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The Best Games of 2013 That You Probably Didn’t Play

GamePointsNow takes a look through some of the games you may have missed from last year (Deadpool, DmC: Devil May Cry, Dragon's Crown, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Killzone Mercenary, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Ryse: Son of Rome, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

CelticGamer  +   454d ago
Played DMC for about 50 hours. Never got bored of it. Great story and combat. Would like a prettier version on next gen.
timmyp53  +   454d ago
I sucked pretty bad in in it so I finally completed it 100percent at 60 hrs.
Lord_Sloth  +   454d ago
I'll give you the combat is...interesting and a step up from Heavenly Sword but to claim the story is great is pushing it.

Edit: And yeah, as Trickman said, differenciate between DMC and DmC.

Edit 2@ ILive You've informed me of nothing.
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ILive  +   454d ago
That's why everyone has an opinion. Yours just happens to be different from his. I hope we learned something here today.
Eyeco  +   454d ago
It's a nice game but I have my gripes, what happened to the option to pick your Styles ? I loved that in the original DMC games it added a ton of replay ability as well as gameplay variation why is it missing ?

Also the last 3rd of the game straight up sucks IMO, the game loses momentum and it just boils down to tedious arena battles, facing wave after wave of enemies, another thing is the Boss Battles aren't too hot either, they are tedious or frustrating some like the Mundus spawn are all the above, seriously the Mundus Spawn is probably the worst boss I've ever played in a game.

But overall it's a cool game, not as good as DMC 1,3,4 but better than 2.
il-JumperMT  +   454d ago
DMC and Metro are free on PS Plus...so everyone played it

Dragon's Crown and Injustice sales speak otherwise
trickman888  +   454d ago
1. It's DmC not "DMC". That difference isn't negligible or minor either

2. DmC is not one of the "best" games of 2013. Get some good taste
Summons75  +   454d ago
Yeah it definitely wasn't but you can't take this guy seriously when he also put Ryse on the list too....that game was all sorts of awful with a major identity crisis.
christocolus  +   454d ago
Its a matter of opinion, you dont have to agree with it,so if you have an issue with the authors choices then i suggest you come up with your own list instead of attacking the guy.

Imo devil may cry was a blast, i enjoyed it from start to finish and Ryse was actually quite good too.
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Summons75  +   454d ago

Cool you may have enjoyed them but that doesn't hide the fact that they are a mess of a game. DmC has horrible controls, a story written by a three year old, and is really buggy...it's like Ninja Theory ignored all basics of game design and spat on anyone who gave them criticism OHWAIT. Ryse is really good looking but the controls are a mess and it's just put together awfully, you can tell without knowing that it was suppose to be a Kinect game and that the game has an identity crisis.

So sure, YOU can have an opinion that they are good but you are lying to yourself if you say that they are really well developed and make for good games.
BlueCroup  +   454d ago
I really enjoyed Ryse and so have most people I know that played it :)
SlapHappyJesus  +   454d ago
Last Light was one of the best shooters of the last few years and definitely my favorite FPS of last year.
r21  +   454d ago
Im replaying it now on PS+, whilst buggy a bit, it is such a fantastic stealth game filled with great atmosphere.
r21  +   454d ago
I enjoyed DmC for the really fun combat and some crazy awesome level designs but the story was honestly, not that interesting and offputing IMO. Despite, Im actually looking forward to the sequel IF they get better writers and no writers from the first DmC AND no goddamn color coded enemies.
chrissx  +   454d ago
I still prefer DMC 3 on ps2 way better than DmC. The difference in quality is clear
AndrewLB  +   454d ago
Metro Last Light was one of the best games i've played in years. the game on PC is absolutely stunning, and when combined with an nVidia graphics card to enable PhysX, no other game comes close graphically.

Just watch this: http://youtu.be/VafzR7JqO2I
Kivespussi  +   454d ago
Got Metro: LL from PS+ and it's awesome. I was pretty impressed when I heard that the game was made with relatively small budget so it was amazing what so small company could do. I think the xcom and ryse were just plain bad. That's also pretty much what a lot of reviewers have said so I'm not alone. I think Saints Row IV should've been there. Just plain fun but I think it's a bit too popular for a list about under-the-radar games (though ryse was there so...).
gantarat  +   454d ago
people hate DmC because dante or gameplay ?
Lord_Sloth  +   454d ago
Both, personally. I dislike the combat changes and the whole feel of the game is just...I don't hate the gameplay but don't feel it's up to the standards that DMC set as a series.

It wasn't Gothic, it was too political/anti-government, the combat wasn't as fluid, and dat music really killed me. And while I know DMC never had a stellar story it wasn't terrible either. DmC's plot had me rolling my eyes and wanting to end it all.

I would like to see this gameplay live on in Heavenly Sword but want DMC to return.
Roccetarius  +   454d ago
Simply put, DmC is a terrible DMC game, and an average Hack / Slash. That's what they've been known to make, though.
HumanAfterAll  +   454d ago
What a great list. I loved DmC and Fuse the most on that list. Ryse was a great play and Deadpool was hilarious. I just played Metro 2033 (look how behind I am XD) so I haven't been able to play Last Light. I also didn't really like Splinter Cell: Blacklist as much as Conviction. I guess that's just me.

But I hate The Bureau.

I want my XCOM 2010 back.
CharlesSwann  +   448d ago
Vita has been getting some great games recently. Sony's little handheld is going to be plenty popular this year

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