 version appears to have a higher res. The reason the framerate is capped is the xbox one version would hover around 28-34fps most of the time, causing stuttering.
I agree that the media has herded us to only look at those two factor, but that's because they're the most easily comparable. Every 3rd party game I've seen has had basically higher everything (res, detail, etc.) on the ps4 version. I think what you were getting at earlier with "tons of other factors" was there are other details than framerate and res. But if the ps4 and xbox one were the same power, why would they make the xbox one have lower res, and the ps4 have lower detail? That makes no sense. Sorry dude, but you have to acknowledge that the xbox one is completely inferior to the ps4. My vgchartz name is lt_dan_27 if you want to go further with this.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

So wait. Now 30fps is good and is a choice they made right? Hahahahahaha... oh you PS fans. You so crazy. So I guess it was design choice for Ryse to hit at 900p... that's just bad X1 hardware, but these guys choosing to go at 30fps.. that's just choice.

Love it.

Love that Thuway is becoming this "always correct" PlayStation Champion.

Love how the article calls him a "Sony Insider" Exactly. Pro Sony.

ironcreed1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Got to love the covert console war.

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Withdreday1532d ago

The point is the Xbone isn't capable of higher framerates at 1080p resolution, the PS4 is.

So keep trying to justify your purchase if you want to, but you still chose the least powerful one.

So you might as well quit grasping for straws. It's pathetic.

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SWayne1533d ago

Love Thuway! Way to defend.