PS4 Pushes Sony's Earnings in the Positive: 4.2 Million PS4 Sales, 9.7 Million Software; +64.6%Total

Sony just posted its financial results for the quarter ended on December 31st, 2013 and contrary to what many expected they are in the black, thanks to the PS4

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BigFnHooters1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Sony's dominance of the console market is staggering.

A Playstation console has been the top selling console in the world going all the way back to 1994 - with the sole exception is the three years or so that the Wii craze was in full force.

With Nintendo stumbling with the Wii U and Microsoft crashing and burning it looks like Sony will have a lock on this gen and stretch their worldwide dominance for another seven years.

Microsoft won't have the luxury of the RRoD and all the absurd Xbox 360 hardware problems that led Xbox fans to buy four, five, or more duplicate consoles and massively inflate Microsoft's installed base numbers by tens of millions.

With the massive sales Sony is racking up with the PS4 the hardcore Xbox fanboy who makes up the fake sales numbers on his vgchartz site must be absolutely appoplectic.


The final PS2 title was just finished recently - some fourteen years after the console was released. The PS3 has only been on the market for seven years. Sony will continue to sell PS3s for at least another five to six years and by the end of its life the PS3 will easily cross the 100 million worldwide installed base mark and probably get up into the 110 or so range.

That means that Sony will be 3/3 with 100+ million selling consoles. And almost certainly 4/4 with the PS4.

thereapersson1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

In one fell swoop, Sony cleaned house whilst all their competitors are doing the complete opposite. It's like Bizarro world when compared to last generation.


The reality is the Wii U is floundering about in the marketplace, and Microsoft nearly killed their chances with the Xbox One's DRM scheme before they changed their tone. Microsoft also has the most expensive system this time around, which is another 180. Sony has brought themselves back above water with the PS4 already, whilst last gen saw them just approaching breaking even by the end of things with the PS3.

Vegamyster1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

If you're looking at all hardware sold then Sony & Nintendo are pretty much selling about the same. The PS4 & 3DS are doing great while the Wii-U & Vita are currently in a similar predicament.

Theyellowflash301388d ago

I think you guys are forgetting Sony has a handheld market that is not doing so well at moment. You're quick to out the Wii U, but not the PS Vita, instead segmenting it into a "console" thing, yet the story is about Sony's Gaming division as whole.

Just be fair in your analysis. The 3DS outsold the PS4, just as long as Nintendo can pick up their business in the Wii U side of things, they will be find.

ufo8mycat1388d ago

yellowflash - 3DS outselling PS4. We are talking about 2 TOTALLY different devices.
3DS is not a CONSOLE.

Vegamyster1387d ago


I agree they are different devices but they are both "consoles"

Video Game Console - Handheld Game Console

Volkama1387d ago

Even more impressive when you consider the launch window was previously a costly and difficult period, where these companies eat hard times for the sake of establishing a foothold for their latest and greatest.

The industry has changed a lot since the last console releases...

Akuma071387d ago

Yeah but Nintendo don't actually make much money from 3DS sales.

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AngelicIceDiamond1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

@Hooters Then how do you explain Xbox console still selling well even after the PROD jazz?

*Prepares to get booed and disagreed for bring up a LOGICAL point.


Congrats to Sony btw its only gonna get better from here.

RiPPn1388d ago

Pretty simple really, you use your consoles sold through numbers to show publishers how far in the lead you are over the competition. This gives you the ability to secure exclusives far cheaper as well as exclusive content, and even sway Sony exclusives on to your platform. The best example of the last point is GTA going multiplatform, and on top of that getting the timed exclusive DLC. Couple that with Sony dropping the ball on the PS3..

It would be interesting to see how that generation played out without the RROD fabricated sale through and had Sony 180'd on the PS3 as fast as Microsoft did with the Xbox One.

pompombrum1387d ago

Xbox is selling well probably due to their smart move of focusing on XBL. On my friends list alone around 75% of all people I see online are on Xbox One. They done a great job leading the way for online gaming on consoles and reaping the benefits of that at least. It's also probably the only reason why I will be picking up an Xbox One before the PS4 too.. simply because the gaming communities I'm a part of are more focused on the Xbox brand.

SilentNegotiator1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

I love how people with bad angry fanboy points caps words like "TRUTH" and "LOGICAL" and state that they're going to get disagrees to feel "right" when the inevitable happens.

His point was that Xbox 360 had inflated sales due to broken hardware (it didn't always have 3 year warranty and plenty of people fell out of the warranty before theirs broke. Not to mention the people that ran out and bought an updated system every time MS promised that they totally got it right THAT time). Lo and behold, The Xbox One isn't selling as well as PS4 (then again, PS3 sold at a faster rate than the 360 anyway).

Dmagic1387d ago

for some people xbox is the only option ive got tons of friends who just bought one out of desperation for a next gen console people who had not planed on buying it for a year or so.

dcbronco1387d ago

People still forget, and I'm sure Sony wishes they would keep this in mind, that these are companies looking to make a profit. And both are making a profit on gaming. MS hasn't done a 180. They are still making a significant profit on gaming. If you believe they aren't, take off your fanboy hate and use a little common sense.

Just like Sony sees PSN+ as a major source for profit, Live has been that for years. and Live has far more paying customers. 360 has been sold at a profit for years. And MS has made $10 on almost every game sold on their consoles. So MS hasn't done a 180. They are still doing what they have been doing for the last five years. Making a lot of money on gaming. Do your own thinking and stop listening to analyst trying to cheap your parents out of their retirement money.

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cyclindk1387d ago


a - p - o - p - l - e - c - t - i - c .. apoplectic."

Fishermenofwar1387d ago

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rayzorn1387d ago

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DiRtY1387d ago

Well that is one way to look at things and I expected N4G to use this kind of news.

If you want a more objective way I would not put my trust in "dualshockers".

Here is a Bloomberg article:

hard facts:

- Sony forecasts another 1.1 billion USD loss for the FY.

- 5.000 jobs cut

- There will be no Sony Vaio in the future. Money is needed after they received the junk rating.

- Stock price fell 4.5% after the financial report

But yeah, it is all good at N4G!

Stedron1387d ago

Get lost!!! Your system is not selling so you talk software sales, software sales are down you bring up this garbage? Whats next???

GW2121387d ago

You literally have no idea what you're talking about. Literally none. Let me help you understand, I'll preface this all by saying I am a Wall Street professional.

The loss is related to the restructuring. That's what happens when you restructure a business, it costs money. The job cut is related to the divestiture/restructuring as well.

Vaio operates at a loss. This is a good thing that they are divesting the division.

The stock downturn is what it is. Higher profit and growth going forward will turn that around. Most analysts, if you actually did your homework, view this as a positive.

Lastly, just to really crush your BS, you didn't read the entire article, did you?

"The company also reported third-quarter earnings today, with net income of 27 billion yen in the three months ended Dec. 31 amid sales of the new PlayStation 4 console and a smaller loss in the unit that makes smartphones."

I'll leave you with that. I know you have basic reading comprehension skills so I probably don't need to explain that.

DiRtY1387d ago

hahaha what company are you working for?

Sure it is good news to restructure your company and sure it costs money to do so, I never said anything different. The point I made was that Sony HAS to do this, so it is not as bright and shiny as N4G tries to spin this.

This news and headline sound like Sony knocked it out of the park, but they clearly did not.

And if you really worked at the Wall Street, you would have noticed that the Nasdaq is much more bullish than the European markets - stock price rose 1.78%.

SilentNegotiator1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Here you go, since you didn't READ the article:

"Not everything is positive, though: the earnings forecast for the whole fiscal year is unchanged to 75.9 billion dollars in sales, but the operating income has been sliced from 1.676 billion dollars to 788.6 million mostly due to restructuring charges and the reform of the PC and TV businesses, bringing the predicted net income in the red by 1.084 billion dollars"


joeorc1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )


So cutting off toxic assets, and downsizing is now also bad when the community of Hedge funds is screaming bloody murder that Sony need to do something or else were going to make it that much more difficult to get lending?

Hey what else is new there sparky..LMAO

Look Sony Down sizing , and cutting more toxic assets are better than loosing their entire company, not to mention Since playstation is a LLC there is no public buy in..let me repeat that, there is no freaking Public buy in!

How many times do we have to keep saying this !

You and other's keep trying to point out the Dire situation Sony is in, so when Sony is down sizing it somehow means they are still in a dire situation?

They are in "junk status" the credit rating companies can keep manipulating straight the market for hedge funds all they like. The Reality is In 40 straitght [email protected] years no japanese company the size of Sony has had a Hostile take over by a non Japanese owned and opp Hedge fund or private ownership or large company from the west be able to succeed in a bid to do so.

So this freaking Pipe dream many on here such as your self, keep trying to paint the doom and gloom picture may want to do some extra..extra research on "merger and acquisitions in japan" because you will find out what im saying to be quite true.

As a matter of fact many such billion $$$ Hedge funds or such investor's with such deep pockets have gave up outright and quite over such bid's

Japan is not like it is in the west trying to run through and treat it like such is not going to get you anywhere.


"And if you really worked at the Wall Street, you would have noticed that the Nasdaq is much more bullish than the European markets - stock price rose 1.78%."

[email protected] Lobe is finding that out 1st hand.

Again Working on Wall Street and moving into or i should say trying to move into the japanese market is not the same thing!

you and other's again keeps saying its effects Playstation, well first of all yes it can effect playstation on how much $$$ investment by Sony to give to SCE LLC. that is no doubt, but Sony Computer Entertainment is already a "subsidiarity"

OF Sony as a whole, so the fact that Sony is investing more money into SCE means little to whats happening to playstation because, the very fact that SCE is by itself anyway, and turned a profit, means that its at freaking Profit and is not a public buy into anyway. which means Sony downsizing the company will further decrease Sony's investment, but SCE will still have the profits they have to run SCE!

The dream of a outside company buying playstation is pretty much dead in the water with the current board and CEO making cost cutting moves such as they did is making it that much more difficult for that to happen and at the rate Kaz and the board are doing such this issue about a hedge fund swooping in and breaking up Sony is pretty much dead ; people get over it.

Yep1387d ago

Sony just fired almost all of Nintendo and biased sites like dualshockers just ignore it "because it's not gaming related".

And then what happens when Sony has to sell PlayStation to Apple because of their other divisions? We're just going to ignore that too because it's not gaming related?

SilentNegotiator1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )


Sony firing a bunch of people not related to their game division isn't game news. The Sony Corporation actually being profitable the last quarter thanks to the PS4, the number of hardware sold, and the number of software sold...that's a LITTLE bit more of gaming news.

"And then what happens when Sony has to sell PlayStation to Apple because of their other divisions?"

What sense does it make that they would sell one of their most profitable divisions?

scott1821387d ago

Why so bitter that Sony is on a roll? Yes they have struggled, but it is complicated for such a huge conglomerate, they will be fine. Stop seeing everything in 720p.

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jacksjus1387d ago

That's a very good point you made about how the RROD lead to additional sells due to replacement. That's exactly what happened to me.

Why o why1387d ago

It happened to loads if people..... not me personally but every single mate I knew who purchased launch 360s. The disparity this gen will further prove this.

1387d ago
hollabox1387d ago

Wow, good thing the gaming divison is doing well, but Sony overall as a whole is not looking too good. They need to sell their Movie studios, and TV production units while cutting 5000 jobs. The company has a bad credit rating, they will need to lean on the PS4 to stay afloat, but the PS4 might not be enough to feed the whole company if other units/branches can't be sold.

mediate-this1387d ago

If sony sells their movie divisions its game over, thats power they lose. Sony needs to stop acquiring businesses,the gaming division is good, them as a whole is junk

SilentNegotiator1387d ago

They need to kill off their TV/PC divisions or make drastic changes to them.

hollabox1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )


I would hate to see Sony TV division go, pretty good quality dating back to my 2nd HDTV the massive 36 FD Trinitron WEGA. What I'm afraid might happen if Sony continues to lose money, more and more divisions will either be sold or have massive layoffs. Besides TVs I think Sony makes the most reasonably priced AV receivers with good performance. I'm currently using Sony STR 835 and DN 840 for my PC and living rooms connected using Polk speakers and BIC subwoofers.

joeorc1387d ago


"Wow, good thing the gaming divison is doing well, but Sony overall as a whole is not looking too good. They need to sell their Movie studios, and TV production units while cutting 5000 jobs. The company has a bad credit rating, they will need to lean on the PS4 to stay afloat, but the PS4 might not be enough to feed the whole company if other units/branches can't be sold. "

No..No..No, look you do know Sony owns its own Bank! right?

the fact of the matter is SCE LLC is a

"subsidiarity company"

that means, that they do not lean on playstation!
its already a company all unto itself by itself, that is 100% no public buy in.

they are not going to sell any part of Sony Computer Entertainment, that includes movies, Music. Kaz and the board of directors already informed the investors what the three pillars of Sony are, none that is with a very big No! for sale. down size toxic assets does not include movies and music and smartphone's.

but TV section is not part of the three Pillars along with PC's

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mediate-this1387d ago

Can you prove that microsoft sokd tens of millions new 360's because of the rrod fiasco??

RiPPn1387d ago

Nobody can prove it because Microsoft won't release official numbers.. I wonder why that is?!?

"A second source cited that, at one time, there was just a 32% yield of one of the test production runs. 68 of every 100 test units were found to be defective."

Revisions helped lower this number down to 1 in every 6, but it wasn't until the redesign in 2010 that RROD was completely fixed.

So Microsoft hit 40 million in 2010 according to that IGN article. If we take the best reported failure rate of 1 and 6 we get at the very minimum 6.6 million defective consoles. However if the 68% number is accurate especially for the first run units this number could be far greater. There are other factors to like when Microsoft acknowledged the issue and started repairing them so this didn't gain them new console sales.

HomerJDog1387d ago

that's about the only thing Sony is selling. there was a post like 1hr ago but of course got deleted cuz it's negative Sony news, saying how many millions Sony lost. Sony as a company ain't doing that great

Jihaad_cpt1387d ago

Maybe it's because it's not related to games?

WilDRangeRrfc1387d ago

I agree with a lot of things you say and just to make this clear I owned PS1,2 X360 and day 1 PS4 which I pre ordered after E3.Some of the stuff you say is BS and I have to call you out
1. There's no chance of PS3 making 100 million that's garbage,sales are slowing all the time and PS4 is going to be bought instead
2. last gen was even between PS3 and 360 some say MS are slightly ahead some say Sony,but the facts are mixed in favour of both no real way to tell,you google one site 360 is infront,you google another PS3 etc
3. Yes 360 had a year head start and rrod defo added some sales but not many,and NOBODY had to buy 5 or 6 what are you talking about,I had 2 over whole last gen and only paid for one MS picked up my faulty 360 and replaced it within one week free of charge and that was when it was 3 1/2 years old and way out of warrenty,I know for a fact this was commonplace so cut the BS and think before you speak
4. Xbox took massive strides last gen and took massive market share from PS made way more money so Xbox easily won last gen if you look at original Xbox to 360 massive success,then PS2 to PS3 massive failure
5. I expect X1 to lose and lose badly to PS4 as its garbage and PS4 is boss and new PS2 peace out;)

InTheZoneAC1387d ago

But I like being slapped and abandoned halfway through the console life so I can't support Sony...

WiiUsauce1387d ago

that's why they just posted a loss of 1.1 billion dollars and are loosing money with every PS4 sold. lol Sony delusional fanboys.

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dedicatedtogamers1388d ago

Quite impressive, especially when you consider that Sony's other divisions aren't doing so hot. Can the "sure, Sony's great, but they're finances are terrible" meme finally die now?

KakashiHotake1387d ago

Actually Sony's mobile division is doing a lot better than people think. Those waterproof Xperia Z' s are pretty sleek. What's hurting Sony is the PC, TV, and Sony pictures divisions. But games and mobile is what's keeping them on the ground.

The Great Melon1387d ago

I actually wanted an Xperia when my contract was up last year, but Sony phones seem to be rarely offered with carriers in the US.

XiSasukeUchiha1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

PS4 is saving the company from bankruptcy people can we all agree with that!

asmith23061387d ago

As well as their gaming department it is great to hear they will be pumping more into their imaging department as well. Sony makes a sweet, sweet camera but they have the same problem as the gaming department did with PS3. Just a tad to pricey for some (even though specs are insane) and marketing is pretty shallow. I would like to see Sony give priority to gaming, film, imaging and mobile. PC/laptop market is a waste of time these days. Ask Dell.

Bundi1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

One great quarter does not = financial woes are gone. In fact they have forcast a billion dollar loss for the fiscal year. So :/

Sayai jin1387d ago

Congrats to Sony! Their gaming division is doing extremely well. Who are we kidding, who ever doubted they wouldn't. PS has always been a shining star of the company.

@Dedicated -You will continue to hear that Sony as a whole is not doing well, because it is true. Their gaming division is huge in the gaming industry, but a small cog in the Sony machine. They need their other markets to do well...

No_Limit1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

For being Anti-Sony for so long due to the fact that they really dropped the balls on some of their previous products. Somehow, I bout a PS4 on launch and just bought a Xperia Z1s phone and have to say these are great products all the way. Good for Sony

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AceBlazer131388d ago

If Sony can continue doing what they're doing they may just climb back to the top , although samsung is gonna be a tough SOB to overcome.

jgrigs091388d ago

And apple.... Seriously...

norman1231387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

No, if Sony continues doing what they are doing AS A WHOLE, they will go bankrupt.

They lost money as a whole company in 2013. that is why sony is planning for layoff. People keep forgetting that Sony gaming division is a drop in a bucket. Time to get your gaming head out.

Crossbones1388d ago

The Japan launch at the end of the month is only going to increase it even more.

KakashiHotake1387d ago

Yeah Sony planned things out perfectly. The Japan launch is what's really going to get the ball rolling for 2014, especially once more games are announced.

X1PS4WiiU1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Sony Forcasts an anual loss of $1.1billion(110billion yen)

To everyone who disagrees, state why.

Otherwise, why disagree with the facts?

Abriael1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

That's the forecast for the whole year, and it's not due to games. This quarter is positive.

People are rightfully disagreeing with you because you're being a negative nancy cherry picking the only negative (and mostly unrelated) part of the news.

X1PS4WiiU1388d ago

We have to look at the big picture. Sony lost a lot of money, and they have been for a while. This can ultimately affect their gaming devision. Even if the playstation brand sells great, theres still other devisions of sony that are bleeding money.

Abriael1388d ago

No. This is a place to speak about games. We can leave the "big picture" to investors.

Theyellowflash301388d ago

Abriael don't talk about being a negative Nancy dude. You post troll bait and negative article all the time.

stragomccloud1388d ago

Actually this can greatly affect games. Sony can't seem to stop hemorrhaging money. At least they are finally making a step in the right direction by going with relatively cheap but efficient hardware that can be sold for a profit.

Abriael1388d ago

@Theyellowflash30: Nope. I post balanced articles. When things are negative, they just are. In this case, they aren't.

Theyellowflash301388d ago


Yeah like when you misquoted Iwata about not marketing to kids enough when the Nikkei ALWAYS jacks up Iwata's quotes.... You could have just waited till the investor meeting with official translations. I don't think that's "balanced" Especially since Iwata's words are always twisted by the media.

Abriael1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

@Theyellowflash30: actually you seem unaware of the fact that I correctly quoted Iwata. The goon that wrote an article to pander for hits saying it was misquoted used google translator, and he's the one that misquoted.

I speak Japanese, and the translation was checked with three native speakers. More native speakers and professional translator confirmed it on Neogaf, and Japanese gamers commenting on the story on Japanese sites did it according to the meaning I correctly translated. Maybe they mistranslated as well? Lol.

You really shouldn't believe some dude that uses google translator to say that someone else "misquoted." My translation was correct, and you may want to accept that.

Mind you, there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to market more to kids. It doesn't in any way mean marketing less to adults. Nintendo can't afford to loose too much of it's youngest userbase to smartphones, so it's entirely justified and actually to be encouraged for them to act to counter that.

And lol at Nikkei "jacking" iwata's words. Aside from the fact that you don't even know what you're talking about, as it was the Asahi Shinbun, we have absolutely no reason not to believe one of the most relevant and reputable newspapers in Japan.

Sorry if that offends the Nintendo defense force that doesn't even know what's good for the company they root for.

KillrateOmega1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )


"Abriael don't talk about being a negative Nancy dude. You post troll bait and negative article all the time."

I've been on this site for over a year and in my experience, Abriael has been pretty fair both in terms of article and comment posts. He's a respectable guy.

wonderfulmonkeyman1386d ago

That positive news is outweighed by their total losses, though.
Sony isn't JUST video games. Their other divisions, and the losses from said other divisions, have an impact on the company as a whole, which their gaming division is a part of.
It's not cherry-picking, it's taking in the whole story and exposing that this news is only half the story for the sake of placating the fanboys.

This can and will eventually hurt Sony's ability to continue supporting their gaming division if they don't cut off, or fix, whatever is making their profits tank.

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HappyWithOneBubble1388d ago

I disagree cause this has nothing to do with the article.

dedicatedtogamers1388d ago

Yeah, because they're finally cutting off the incredibly wasteful VAIO brand and cutting back on premium TVs (an area where they've been getting beat by Samsung and Vizio for half a decade).

But this article is about the Playstation brand and how - despite the other failing divisions - Sony still posted a profit.

MasterCornholio1388d ago

Mobile doing much better than before which is good as well.