'We'll launch GTA on other platforms if that's where the consumers are'

MCVUK:New versions of Grand Theft Auto V could come to other platforms, if that's where the gamers are, says Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick.

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-Foxtrot1570d ago

Meanwhile PC gamers still cry out for a PC version....

SpiralTear1570d ago

We have been since before the game launched on 360 and PS3.

Yi-Long1570d ago

The reason I haven't picked up the 360/PS3 version, is because I've been waiting for a next-gen version.

Really looking forward to playing the game. I just hope they'll take their time and release a fantastic next-gen version, instead of a rushed lazy port.

I don't mind waiting if it's worth the wait.

PoSTedUP1570d ago

GtaSA- PS2 (in its prime), Xbox AND PC: 21.4M
GtaIV- PS3, 360, AND PC: 25M
GtaV- PS3/360 ONLY: 34M in a short time/record breaking sales

given the steady increase in sales (steady incline from gtaIII), and the biggest increase being with the absence of the PC version, its a bad look for PC. i dont think its worth bringing to PC, too many piraters. pc gamers buy games, but pirating is still a big issue.

ChillOut7071570d ago


No offence but for the record , Every PC version of any GTA Series was released at least six months after the console release So the sales has nothing to do with the PC version

If you looked any time at Steam's current top 100 games for Concurrent players of the games you will see that GTAIV is a constant game in the list with a high rank since launch

PoSTedUP1570d ago

@chillout- the time of release doesnt make a difference and these numbers are accumulative of all platforms it was released on including PC, sorry idk what you were trying to get at. another example would be BO2: first day (or maybe week) sales were like 6Million on ps3, 7Million on 360, and 0.4M on PC......

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Palitera1570d ago

Hm... Gamers or consumers?

Not being released on PC might be due to the "slight" difference between these two groups.

JsonHenry1570d ago

We're getting the PC version. It just always takes them time to release it on PC.

princejb1341570d ago

I hope it comes to ps4
I didn't get the chance to play it gtav yet

Joe9131570d ago

It is fun a lot of ppl cry about the micro transactions but it does not affect game play imo only problem is if you do not have a few friends with you you may become a target some ppl are a holes I just hope ps4 online players can play against ps3 online players if not I will just stick with the ps3 version.

stuna11570d ago

Is that the original heading of the story? Because if it is, it pretty obvious that there is a extremely large PC fanbase, and it's also apparently clear that gamers are taking the plunge to this gens consoles quicker than anyone anticipated! Even the console makers didn't see this coming.

So the question I'll ask is what really is the problem? Or are they afraid of spending a little of the billions they've made?

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alejandroelputo1570d ago

Really good news for those who waited, but I would not buy it again.

Off topic: I hope my asshole friend doesn't start f***ing with my comments.

jimjam34421570d ago

i really hope gta 5 comes to pc, my pc couldnt handle it but seeing the mods for gta 4 is awesome like i c enhancer. still bums me out red dead never got that chance either.

gillri1570d ago

Of course there will be PC< PS4 and Xbox One version, just a matter of time

I always wanted to play it through a second time so I will wait and hold off now until this happends

TheEnigma3131570d ago

I'm waiting on the pc version because i want mods

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