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'We'll launch GTA on other platforms if that's where the consumers are'

MCVUK:New versions of Grand Theft Auto V could come to other platforms, if that's where the gamers are, says Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick. (Grand Theft Auto V, Industry)

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-Foxtrot  +   356d ago
Meanwhile PC gamers still cry out for a PC version....
SpiralTear  +   356d ago
We have been since before the game launched on 360 and PS3.
Yi-Long  +   356d ago
The reason I haven't picked up the 360/PS3 version, is because I've been waiting for a next-gen version.

Really looking forward to playing the game. I just hope they'll take their time and release a fantastic next-gen version, instead of a rushed lazy port.

I don't mind waiting if it's worth the wait.
PoSTedUP  +   356d ago
GtaSA- PS2 (in its prime), Xbox AND PC: 21.4M
GtaIV- PS3, 360, AND PC: 25M
GtaV- PS3/360 ONLY: 34M in a short time/record breaking sales

given the steady increase in sales (steady incline from gtaIII), and the biggest increase being with the absence of the PC version, its a bad look for PC. i dont think its worth bringing to PC, too many piraters. pc gamers buy games, but pirating is still a big issue.
ChillOut707  +   356d ago

No offence but for the record , Every PC version of any GTA Series was released at least six months after the console release So the sales has nothing to do with the PC version

If you looked any time at Steam's current top 100 games for Concurrent players of the games you will see that GTAIV is a constant game in the list with a high rank since launch
PoSTedUP  +   356d ago
@chillout- the time of release doesnt make a difference and these numbers are accumulative of all platforms it was released on including PC, sorry idk what you were trying to get at. another example would be BO2: first day (or maybe week) sales were like 6Million on ps3, 7Million on 360, and 0.4M on PC......
Palitera  +   356d ago
Hm... Gamers or consumers?

Not being released on PC might be due to the "slight" difference between these two groups.
JsonHenry  +   356d ago
We're getting the PC version. It just always takes them time to release it on PC.
princejb134  +   356d ago
I hope it comes to ps4
I didn't get the chance to play it gtav yet
Joe913  +   356d ago
It is fun a lot of ppl cry about the micro transactions but it does not affect game play imo only problem is if you do not have a few friends with you you may become a target some ppl are a holes I just hope ps4 online players can play against ps3 online players if not I will just stick with the ps3 version.
stuna1  +   356d ago
Is that the original heading of the story? Because if it is, it pretty obvious that there is a extremely large PC fanbase, and it's also apparently clear that gamers are taking the plunge to this gens consoles quicker than anyone anticipated! Even the console makers didn't see this coming.

So the question I'll ask is what really is the problem? Or are they afraid of spending a little of the billions they've made?
alejandroelputo  +   356d ago
Really good news for those who waited, but I would not buy it again.

Off topic: I hope my asshole friend doesn't start f***ing with my comments.
jimjam3442  +   356d ago
i really hope gta 5 comes to pc, my pc couldnt handle it but seeing the mods for gta 4 is awesome like i c enhancer. still bums me out red dead never got that chance either.
gillri  +   356d ago
Of course there will be PC< PS4 and Xbox One version, just a matter of time

I always wanted to play it through a second time so I will wait and hold off now until this happends
TheEnigma313  +   356d ago
I'm waiting on the pc version because i want mods
TheOrder1886  +   356d ago
I will laugh when they bring it to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and not for PC.

aiBreeze  +   356d ago
He said they would launch on other platforms if that's where the consumers are. Going by that you'd think a PC version would come first simply because there is a far bigger install base at present than there is on the next gen consoles.
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Elwenil  +   356d ago
While I am a PC gamer at heart and there is no argument that there are more PCs than consoles, I always get irked by the automatic assumption that PC is a larger market. While there are a huge number of PCs, how many of them are modern enough to run a newly released game like GTA 5 that will most likely be a bit of a resource hog? How many of those PCs are owned by gamers? How many of those gamers are actually going to want to play GTA 5? How many of those gamers who want to play GTA 5 are actually going to buy it instead of pirating it?

Currently the PC install base may exceed the "next gen" console install base, but how long is that likely to be the case? Which one is more likely to grow the most in the next year? There are too many unknowns to be certain but the trend of developers and publishers moving more and more to consoles and "console style" games makes me suspect that a next gen console version is a bit more likely.
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princejb134  +   356d ago
Even though there's billions of pcs out there. The majority of consumers don't play enhanced games on their PC.
I myself have a windows and a mac but I feel uncomfortable playing on them that's why I game on a console
--bienio--  +   356d ago
Im Pc gamer but that not suprise me at all and to be honest?? Dont care any more cos when rockstar realise Gta5 I was angry there is no Pc version, but now dont give a shit!!
wtopez  +   356d ago

You are a class act.
Lord_Sloth  +   356d ago
That's fine. Where are my heists?
T-Dawg6  +   356d ago
Xbox One and PS4 versions please :)
RiPPn  +   356d ago
Skipped the PS3 version, waiting on the PS4 version. Hope it comes sooner than later.
DxTrixterz  +   356d ago
Please Rockstar release GTA V on PC and 'current gen' consoles. I already have Xbox 360 version but if they released it for more platforms I would definately get it on both PC and PS4. GTA V is the only reason I'm keeping my Xbox 360. Also GTA V has unbelievable levels of modding opportunity. Rockstar you cannot waste it so please release it on PC so I can do some crazy modding. Also I can't be bothered to take out my HDMI cable out of my PC and put it on my Xbox 360 every time I want to play GTA V (I share one HDMI cable with my PC and Xbox 360).
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MaverickStar7  +   356d ago
They have already sold 32 million. Even if they launched on Xbox one and PS4 tomorrow, I would bet they could sell 3 million copies fairly quick and double that by the end of the year. I wouldn't be surprised if they waited until after the DLC comes out before releasing "game of the year" editions on the new consoles.
Master-H  +   356d ago
Enough with the ports, although if they bring out a brand new standalone dlc disc pack on next gen as well as last gen ,like with GTA IV episodes i'd buy it.
Xyconaut  +   356d ago
lying sacks of shit wont admit last gen was a beta release and next gen will be finished product
BattleTorn  +   356d ago
sad truth
Bundi  +   356d ago
Ruling out Vita then? mkay.
carlingtat  +   356d ago
They might wait another while before the release on ps4/xbone and PC but PC should be first since they will get more sales.
Phoceenatic  +   356d ago
We want it on the Vectrex! Right guys? Hello? I'll see myself out...
Rickgrimes95  +   356d ago
If it was in full 1080 glory I would definitely buy again
Hueynewton2012  +   356d ago
What R* is really stating is that the PC platform lacks the amount of honest and paying customers. The key word is *customers* and customers pay for goods and services, they don't pirate and steal them.

For anyone who disagrees with me, question why R* themselves stated this. PC gamers outnumber console gamers worldwide 4:1. So why would doesn't R* release this game on PC? Its simple, the game would get torrented, gutted, modded and GTA5 online would be way more of a mess than what it is on consoles. R* has stated that they want to build the online part of the game so it evolves over the years and continue to support it. How can they do that when PC modders will hijack the online and R* will lose profits.

Just because the previous games were on PC doesn't mean R*'s plans for future of this franchise include a PC version. They made the game and want full control over it and a PC version with GTA online they would definitely be in for tug of war among all the entitled whiny PC gimme gimme software gamers.

Also because they made a billion doesn't mean you can steal. The billion they earned were due to PAYING CUSTOMERS, see its called capitalism. Stop acting entitled because you spent thousands on a rig an the software maker made a billion, They don't owe you shit!!!!
DeadlyFire  +   356d ago
Thing is there will always be pirates trying to steal something. This does hurt somewhat, but there is still a large enough chunk of PC gamers that do buy games like myself. This number has never gone down and it grows year to year. Console games themselves are not immune to piracy its just more complicated. There is still over Two thirds of the PC crowd that does buy PC games.

You do know that there are 75 million accounts on Steam with 50 million accounts on Origin. Some users overlapping between the two, but some exclusive to each service and an untold number of millions that do not play on either service. PS3/X360 have around 80 million units shipped. Between Origin and Steam I believe they have enough of an audience to publish a PC game to match console sales if not better. There is an untold number of non-Steam/Origin users that buy games as well.

Take Minecraft as an example of a game that is not on Steam or Origin. Sold 14 million units so far and its only found on its website with no disc for PC users or digital Steam/Origin download. Surpassing many eyes. The numbers themselves make your argument invalid.

I have played games on PC since 1997-1998. I have bought all of the games I play.

GTA Online could be a free to play standalone launch when it arrives on PC. Considering how they kept it separate from GTAV's launch on consoles. Although it could be tied to the game. I do expect GTAV to land on the PC before Summer 2014.

Landing on Next gen consoles is a given. Seeing the sales numbers pretty much confirm that its coming to PS4/XB1. Anything with that high of an attach rate will sell on any platform. They know this and will take advantage of it.
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RosweeSon  +   356d ago
I have it one the ps3 decided it would be better over the xbox version, but I would most definately buy a ps4 version, it is one of the best games around at the moment and to see it even slightly spruced up would be epic!! Ps4 all the way.
And a brand new entry for the Vita!
LAWSON72  +   356d ago
Maybe not one employee has seen a little petition with more than half a million signatures
kingduqc  +   356d ago
I don't see many reasons not to port it. They will sell enough to be profitable, gamers will enjoy it and you could see some nice mods added to the game.

I mean, the PC version of the game is always the best and by far, why would anyone want to play a game otherwise?
Eyesoftheraven  +   356d ago
Here we're all RIGHT heeere!!
Lilrizky  +   356d ago
Well the consumers are on next-gen consoles and PC. They ARE gamers, GTA IS a game and it IS the one of the best-selling franchises....

So it's safe to say it's coming to Xbone, PS4 and PC?
DeadlyFire  +   356d ago
I believe its safe to say its coming with those sales numbers. Just when is it coming is the question. As most titles with great sales get a port to next gen in the first year or so anyway. Considering GTAV is beyond great with sales being in the Best selling games category already only after months.
Hueynewton2012  +   356d ago
It may come to PC but not before any additional Console releases for next gen. If its released on PC the single player will more than likely be ignored by hardcore PC enthusiasts and the mod fest would be ongoing and R* would have a hard time capitalizing off of the micro transactions. It may also discourage additional development of content for the PC version by R*. So why would they commit resources towards content for the PC version when hackers and modders would create and share their own content? If i worked for R* i would flat out state no PC version with GTA online included, just release a ported single player only version and leave out the online. Hard choices in business but that's what i would recommend.
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johny5  +   356d ago
If they were smart they would release it for the PS4 and XBOX one as soon as possible seeing as right now there's practically an empty window on big titles available and nothing would really get in there way till maybe June?

I'm betting if they released GTA V next month they could make 6 to 7 million easy!
Demoa  +   356d ago
why release on pc if everybody will just pirate it
GhostTurtle  +   351d ago
Minus the total disappointment GTAO has been, I would totally pick up a next gen copy again just for the story.

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