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Konami:Phantom Pain Could Release In Late 2014 or Late 2015,Admits That Ground Zeroes Is A Bit Short

GearNuke: "In their latest financial report, Konami talks about their future plan, also giving a possible date for The Phantom Pain." (Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Crossbones  +   205d ago
Late 2014/Early 2015 Please!!!
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vishmarx  +   205d ago
late 2014 to late 2015?
isnt that gap a little too big?
seems that the game will be ready by the end of the year ....
they'll prolly wait for more sales for ps4xb1
FlameHawk  +   205d ago
I don't think its early, I'm sure they have been working on Phantom Pain for years and it probably will release late 2014 or early 2015 because originally, GZ was suppose to be in Phantom Pain but Kojima wanted money so he made it standalone.
WitWolfy  +   205d ago
So it could be a looooong time before we actually see the game.. Damn!!!
Tedakin  +   205d ago
The problem with Ground Zeroes isn't the length, it's the ridiculous price. $40 for a 2 hour demo. That's damn near a full game price.
vishmarx  +   204d ago
or 20 if youre less picky
JoseV76  +   205d ago
Rent it don't buy it that's what I'm gonna so!
Agent_hitman  +   205d ago
The game is short per se. but the cutscenes are damn too long! hahaha
TheUberAsian  +   205d ago
more of those sexy cutscenes over gameplay, umm YES PLEASE!!!
Genki  +   205d ago
You can bet your bottom dollar that these two games, and whatever other side titles or expansions may come about, will be released as some sort of "Essential Edition" in a few years time.

This reeks of the sort of thing Capcom would do.
shysun  +   205d ago
Welcome to the world of mulitplat! If they would've just focussed on PlayStation it would've made summer 2014! :(
GTgamer  +   205d ago
That's actually true if it was still a only on PS title like it used to be it probably would released this year damn I didn't even think of that.
Summons75  +   205d ago
Except only MGS1 and 4 are the only exclusives that PS has. MGS2, (now) MGS3, Peacewalker, and even the original MG games are available on different systems. So I have no idea where people are getting this delusion that MGS is ONLY a PS game....granted it's best played on a PS console just like Dark Souls but there really isn't a valid reason to sudden make the entire series exclusive all of a sudden.
GTgamer  +   204d ago
"MGS2, (now) MGS3, Peacewalker, and even the original MG games are available on different systems."
You do know those games started on Sony only platforms and all just went recently multiplatform and we all Know MGS blossomed on PS.
shysun  +   204d ago
#Summons75 They all started on PS consoles(you guys know the games im talking about) and in some cases a different team/studio handled the port so they could focus on one console at a time!

I'm not saying that i don't want it to go mulitplat, im just pointing out that they are spreading their selves to thin....just like many other studios! I just hope they deliver that AAA game I'm use to!
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moujahed  +   205d ago
Just give us MGO as a free DLC after a few months to keep us occupied.
Inception  +   205d ago
One of Konami PR, Ayako denied game informer report about GZ short playing time. But now Konami themself admit that GZ is "a bit short". Lol, their contradict between themself huh?
Agent2009  +   205d ago
They're basically shitting their pants so hard that they are struggling to say anything sensible at this time. No wonder.

Why the hell do you have to charge $40 for a 2h prologue, omg y!
kurruptor  +   205d ago
I don't see anything in that article where they admit anything about the game being short.
e-p-ayeaH  +   205d ago
Cut the prices in half and we have a deal.
01animeking  +   205d ago
the price is the biggest issue
assdan  +   205d ago
I'm hoping early 2015. Getting a ton of games this year already. Well, that's what my practical side says. The other part of me wants it right fricking now!
Meltic  +   205d ago
I rather buy GZ late 2015 then. Its too long from eathother the games. Im gona forget lol.... he could release both games at the same date instead

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