PS4: Sony Increases 5 Million Sales Forecast But Won't Say by How Much; Plans to Boost Marketing

During the earnings call for investors and analysts related to the third quarter of the fiscal year, Sony President and CEO Kazuo Hirai answered a question on whether the sales forecast for the PS4 before the end of March had increased from the former 5 million estimate.

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Sharius1406d ago

5 milions PS4 by the end of march is just a joke, i say they will be sold more than 6 million by then

BigFnHooters1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Yes, 4.3 million already by the end of 2013. The PS4 is probably already over six million already right now in the first week of February. That is six more weeks of sales beyond the 4.2 million already sold.

It is most likely the only thing limiting PS4 sales right now is Sony's ability to manufacture them.

Also, these numbers that are reported by Sony are actual 'sales to customers' not 'shipped to retail warehouse' like Microsoft reports. Both Sony and Nintendo switched to reporting actual sales to customers back in 2006. While Microsoft still to this day tries to pass off 'shipments to retailers' as 'sales'.

OrangePowerz1406d ago

Don't think they will be over 6 million now. It's estimated the produce 1 million a month and they need to stockpile them for the Japanese launch.

darksky1406d ago

Whatever Sony manufactures sells out as soon as it's available so the total sales as reported are pretty accurate. If they sell over 500K in Japan they will be close to or over 6m by March surely.

OrangePowerz1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

I'm sure they will hit 6 million by end of march without a problem. They could hit their original estimate of 7 million.

Just saying I don't think they are over 6 million now because of the amount that they can produce every month. :)

BigFnHooters1406d ago

Sony is reportedly making about 1.4 million a PS4s a month. That is about 350k a week. It's been about five weeks since Sony reported selling 4.2 million PS4s. That puts the PS4 right about six million this week. Over six million next week.

maddskull1406d ago

Don't forget that it will launch in japan after 2 weeks

bryam19821406d ago

4 millions to December + 2 millions on January and February then 2 millions sold on.japan launch ummmmmm...yep i think they'll pass their forecast

Kribwalker1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

2 million in Japan in a month. Not gonna happen. They will sell 500,000 in launch month there. Japanese are a handheld country, they aren't that huge on home consoles anymore. PS3 only sold 9.8 million consoles lifetime. This wait for japan you guys always speak of is not a very big number when you are talking home console numbers

Rainstorm811406d ago


Well ps2 sold nearly a mil in Jpn within the first 24hrs, if ps4 demand is any indication that could happen again

UltimateMaster1406d ago

They would sell more if they could produce more.

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PSVita1406d ago

I'd say 7-8 million in March with the Japan release.

r1sh121406d ago

yeah Im thinking 7.5-9
its got really good traction in many territories.

T21406d ago

Imagine if they came out and said 10 million ! BOOM! Lol, I doubt they can hit that but it would be funny to see them announce it as a challenge.

DJMarty1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Sharius - I called it a while ago, 7+ million by end of march 2014

Sony ment to be making 1.4 million PS4's a month, they sure to be stockpiling PS4's as we speak for a awesome Japanese launch.

Charybdis1406d ago

Nice this could help Sony winter out their financial problems and possibly attract more investors.

sprinterboy1406d ago

Close to 8million imo with Xbone sitting at about 6

assdan1406d ago

As of Jan. 25 the ps4 is at 4.9m according to vgchartz. I know some people don't like it, but it's been very accurate so far. Given japan, I'm guessing 6.5. The ps4 looks like around 600k a month. So if this next 6 weeks is worse than January sales in territories other than Japan(which they probably not given infamous SS) we could estimate another 600k. Then add in japan which is at least 500k (not really sure how launches in japan tend to go), 6.5 is completely reasonable.

BluP1406d ago

"...according to vgchartz".


jackanderson19851406d ago

it's not accurate that's the issue they retroactively change the figures once official numbers are released and it makes them look great... they had both the X1 and PS4 tracking way away from their actual numbers then did a quick revision once actuals were released

SmielmaN1406d ago

Vg charts is entertainment for gamers bro. Take their info with a grain of salt because it's usually way off until actual sales data comes out and they fix their numbers accordingly then adjust their formula for guessing the sales week to week.

GraveLord1406d ago

It will approach 7 million if sales keep up at 150k per week in the US/EU. Then there's the Japan launch which should sell pretty well.

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TheKayle11406d ago ShowReplies(13)
chrissx1406d ago

Man the Ps4 is selling like larva cakes. Sony really nailed it

Nineball21121406d ago


I hope you meant lava cakes as in "hot cakes"

Not larva as in the newly hatched, wingless, often wormlike form of many insects before metamorphosis....

chrissx1406d ago

@9ball Yes I meant lava asin hot sorry abt the spelling lol

Ck1x1406d ago

Eww, those sound disgusting... lol

ChristianTheAtheist1405d ago

I actually imagined worse: a larva pie instead.

Ra30301406d ago

VGCHARTZ says Sony as of Jan25 was at 4,889,669 sold units. The 4.2 mill number was from late Dec 2013. So if that number is correct they would be around 4,930,000 to date. I could be wrong..please see vgchartz.

Ra30301406d ago

To add to that Sony should be at or just past the 5 million mark when they open in Japan on I think Feb 28th.

BigFnHooters1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )



Vgchartz is fake sales site run by a 20 year old hardcore Xbox fan who was permabanned years ago from the neogaf forums for trying to pretend he had real access to retail sales data in order to try to inflate Xbox 360 sales numbers.

italiangamer1406d ago

HAHAHAHAH LOL They can never get their sales data right, one week they adjust them up then the other week they adjuste them down by a ton. What a joke.

BigFnHooters1406d ago

How the can people be dumb enough to believe that some dumb little kid running a website is doing global retail tracking...

You just have the to laugh at the staggering stupidity of anyone who visit such a site.

The most hilarious part of the dimwitted Xbox fan, ioi, who makes up the fake sales numbers on vgchartz is he makes up fakes numbers that are 'accurate' all the way down to single digits because he thinks that makes them look more 'legitimate'.

Rainstorm811406d ago

Surely he's older than 20 by now

assdan1406d ago

Vgchartz has stayed pretty accurate so far this gen. Once the sailed get really high, they're sometime off by a couple hundred thousand, but thats not much compared to 80+ million. The sales numbers have been spot on for the ps4 and Xbox one though. I also find it funny you say Xbox fanboy. The numbers usually favor sony when its overtracked.

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