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Next-gen Dark Souls 2: From Software explains why there are ‘no plans’

Dark Souls 2 producer says there's no plans to bring Dark Souls to next-gen at the moment. (Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, From Software, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

alejandroelputo  +   156d ago
Neat, now they can just focus on the new gen system for dark souls 3 of whatever they make to make the best out of the new gen hardware.
joab777  +   156d ago
I think its another spiritual successor. I believe thats why this came to ps3. Its an amazing game but I do think it was also a last minute cash grab. Get this out and move on to the next souls game.
cocadaking  +   156d ago
Because they will make the next Demon's Souls for PS4!
Well, at least I hope so.
DragonKnight  +   156d ago
If they made a Demon's Souls 2 on the PS4 I'd change my Avatar to Patches and end every comment with Umbasa.

That's literally no incentive to go through with making it, but I'd still do it anyway.
LAWSON72  +   156d ago
I seriously doubt FromSoftware would split up their fanbase and make an exclusive title for PS4. It just is not a smart move. Dark Souls is pretty niche and aandoning your fanbase sounds like a terrible move.

Dont get me wrong Demon Souls 2 sounds awesome but I dont see it happening unless Sony gets another dev to make it, which would not workout or Sony lets the IP go but the chances for that are very slim
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cocadaking  +   156d ago
There is nothing to split, Demon's Souls ain't Dark Souls. And niche? I disagree. I can totally see it happening. From and Sony maintain a good relationship, I don't think Sony will leave the IP in other hands.
sdozzo  +   156d ago
Sony owns the Demons Souls IP. They could force someone to make it for... presumably baby powder and batteries.
LAWSON72  +   156d ago
Why would someone have a good relationship with someone when they had to create a new game that was very similar to Demon Souls and abandon this amazing world they crafted and try to rebuild a new one. I seriously doubt they just wanted to make a new experience because we have Dark Souls 2 coming out,
and the game is as similar gameplay wise as much as Dead Space 1 to 2, and they both try to capture similar atmospeheres.

That is like me being happy someone burned down my house and I had to build a new one but it never quite felt the same. I have experienced this in Minecraft and my feelings were quite different and same goes for when I did to some friends.

Oh also how about that port to EU and even NA, I bet FromSoftware loved that Sony would not distribute the game there. I know if I was a dev I would be happy if I was denied to release my game in another region. They were treated very well by SOny, like second class citizens. Turns out that bit them in the ass since the game has gained quite the fanbase and allowed them to get a publisher to distribute their games worldwide.

They are better off without Sony and they dont need them to publish their games. Hell they could probably do a kickstarter for a new Dark Souls if they needed to because the fanbase is quite dedicated.
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lonelyplayer  +   156d ago
Demon's w2 is already in the works and will be showed in the e3....
LAWSON72  +   156d ago
Why has no one made a article for Dark Souls 2 coming out March 31st on PC. According to the big ad on PC download page on Amazon it is coming March 31st
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sdozzo  +   156d ago
PC is next gen!
webeblazing  +   156d ago
Lol going by how much people are impressed by gfx from yrs ago yes. If the PC build ain't a port and built separately than it will look miles better like it always do, but I doubt it . its going to be a console port.
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14Feb-R  +   156d ago
What ever the reason it's not good enough. I want this on next gen. I'm not going back to last gen.
LAWSON72  +   156d ago
There is nothing wrong with last gen and to abandon them is just stupid. Who owns a console for most of this gen (probably many years) and then abandons an amazing platform that continues to still get new games because the new shiny console with no games came out.
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14Feb-R  +   156d ago
You said it , instead of releasing games on next gen they still hold the game potential for last gen sales. Playing the same game on new consoles is much better experience then last gen because of the controller / No loading / Better performance / fast OS..etc so imagine if they focused on it.

All the multiplatform games releasing ports from last gen to these new consoles so why not doing the same for this awesome game?. It's dumb, New console owners buy anything right now because there are only few good games. They are missing a lot of sales.

I do this in every generation. Why would i go for something worst when i can have better experience ? :)
LAWSON72  +   156d ago
I am sorry that is the way you feel because you are on the wrong platform than. Almost all last gen games are available on PC quite often under $10 and are ultimate experiences with 60 fps (even 120), 1080p (even 1200p, 1440p), higher res textures, and quick load times. The best part they are not even that demanding usually and will run on a current $600 build (at least 1080p not 1440p).

You could even emulate PS2, Wii (even use a WIImote or go to the extent of buying a drive to read game discs), PSP and GC games at 1080p (or any res if you got the power), good AA, and 60 fps pretty easily and is usually pretty flawless.

The More You Know.
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DevilishSix  +   156d ago
I am not sure this one will sell as many copies as many gamers that like this type of game have moved over to next gen the last few months. I think a ps4 and x1 annoucement will happen at E3. I could be wrong but that is my thought.

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