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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 661d ago | news

Destiny could hit 10 million lifetime sales

Bungie’s forthcoming sci-fi shooter Destiny could sell 10 million units during its lifetime, according to optimistic analysts at Cowen & Company. (Destiny, Industry, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

hulk_bash1987  +   661d ago
If the previews are anything to go by, then 10 mil lifetime sales will be well deserved. One of my most anticipated games for this fall.
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OlgerO  +   661d ago
Yeah man, I havent been this excited for a game in years, What I have in my head makes this the perfect video game. Vast alien worlds, Great lore and stories, awesome first person gameplay, sick graphics. I could go on.
JohnnyBadfinger  +   661d ago
It's a bungie game but I think it's too early in the next gen for the game to hit that number I think 5-6million is more believable
jamestewart  +   661d ago
It's primarily a coop and scifi game. It's probably gonna sell in the realm of Gears 1.
GhostTurtle  +   656d ago

Youll be surprised how many people that will still buy the game on ps3 and 360. I think 10 mil is realistic. Maybe more.
Lilrizky  +   661d ago
In reply to JohnnyBadfinger: it's actually coming to current-gen as well
Crazyglues  +   661d ago
ha.. ha.. 10 million - more like 14 +

They have no idea, I have not been this excited for a game in awhile...

-Everyone I talk to has this on their radar as a must have.. -and if it turns out to be good, and chances of that are really high, because after all we are talking about the studio that made Halo -Bungie- so come on' Of course the game is going to be big..

It's on both systems, Current and last Gen... how do you not do over 10m.

Not to mention from what I see of the game it will appeal to both causal and hardcore gamers. FPS and role playing gamers.. it's on target to hit a huge market.

If GTA V can do 32m in this market on last gen, I can't see why Destiny can't do 14+ -- the game is going to be huge, and nothing is in it's way..

As long as they keep feeding us previews of the game and keep us engaged all the way up to the launch - then the game will do huge numbers... 10 easy, 14 + more likely.

Yeah I'm going to call it here first, mark my words, I think it will indeed go pass 10m
You don't need Patcher (from to tell you this one is going to be huge

||.........___||............ ||
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Crazyglues  +   660d ago
LoL... at the disagrees, as if I have not proven you people wrong time and time again...

Who said GTA V would sell 20 million - this guy that's who
Example A: -

It's ok you don't have to believe, but your wrong, and you will see once again - Don't doubt Crazyglues, he's the truth.. LoL
medman  +   660d ago
I think it will probably eclipse the 10 million mark because it's a cross generational title, and because it's going to be one of the first next gen blockbusters, it will sell well on ps4 and xbone, and probably sell well on ps3 and 360 as well.
Tiqila  +   661d ago
they could also reach a billion or none at all...
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Ultr  +   661d ago
if the game lives up to its potential I definately see it even doing more on all platforms.
Its Online, so, once your friends love it, others will join. -> WoW
But yeah thats just me with some predictions before release.
But I could definately see it beeing bigger than Halo.
jackanderson1985  +   661d ago
well it's on more consoles than halo so yeah it'll most likely be bigger than halo if the hype is matched by the game itself
DeadlyFire  +   661d ago
10 million? One of if not the best FPS developer around with only 10 million? I disagree. I expect CoD numbers or greater.
Mikefizzled  +   660d ago
Whilst I agree on the notion of them being best FPS devs I doubt that an new IP will be able to push CoD numbers. Ghosts is currently around 20m sales across all platforms and thats considered low of them. Whilst Destiny looks amazing it cant get anywhere near 20m unless it breaks into the wider knowledge. Hell CoD is referenced as pop culture because everyone knows of it.
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SolidDuck  +   661d ago
Ya I actually think it will easily surpass 10 mil.
princejb134  +   661d ago
I'm buying this day 1 but graphics didn't look anything special
Hopefully they make up for it with gameplay
JakeTyler93  +   661d ago
Hmm. Looks like an amazing game, and it's releasing on current and next gen consoles. I could see it selling 10 million, easy. It seems to be appealing to a large variety of gamers.
vikingland1  +   660d ago
Since it's on PS3,Xbox360,XB1 and PS4. My guess is around 20 million easy. Plus isn't it on PC too? I'm asking because I'm not sure. My guess is just that ...a guess. I know people love FPS's and they sale really well.
DeadlyFire  +   658d ago
Its not announced for PC yet, but they have never said no and well its an MMO like game. So its likely to see a delayed release.
kevnb  +   660d ago
It will probably sell that much even if it isn't any good.
DevilishSix  +   660d ago
Considering its launching on four platforms (2 with a large matured fanbase and 2 with an expanding fanbase) it may actually do a bit bittle than 10 mill.
Benchm4rk  +   660d ago
They will eclipse 10 million. Halo games are exclusive and sold between 8-12 million. Safe to say people who purchased the Halo games will pick up destiny and add to that the PS3 and PS4 community I think 10 million+ is guaranteed

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