Nintendo promoting McDonalds or McDonalds promoting Nintendo?

Nintendo is resorting to questionable marketing strategies to reinvigorate its brand, and is teaming up with McDonalds to bring Super Mario toys with Happy Meals!

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sinncross1410d ago

this is how they advertise in Japan sometimes, with macdonalds.

cleft51409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

How the heck is this "questionable marketing practices"? This is a great idea, and it gets advertising for their products. This practice is no more "questionable" than Microsoft's Doritos and Mountain Dew partnership or Sony's Taco Bell partnership. People need to seriously keep their perspective in check.

Rockefellow1409d ago

The author clearly has a poor grasp on how corporations work, and seems to think that McDonald's is a death knell of a company to partner with. I just read the article, and it's nothing short of embarrassing.

Loadedklip1409d ago

Exactly ...the author of this is either a complete moron or he is pretending to be a moron to get us to talk about his article thus he is actually a genius in disguised!!!

badz1491409d ago

seriously, this article is kinda dumb! what healthy food that comes with toys?? since when is having your toys in Happy Meal a bad thing? I collect Happy Meal toys all the time and I really hope that this will make it to my country's McD so I can have them!

I personally think that this is a good move on Nintendo's part but 1 thing though, this only promotes the characters that people already knew very well but what Nintendo needs to market is the console. I wonder how effective this move will be in regards to promoting the Wii U.

wonderfulmonkeyman1409d ago

Does it matter that they're using toys to do it?
Nintendo character models and toys have been around for ages.
I'm just glad they seem to be making some sort of effort at all.XD

BoneBone1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

" This move from Nintendo is questionable, as the brand needs strengthening right now, more than anything, and I’m not sure associating your product with a fast-food chain that has been heavily criticized lately is the best way to go at it."
Why? Because Nintendo? Seems to work out fine for everybody else who promotes via Happy Meals, why not Nintendo. They have already done this with McD's in Japan, Germany, and BK in the States.

It's just crazy how the standard rules change whenever it's Nintendo's name mentioned... all of a sudden, the complete opposite is true.

cleft51409d ago

Yeah I really like how quick people are to throw Nintendo under the bus. Like it's a sign of being cool or something.

SteamPowered1409d ago

Nintendo toys have been in happy meals since the 80's. I never thought this would be such a big deal.
PS- N4G wont let me post the link for the 1989 Mcdonalds toys. Look them up on amazon or google.

SteamPowered1409d ago

Thanks chief. Oh my god does that take me back! I had 3 out of the 4 toys.

wonderfulmonkeyman1409d ago

Holy crap, Flip-Goomba and Cloud Luigi!
It's been years since I lost those, but I still remember how much I played with them.XD[ADHD and lots of boring doctors visits meant they got wore out pretty quick.XD]

Rockefellow1409d ago

Ha! I've got the Cloud Luigi sitting on my TV right now.

tinkypop1409d ago

Wonder how much i could get for the collection on American ebay...... hummmm

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