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Sony Release New Mandatory PS3 Firmware Update 4.55

GearNuke: "It seems like Sony has just released a new firmware update for the PS3. It is required for online play so update is mandatory" (PS3)

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infinitewords  +   158d ago
This update came out of nowhere. Anyone know what it does if anything?
DarkLordMalik  +   158d ago
My hunch is that it is an update for the Blu-ray/DVD playback. No official change log as of yet.
Codey47  +   158d ago
Where did you get that hunch from?

There's nothing wrong with BluRay or DVD playback on the PS3.

If it's mandatory it's normally stability, online or security fixes.

Or all three.
360ICE  +   158d ago
"Update: As per the Japanese PlayStation site, this update is for ‘software stability’."
vitz3  +   158d ago
BarkLordMalik probably misread the title and assumed PS4.
ShwankyShpanky  +   157d ago
@Codey: Sometimes there are general updates to Blu-Ray standards. Not necessarily something PS-specific.
Yi-Long  +   157d ago
Just installed the update. Went to watch TV. Heard my PS3 'clicking' a bit. It had 'frozen'. Turned it off, then on again, and now it gives me a 'Cannot start. The appropriate system storage was not found.'

Very annoying, to put it mildly.

Which makes it worse is that I bought this 320GB Slim last year in Hong Kong, while I'm back in Holland now. Not sure what that means for warranty, but I have to say I'm not happy.

Founda YT-clip which might help me solve the problem though, so will give that a try tonight or tomorrow.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   157d ago | Helpful

Don't get desperate just yet, it seens your HDD is corrupted. Now, before you go out and buy another HDD, try and save this one (which may be fine).

Simply go into the recovery menu and take the correct steps in the proper order... 2, 3, 4 and 5, in this order if memory serves me right (don't trust my memory, google it to be sure). I believe 1 is quit back to XMB and 6 is software update (both which won't work if your System can't see the HDD).

But be careful, don't just skip steps and don't push for another step out of curiosity (if 2 works, don't try 3), 'cause you can loose more data than just the corrupted data... This is specially true for the "Restore PS3 System" option which will totally format the HDD and take your PS3 to how it came from factory (and if this is the only one which work, I really hope you either have PS+ cloud saves or physical backups, otherwise you gonna have a bad day beyond the fact you'll already have to redownload everything, recreate your accounts in the system, redo the settings, etc).

If this don't solve the problem you gonna have to replace the HDD (and say goodbye to everything you had on it). If it solves, still consider replacing the HDD... Maybe not right away (give it sometime to see if it works fine, maybe it was just some of the system data allocation which became bad sector and sytem tried to rewrite on update, crazy stuff happens) but HDDs may give those "signs" before dying on you. Either way have backups at ready just in case.

If you have another compatible HDD around, try that one before buying a new one too. I had never see one case, but maybe you could be so out of luck that the problem would be on the SATA interface rather than on the HDD itself (but again, I never seen such a case, everytime I saw that message the HDD was either damaged or have corrupted data).
stuna1  +   157d ago
Bishop that was pretty sporting of you, I had to bubble you up for being helpful
Yi-Long  +   157d ago
Bishop BR: thank you, but it seems I can't access the recover/safe menu, sadly. I've already tried numerous time according to the instructions, but it just keeps going to the 480P screen that tells me it 'can't start. the appropriate system storage was not found' message.

Already tried taking out the HDD and putting it back in a few times as well. No luck.

Could be a coïncidence to have this happen during/right after an update, but never had any problems before with the system.
Mikey32230  +   158d ago
I hope there is a vita update soon.

Really hoping for Wifi WPA-Ent2 support to use on college campuses :/
Conzul  +   158d ago
My Vita works on my campus ....
Or maybe we have very little security on the network. So many "network security" degrees - maybe they think it's pointless.
Ninjatogo  +   158d ago
Really annoying that it doesn't support that, but on the plus side I'm more focused in class (Otherwise I'd be using remote play all day XD)
ITPython  +   158d ago
Beware of update guys, I just updated, went to play a game (on disk), and the game didn't show up in the XMB. So I ejected it and tried to re-insert, but the PS3 still thinks there is a disk inside and won't suck in the disk. Pressing eject does no good. I tried restarting it, and even turning off the power completely, but it doesn't do anything.

And after the PS3 updated I had a DVD in there that I took out before putting in a game.

I am now unable to load any disks, and it scratches any disk I try to insert in there (although the scratches do buff out).

Unless I can somehow fix this, my PS3's BD drive has just been killed by this update. I'll post again if I figure out a fix. But I would be cautious about updating if I was you.
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ITPython  +   158d ago
BTW my PS3 is a fat version, the one that doesn't have the card slots and only 2 USB ports (60GB version). It's one of the later fats, I got it as a refurb in 2009. Been working wonderfully ever since, and is the longest running PS3 I have had yet. Aside from vacations, I use it every day for 4-6 hours (gaming and DVD/BD playback).

Not sure if that matters, but there you have it. If this problem persists, I will give Sony a call tomorrow. I'm sure most will have no problems with the update, but hey doesn't hurt to report on this, especially since the update is supposedly related to DVD/BD functions.

EDIT: lol @ disagrees on my main post. Really? Come on guys, I'm on your side, just look at my post history. This is no FUD, and it did happen to me. Sucks big time as I was all ready to wind down for the night and enjoy some gaming, now my entire night is going to be devoted to trying to fix this.
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ITPython  +   158d ago
Ahhh!! Success! Works now!

Not sure what I did exactly, but I restarted it twice without touching the eject button or trying to put a disk in. Now it works like a charm!!

Tried a DVD first, it sucked it in and played it as expected. Ejected it and am now playing the game I first attempted to play!

Fluke issue I suppose, but if any of you encounter this, it is fixable.
ravinash  +   158d ago
Sounds like the drive got confused thinking a CD was already in there, so the heads were still up stopping you from loading another disk.

Glad you sorted it, I was going to suggest resetting it by holding the power button down (or something to that effect).
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SmoothC911  +   158d ago
@ITPython hey, maybe nitpicking here, but the 60G version was the one with four USB ports and the card slots; I think you may have the 40G version (if it was original launch)

Glad you got it fixed though!
ITPython  +   157d ago
@Smooth - Actually it is an 80GB version (CECHL01). I thought it was a 60GB because I replaced it's HDD with a SSD about a year ago and the HDD I took out of it was 60GB for some reason (I'm looking at it right now). It is a refurb, so perhaps somebody who had the console before me stuck a 60GB in there, and Sony didn't check it or something?

I dunno, either that or I have a 80GB 2.5" HDD laying around here somewhere. lol. Good catch though :-)
finbars75  +   157d ago
Not sure but the last update for the PS4 has messed my PS4 up. people in my party get kicked, sound cuts out all the time now ,theres and error when people join my party chat. People can say what they want but BF4 was working for me and now like myself and others the game crashes all the time now. The PS4 patch is causing way to much shit right now and Sony needs to get this issue fixed.
DarkLordMalik  +   158d ago
The Japanese PS3 site change log lists it as simple 'stability update', likely relating to the Blu-ray/DVD playback.
infinitewords  +   158d ago
It's strange that it's mandatory, since you can't play online without it, and it's just a stability update. I was just thinking it did or added something important.
Nitrowolf2  +   158d ago
Some folks said it added something to the PS Now Beta (Not games, support wise though)

Also the Clock bug some people were having is fixed
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kingPoS  +   158d ago
Probably to help keep jail broken PS3's off PSN.

Gateway MT6706 2008
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DragonKnight  +   158d ago
A lot of the times there are hidden additions to the firmware update that are later revealed, so keep watching the news feeds to see if that's the case.
DarkLordMalik  +   158d ago
Some people are reporting that PS NOW beta testers get some new resources/features but it isn't confirmed yet.
OutcastMosquito  +   158d ago
Why would the PS3 need a stability update for DVD/Blu-Ray playback?
sorceror171  +   157d ago
If there were a buffer overflow or similar security problem in the Blu-Ray code, then people could potentially stick in a specially-crafted BD-R and hack the console. Companies often call such bugs 'stability-related' rather than security-related so as not to draw attention to the problem.

It's even sort-of-true, in the sense that if you don't abuse the bug correctly you'll crash the machine. Sometimes that's how they are found, some dodgy but legitimate app crashes.
imt558  +   158d ago
Finally some OFW for PS3.
nevin1  +   158d ago
Will the PSnow beta be open to everyone at some point?
xHeavYx  +   158d ago
Not sure about the beta, but I wouldn't be surprised if everybody gets a free trial
worldwidegaming  +   158d ago
Its like the airport!
"please take your shoes off and belt while your at it!"
Just accept it and keep the line moving...
Bladesfist  +   158d ago
Better update my PS3 before the guy behind me misses the update window
WitWolfy  +   158d ago
I think that PSnow will only be available in the US and UK. We 3rd world countries never get to experience these new "streaming" services... EVER!!!
Good-Smurf  +   158d ago
You're on the wrong article to complain about PS Now.
Kivespussi  +   158d ago
1. Not a PS now article
2. Some countries have benefits others don't. This includes fast internet speeds and this again leads to these kinds of streaming services being first (or only) available for them.
3. Not all 3rd world countries have terrible internet speeds.
KingPin  +   158d ago
il just wait a week before updating. waiting for the "My PS3 is bricked" comments. although i must say my FAT PS3 has never once had any issues with any of the firmwares. i feel like sony must be using the launch FAT 60GB PS3s as their test machines. who knows.
Atomicjuicer  +   158d ago
I haven't updated since December (and have missed out on a few plus titles - although I added them to my account via PC store) because I have a suspicion that new updates will add more advertisement tiles to the dash (like the singstar one).

Same with my vita.

I detest ads on MY machines.
beebap  +   158d ago
What r u talking about?????? What ads
snookiegamer  +   158d ago
Hehe ;/
fattyuk  +   158d ago

You what??

And wasn't the singstar icon added about 4 years ago?
insomnium2  +   157d ago
Not sure when it was but that addition gave us the choise to launch the game without a disc in the drive whitch is superb! One of the best updates ever imo!
Atomicjuicer  +   157d ago
I hate singstar - how do I get rid of it?
insomnium2  +   157d ago

Hate Singstar? Sounds like you need to grow up a little.

Once you get kids and those kids grow up a little it's great fun to sit down the lot of you and sing some songs.

Same goes if you are in the 18-25yo range you should know that chicks love Singstar usually.

If you are below 18 yo or a chick then I have no straght answer to you so you need to suck it up. It shouldn't be bad enough to HATE it if it's only one symbol on the dash.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   158d ago
My PS3 updated this morning and interestingly, so did my Sony Bravia. Just saying/hoping/wishful thinking lol
snookiegamer  +   158d ago
Just downloaded/installed update....

Nothing obvious has changed, probably security/stability related.
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amirpro  +   158d ago
They should release new firmware that drops the XMB and replace it with a PS4-like UI
Cajun Chicken  +   158d ago
I'd rather the PS4 get an update for a PS3 style XMB. I miss organising stuff into easy to navigate, divided folders.
TheRedButterfly  +   158d ago
Hope this one doesn't brick the console like the last one did… - . -
Hicken  +   158d ago
You don't have a PS3 anyway- not that the last update was bricking consoles- so what do you care?
TheRedButterfly  +   158d ago
You know I don't have a PS3? Hmm… Care to explain the console that's sitting on my shelf then?

And even if I didn't have one, who would want the update to brick the console? The last major update, 4.45, did brick consoles. http://www.gamesradar.com/p... , so hopefully Sony figured out what they're doing this time. Wouldn't want anyone to have a worthless console.
kalkano  +   158d ago
It's not mandatory, if you never take it online, like me.
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Kivespussi  +   158d ago
Mind if I ask... Why wouldn't you?
insomnium2  +   157d ago
He wants to keep using the otherOS eh baggy?
kalkano  +   157d ago
I just don't have a reason to. I never play online, and I use my PC for Netflix/Internet access.
chikane  +   157d ago
@kalkano same here i'm still at 3.74 yea laugh all you want

i'm just waiting for sony to bring the price down to the 199$ so can i get a second one in which i'll update.. -_-
ShwankyShpanky  +   157d ago
Waiting for the update that allows "backwards compatibility" by connecting your PS3 to the PS4 via GB ethernet to "Remote Play" your PS3 through your PS4.

(not holding my breath)
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hollabox  +   157d ago
I miss my PS3
OldDude  +   157d ago
I'm hoping it fixes my Blu-Ray remote for Hulu. For some reason it wont work in that app. It works fine on everything else.
WeAreLegion  +   157d ago
If it's mandatory, I'm sure it involves security updates.
Brunex  +   154d ago
Hi i agree with the last comment the firmware 4.55 its is security update i did update that firmware becouse lets just say im a noob on this stuff and i had multiman but i couldnt acess it is says an error appeared 80010017 and i cannot play... but i can still play i did full formate on the ps3 on hopes that the firmware would disapier but it didnt lol... well now i don t have nothing install on my ps3 and want to play again i called the guy that putt the chip on my ps3 and installed the multiman he says that we have to do all over again and had to pay for im a lot of money ... -.- please guys there is a way to i resolve this problem do i have to open my ps3 and put another chip?

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