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WiiU: An Abandoned Masterpiece

"Andrew Wang of Celtic Gamer writes" Don't get me wrong, I love the WiiU, in fact, I'm rooting for it. Ever since I was young, I always played Nintendo. I had a N64, Gameboy and DS. I was pretty obsessed with Nintendo like a lot of people were at that time. Although as time past, so did my enjoyment over Mario and Zelda. Nintendo was nothing more than a mere memory.

Sure, I would invite some friends and play Super Smash Brother's Brawl or Mario Kart together, but I felt that the Wii was just a Mario console. It had no third-party support, and no multi platform games. Lets be honest here, the Wii was nothing more than a console to play first party games. Soon after the Wii sold over 100 million consoles, the WiiU came along. The unfortunate timing eventually led to the demise of the WiiU. (Nintendo, Nintendo, Wii, Wii U)

stuna1  +   516d ago
It's far from being abandoned! Almost 6 million adoptees would say otherwise, but Nintendo really needs to push that 3rd party support, and play to the consoles strengths.
MitchConcannon  +   516d ago
100% agree with you. 3rd party needs more support. Perhaps there reasons for not doing it that much is they don't want outside developers being associated as Nintendo. They do there own thing and leave everyone else out of it.
kazuma999  +   516d ago
I know right? Im getting one this week with like 10 games.
lilbroRx  +   516d ago
Nintendo needs to push more software in general. Doesn't matter whether its 3rd party. In fact, most third party games don't even sell that well.

I would prefer Nintendo up second party production as those seem to be the best games.
scissor_runner  +   516d ago
I think 3rd party support is fine. These publisher are basically asking for a bailout package because there game a sucks and is an incomplete buggy mess that Nintendo would not even let past a code check.

Because of this everyone will be playing xbone and ps4 till they get bored. Then the indies will be releasing along with all the software nintendo has made.

I remember when everyone was an indie and lots of them have lost their way.

I'd rather play a game that people worked hard on and care about rather than a bunch of contractors making trash look good.

I've seen some cool concepts kicking around the indie community. Lots of cool people there also.

I think money has just blinded the creativity of most people's work. They want to have fun rather than make something great that plays great.
Concertoine  +   516d ago
Have to disagree about the original wii getting no 3rd party support. Most of the wii titles i own are third party. It got a decent bit of support because it sold so well, and a lot of 3rd party exclusives because of the hardware gap.
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christheredhead  +   516d ago
I was going to say the same thing. My Wii collection is massive and the bulk of the collection ends up being 3rd party. The only difference for Wii is that you had to dig into the library. It's got a ton of hidden gems that got overlooked or did not get any exposure.
Concertoine  +   516d ago
Definitely, i ignored and bashed the wii most of last gen and now i know that i was wrong, it has PLENTY of good games. For disagreers:
HOTD:Overkill, Madworld, No More Heroes, No More Heroes 2, The Last Story, Fatal Frame 4, Fatal Frame 2, Silent Hill: SM, Da Blob, Da Blob 2, Lost in Shadows, Okami, Dead Space Extraction, Tatsunoku VS Capcom, Sonic Colors, The Conduit, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Boomblox, Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles and more. None of which are Nintendo first party titles, all have positive reviews on metacritic. Safe to say the wii wasnt a "first party machine" for those that bothered to look.
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Venox2008  +   516d ago
yes, lots of hidden games
GordonKnight  +   516d ago
The Wii is the reason the Wii U has no 3rd party support. The Devs laughed at the Wii when it launched, but then Wii Fit came out and the system took off. This made the Devs mad, because they had no choice but to make games for it. The installment base was to big to ignore. For the Devs; it's like getting a new bike and you having to continue to ride your old bike.
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Venox2008  +   516d ago
one of the biggest reasons that it wasnt HD, because some devs had trouble to port a game and use different engine and bad spec ..but Wii U and PS4 & Xbone gap is not as big as Wii and PS3 & X360
collateralgames  +   516d ago
Wii U is getting railed by the press right now, but its mostly due to Nintendo's mistakes not 3rd parties abandoning them.

The Hardware is far more powerful then the press would have you believe. But Nintendo just needs better marketing, And more 3rd Party Exclusives that people want, and far quicker, no more game delays and shedule changes.

There plan to get 3rd parties to work on forgotten IPS like Metroid, Starfox, Bomberman will get the ball rolling soon, glad they finally admitted their mistakes.

Also they're probably going to acquire Capcom and some other companies, which is great. Street Fighter and Resident Evil will be Wii U exclusive and Resident Evil 7 will be a Reboot.

They're mistakes are the issue, not 3rd party. 3rd Party games generally have to compete with Nintendo 1st Party, they have little incentive to release games on the console. Especially when you have to compete with Nintendo's heavy hitters.
SilentNegotiator  +   516d ago
"The Hardware is far more powerful then the press would have you believe"

Oh please, give up already. There's no "deception" in how much weaker Wii U is compared to its wildly more successful 8th gen competitors.
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finite  +   516d ago
New Title " Not an Abandoned Masterpiece by millions of gamers that purchased the machine ....
NiteX  +   516d ago
I love how there's so many articles saying its already over for the Wii U, yet it has quite an awesome line up for 2014.
InTheLab  +   516d ago
McScroggz  +   516d ago
Masterpiece? Really?
BoneBone  +   516d ago
Yeah, you'd have to be a real gamer to understand.
SilentNegotiator  +   516d ago
And everyone would have to have the same opinions as you to be a "real gamer", right?
UnwanteDreamz  +   516d ago
Real gamers?

Grow up man. You need to look up the word "opinion".
MasterofMagnetism  +   516d ago
So only Wii U owners are real gamers?
McScroggz  +   516d ago
Shoot, I've been playing all these games for no reason! What have I been doing with my life?

Thank you for opening my eyes.
BoneBone  +   516d ago
By Joe, I appear to have touched a raw nerve. Having to explain to people Nintendo are the pinnacle of games and console creators is like having to explain to an undiscovered tribe that the local volcano isn't an angry God. o.O
fonger08  +   516d ago
Its just a machine, it what the software developers do that make it play masterpieces.
SilentNegotiator  +   516d ago
It's a competent piece of hardware, but "masterpiece"? Let's not overdo it.
josephayal  +   516d ago
Next Gen Master Piece
Someone at nintendo marketing needs to get fired for not doing his job
mohuzas  +   516d ago
"the Vita is such an amazing piece of hardware and it's got a good library but don't worry support will ramp up!"
"lol WiiU is doomed"
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Hicken  +   516d ago
Let's forget how the Wii U's biggest competition still hasn't launched in perhaps its most relevant market(Japan). Meanwhile, the Vita's about to get a boost from the Wii U's competition in its most relevant market.

Not saying the Wii U is doomed, or that the Vita is doing much better, but the two devices really are not in the same situation; they just look to be in similar conditions, at a glance.
Africa-Garvey  +   516d ago
The Vita is much more doomed than the Wii U.
SilentNegotiator  +   516d ago
They sold within about 200K units of each other in 2013. I think Wii U and Vita are on the same boat.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   515d ago
Vita doesn't have games with the same huge brand-name appeal coming down the pipe, though.
It won't be a complete and utter failure, but the Vita is far from likely to become a profit machine.
Wni0  +   516d ago
Zombie U needs a sequel. That game had a perfect use of the controller.
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Ck1x  +   516d ago
Nintendo systems as a whole are lacking in 3rd party support. What I mean by that is besides the very Japanese style games, they don't get the same support from Western developers. The games that do come to the systems seem like half hearted versions pretty much. The Wii did get support, but those games were very Wii specific and not the big companies main offerings. I understand that Wii couldn't handle the graphics libraries of the PS3 and 360, but would it have hurt Ubisoft in putting out a Wii version of Assassin's Creed?
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KevinCubes  +   516d ago
Can the WiiU even output noticeably better textures and graphics than Xbox 360
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   515d ago
Easily, but that doesn't matter a single bit.
Only graphic whores actually give that much of a s*** about that sort of thing; the Wii U's graphical capabilities are more than satisfactory for any gamer with an open mind.
RPG_Lover  +   515d ago
nobody is abandoning it.
RPG_Lover  +   515d ago
This article is factless trash
voodoochild346  +   515d ago
I like how articles like this get approved no problem but a report stating how Sony is reporting a 1.1 billion dollar loss struggles to get approved. When it finally does a mod the promptly rejects it for no reason. Fanboys are hilarious...
collateralgames  +   513d ago
Wow, people really dont know much about the Wii U. Its far more capable then what these fanboys think. Lol. Its doing stuff that the other 2 are supposed to be doing, but people turn a blind eye. People clearly know nothing about PC and Console Specs and don't understand they work in different ways. People should do some real research as well. Wii U performance wise is alot closer to PS4 and Xb1 then people would have you believe, the better games on the Wii U like 3D World are already proving it.

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