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'Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes' rumored game time has become a PR problem

After Kotaku reported that 'Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes' might be two hours long, there has been a backlash among many fans. People involved in the project along with Game Informer have attempted to address the concern of gamers. However the damage been done and what can Konami do to fix this PR problem. (Dev, Industry, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

Snookies12  +   657d ago
They can't do anything for me. After hearing this, it went from a pre-order to a 'wait until price drop or sale'. *sigh* I hate to pass up pre-ordering a Metal Gear game... That's been a tradition of mine, but I don't want to pay 40 bucks for a game that won't even last me two hours...
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stanr  +   657d ago
Me and a lot of gamers are having the same feeling. Are sure there is no way Konami could regain your trust?
rdgneoz3  +   656d ago
Drop the price to $20 at the most. 2 hours with a few side missions is not worth the $40 charge.
Gaming101  +   656d ago
Konami needs the money to balance its budgets and maybe make a profit. They haven't come out with any big sellers in a long time, so that's what you end up with... a $40 game that takes less than 2 hours to complete. I don't really see a lot of side missions taking up too much of your time. I'll certainly wait to see the full length of everything from more in depth reviews, since the sub 2 hour length has only been confirmed by one site. But really, if you pay $40 when you find out it's still 2 hours, the game might as well come with a cock for your ass.
Axecution  +   656d ago
to be fair, there may be a billion side missions and whatnot that make it last a lot longer.
Also, maybe thats 2 hours of gameplay without cutscenes. Lets be honest, metal gear has some longggg cutscenes that = more time with the game.

And honestly, when movies release on bluray - especially in 3D - theyre less than 2 hours long and about the same price... its really not that bad and im positive the overall value will be worth it and last me waaaay longer than 2 hours.
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gigoran  +   656d ago
Right. Because you trust everything on Kotaku. Good for you. The rest of us with a brain ignored them and will stick with reliable information.
DeadlyFire  +   656d ago
Well its not a full game. Its more like that MGS2 Demo disc that came packed into that Zone of Enders game. $40 for a demo disc is absurd. All the build up I was expecting at least a quality length title out of it. Now I might wait until a month before MGS 5 comes out to get Ground Zeroes. As its price will be reasonable by then.
nohopeinc  +   656d ago
If you truly son't think it is worth your money, than simply do not buy it. If you think expressing your opinions on N4G about how big bad companies are hurting the consumer or some stupid conspiracy theories about how people who buy it are sheep this OMG the industry is falling, Konami is not reading this and does not care. Because plenty of consumers will buy it regardless. I am one of them.

I really don't think anybody can make the argument that hours playable determines the value of a game. So I would suggest to all the I need so many more hours for $40 dollar people to stop wasting your time. Konami does not care about your opinion because your not the spender in this situation, I am, and I am perfectly fine with this.
psDrake  +   656d ago
With all due respect to developer's efforts, no sane person should spend $30 or $40 on a game which lasts less than two hours no matter how quality the game is.

Most people hate fillers but this is unacceptable at this price range
Kingthrash360  +   656d ago
what can konami do to fix the problem? change price to 14.99...or, or...better yet charge 40 but have a deal to where you get a digital version on mgsV for 20 or even 30.00.
similar to what bf,cod,ac did with this holiday season.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   656d ago
15$ is the sweet spot for this "game"
Ashlen  +   656d ago
Konami has said there are side missions to extend the story.

Don't forget games like Skyrim can be beaten in just over 2 hours if you just rush through the main story, but it's hardly a two hour game.
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MAULxx  +   649d ago
If your comparing it content wise to Skyrim.
Skyrim would be a month long feast & GZ would be a small appetizer.
Skyrim Legendary Edition is $40 bucks as well and it includes Dawnguard & Dragonborn. Dragonborn itself would be more content.
Skyrim is a freakin Monster Beast & GZ is a tiny kitten, if you compare them.
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jdaboss  +   656d ago
If they were smart (and they absolutely needed to charge $40) they'd do something like charge $40 for this with a digital code to buy the WHOLE Metal Gear Solid 5 for like $30 in a year when MGS5 drops.

That way the people that REALLY want it can pay 70 for the full game and this 2hour game and the people that dont can buy the full game when it drops next year at 60 with the option of buying the dlc at like 15 or 20 a pop.. simple, and you dont look like greedy corporate vampire fcuks..

But no.. They're trying to get people to buy a two hour game at 40 dollars then the real game next year for 60+.. pretty bad move Konami.
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--bienio--  +   656d ago
Its look like Pc players are in the best situation😃 we dont give a shit and wait for him to realise Pc version😊 plus 40£ for 2 hour game? Its joke😃
Luke_fon_Fabre  +   656d ago
I hope there's a PC version, but Japanese developers rarely support PC. MGR:R is one of those rare exceptions lately, yet I really hope it's a trend with Konami.
Luke_fon_Fabre  +   656d ago
This is a bit sad because it seems to be really good in every aspect except price. I don't see how people would resort to skipping the game altogether, but I can see why they aren't getting it day 1. Although, 20 isn't a bad price (for a digital copy of the 360 or PS3 version).
gigoran  +   656d ago
The words "reported" and "Kotaku" in the same sentence makes me laugh. It's already been confirmed by the office of Kojima that the information Kotaku wrote was false and a lie. Everyone knows that Kotaku cannot be trusted for factual information.
Inception  +   656d ago
I'm feel sorry for Kojima. He stuck with stupid greedy higher ups who wants milked MGS to death. With this rate, i think Konami will (or already?) follow the path of Capcom & SE...
Joe913  +   656d ago
They need to do a walk through of story and side missions then release the time also don't do a rushed play through ppl are to narrow minded to factor in these variables the Xbox achievements leaked and it looked like a lot of side missions also I say this again if you still have a ps3 get it digital on it pay your 20 and you won't feel screwed I don't want to pay 40 either I think there should only be 2 prices 20 and 30 bucks another thing to keep in mind the highest price was going to be 30 cause they was not going to sell the ps4 and Xbox 1 retail but fans cried so they make us pay a extra 10 for it so fans cry some more lol not sure why ps3 and ps4 version is different prices anyway that is pretty greedy of Konami I thought game informer broke this story if kotaku or whatever was really the one's then I look at this as a rumor
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