The L/R Button: Nintendo Calling for Help


I go over the what strategy I think Nintendo will use for the mobile platform.

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DeadRabbits1533d ago

Time for Nintendo to get its games exclusively on the Playstation!

voodoochild3461533d ago

Sony just posted a 1.1 billion dollar loss. There might not be a playstation in a few years.

nohopeinc1532d ago

I hope you were being sarcastic. You were right?

BosSSyndrome1532d ago

This headline is disgusting. So many Nintendo haters flocking to approve every speck of anti Nintendo doom articles like flies.

nohopeinc1532d ago

I agree that the headline is disgusting, all caps for what reason? But I just don't understand Nintendo anymore. I loved to NES, SNES, GB, GBC, and it seems like the designs philosophy at Nintendo was to compete by making their product look different. Not for it to be better or have better support through great games, just make it look different. So we have dumb control schemes, poorly designed controllers.

RoyalLance1532d ago

When I was posting this the site wouldn't let me get rid of the caps. I don't know why.