More than 2.1 Million PS4 Owners Also Got a PlayStation Plus Subcription prompted by Strong Sales

Sony held a further earnings call today for overseas investors, and has dropped a more precise figure on how many user signed up for PS Plus between those that purchased a PS4.

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Hellsvacancy1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

They had no choice if they wanted to play online, want to play BF4/Killzone online? you can't unless you get ps+

I'm not surprised at all that the number of ps+ subscriptions have risen

(although ps+ is worth paying for, it's not the point)

ElementX1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

True it's required for online MP however MS releases Live subscription numbers and it is income for SCE

Raccoon1506d ago

been on ps+ since day one and i have a 1TB hardrive filled with games avatars and other things i have accumulated over the years and i now with ps4 the story continues...

Prime1571506d ago

If you buy it regularly it's like whoa!

If you buy it on sale it's like mind blown!

I know I love ps+

My_precious1506d ago

i just buy plus regular whenever my subcribtion runout and buy more if i see any deal for it over 3 years now

small cost but extreme benefit

Sarcasm1506d ago

I bought two years worth for $30 each year. Seriously the amount of free games that I've already played on it on my Vita, PS3, and PS4 it has already paid for itself and more. The next sale I'll probably buy 3-4 years worth and be good for the rest of the PS4 gen.

worldwidegaming1506d ago

beat me too it! there really is no option if you want to play online games with your friends.
(I think some select MMOs are exempt.)
Its worth it if you own a ps3.

assdan1506d ago

Ps+ is far more valuable than xblg. Do these numbers include people who already had Ps+? Id think everyone whose gotten on by now would want Ps+. I mean, 95% of the buyers are hardcore gamers.

LOGICWINS1506d ago

But ur assuming everyone in that 95% gives a hoot about online gaming. Frankly, I don't, hence why I choose not to subscribe to PS Plus.

With The Witcher 3, The Order: 1886, Final Fantasy 15 etc., I'm going to have a VERY good 2014.

T21506d ago

you may be right, but it's the casuals who should be buying it really... you would never need to buy a game, or even if you did you could buy most for 5-20 dollars on plus.... it may be hardcores doing most of the buying but the casuals are missing out the most. I went from buying about 15 games per year to about 5 with plus.

assdan1506d ago

Valid points to both of you...

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chaosdemon091506d ago

Its so high cause black Friday everyone and there mother bought the year subscription for 29.99, including myself lol

Majin-vegeta1506d ago

lol i stacked up on 2 years so i'm good.But i will probably restack this year again if the they have the deal again :P

Sam Fisher1506d ago

Thank god i wasnt the only one, everybody at gs was getting ps4 while i was the only one getting a receipt with yr subs

Agent_00_Revan1506d ago

I bought 2 then, plus I already had 2 remaining from when Target screwed up and advertised them for $15 last year (it was supposed to be the 3 months, but the ad showed the 12 months. They had to honor it.). And I had just put in a year a few months ago.

So I'm set for the next 5 years!

quinten4881506d ago

Yep, thats when I got mine too.

GraveLord1506d ago

Pretty sure they're only counting activated subscriptions.

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Dlacy13g1506d ago

I am glad to see it doing well for no other reason than its a good service that will push others (MS, Nintendo ...possibly Valve) to continue to build on their offerings. We have already seen MS begin to shift and improve to match what PS+ is giving, and it appears from recent Nintendo conversation that they are kinda getting it too. Valve has always been the better value proposition in the past but with games being included at no extra charge for PSN+ and Sony getting better with their sales offerings...I think even Valve is going to feel some pressure in the near future.

fonger081506d ago

Seriously one of the best investments I've ever made on a console. Tuesday nights are one of the best nights of the week to see what's free. Outlast and Dont Starve are awesome. I really can't wait for the PS4 side of the PS+ really gets ramped up like the PS3 side. I hope Nintendo does something like this in the future, Xbox Live I've given up on.

snookiegamer1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

PC gamers see value in Steam. PS gamers see value in Plus.

When you are getting value for a subscription, it makes the feeling of 'paying out' a lot easier to swallow.

I seriously believe the MS 'Gold for Games' service would not exist had it not been for PS+.

If we can stay on (Subs) topic..Even the most hardened Xbox fan would agree.

Arkardo1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Still i dont think "Games with Gold" it's a value, it's very far from being compared to Ps+, that's the general consensus and MS should step up it's game in order to spred happiness to loyal customers as Ps+ being doing for years.

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