Game Informer Addresses Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero's Short Length

Game Informer: Yesterday we revealed that the March issue of Game Informer features a 20-page blowout with new details on Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, The Phantom Pain, and series creator Hideo Kojima himself. Among the new information, we also had four hours of playtime with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Reports have been appearing discussing the prologue chapter’s length, and we want to clarify the context of what we actually experienced.

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-Foxtrot1387d ago

Oh I guess someone got in trouble for being I guess they are trying to clean up their mess.

cyguration1387d ago

Gamestop saw the pre-orders drop.

Gamestop CEO "Someone get Damage Control 2.0 underway!"

[X-Com flashing red lights blare at the GI headquarters]

Game Informer EIC "Guys we just got an emergency call from Gamestop! Get that Damage Control 2.0 up pronto!"

Game Informer Editor "Captain! We're giving her all she's got! The servers are over capacity from the previous news! We need more power! We can't change the gamer perception on our own!!!"

Game Informer EIC " *sighs*... submit a damage control post to N4G"


short time later


Gamestop announces record pre-orders for MGS Ground Zeroes

KonsoruMasuta1387d ago

They didn't really change anything. They confirmed that they watched the credits roll after two hours. All they said here was that the they didn't get to play every mission during their time there.

ChipChipperson1387d ago

If I'm not mistaken didn't they also kinda address this and say the same thing in their earlier article, I think it was Game Informer who did that one also, about how they beat Ground Zeroes in 2 hours, but that didn't include side ops and the exclusive missions?

By the way, I'm not trying to bash anyone for their opinion or persuade anyone in purchasing or not purchasing this game, it's just reading this article was like reading the other article from yesterday, I mean, there really isn't anything new in this piece that we already didn't know.

Conzul1387d ago

Remember how some of us paid $60 for The Force Unleashed 2.

Remember how THAT was beatable in 2 hours? Hate that kinda thing. Don't have the cash to take that kind of risk.

porkChop1387d ago

They're not "cleaning up" anything. All they're saying is that the main story is in fact under 2 hours. They're saying there are also 5 side missions but they don't know how long those missions are. They could be 5 minute missions. They could be 20 minute missions. Maybe more, who knows. Still, $40 is an extremely high asking price. Even $20 for current gen digital is a bit high. GZ should realistically be $15 or under.

One_Eyed_Wizard1387d ago

Possibly. Just get it for 15$ when it drops in price then?

rdgneoz31387d ago

Wait a few months and you'll see it drop to $20. Hell, a bunch of games for next gen are going on sale lately for like $20 to $30 off. But yah, $40 (I prefer a disc I can bring over a friends) for a 2 hour demo is a bit much. $20 more and you can get Infamous SS or Titanfall, both of which will give you a lot more content for your buck.

DasBunker1387d ago

At this point i'll just wait and get it with phantom pain when i get a PS4. i was gonna get GZ for PS3.

Heisenburger1387d ago

" I guess they are.."

Or you could, idk, just read the damn article.

I for one will not be giving them a penny. Back when Kojima disrespected Hayter like he did I swore I'd only buy used. This egomaniac won't get one single penny from me again. But I'll buy MGS V eventually to try it.

spartanlemur1387d ago

Disrespect Hayter by hiring a real actor to take his place, seeing as the game is using facial mo-cap?
Sorry I don't see a problem with that. I actually want Big Boss to act believable, so that the custcenes appear to be of AAA quality, and not like they're from some dodgy B-movie.

Razmossis1387d ago

Keifer Sutherland, real actor? pfft, mate go watch some good TV.
Start with The Wire

dcj05241387d ago

@spart so why didn't the japanese voice actor get replaced too? Hmmmm.......

DragonKnight1387d ago

@spartanlemur: First of all, Keifer Sutherland is not a real actor. He sucks. He used to be good, but not anymore.

Secondly, they didn't change the Japanese V.O. for mo-cap, so that's a cop out.

Third, Keifer Sutherland refers to Big Boss as "this character", and shows no actual passion or even interest in the role he's playing or the character in general.

David Hayter would clearly be the better choice because he's spent over a decade honing his craft for Snake and Big Boss. He knows them inside out because he's lived them. The Big Boss and Solid Snake you know today, the one you say you "actually want to act believable?" The only reference for believable you can use is the base that David Hayter built. Without Hayter, you know nothing about Big Boss' personality. How can you say Sutherland will do it better then?

Heisenburger1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

@Spartan I have no problem with Kojima choosing to replace Hayter. But to disrespect a man who once gave half of his paycheck so that they would have the budget to hire the original cast in the MGX Twin Snakes remake is unacceptable.

There is a way you do things. Be a man and have a lunch with Hayter, or call him. Be a man and tell him that you're choosing to go a different direction. That you appreciate the work he's put into it, ECT.

You don't treat another man like that. Perhaps that's a cultural thing. But from where I'm from, where my moral compass points, that behavior is incredibly disrespectful and downright rude.

@Lord_Sloth I agree. I don't believe choosing to replace him was disrespectful. I feel like most people should know what he did, or didn't do, by now.

Lord_Sloth1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

I don't think Kojima meant any disrespect to Hayter by recasting Big Boss. I think he's just further establishing that they (Big Boss and Solid Snake) are different people.

DragonKnight1387d ago

@Lord_Sloth: They may be different people in terms of life experience, but Snake is a literal clone of Big Boss. That means, barring some discrepancies based on life experiences, Big Boss and Solid Snake are pretty much the same. They likely approach situations the same, they certainly sound the same because they are physically the same. Short of retconning MGS so that Snake isn't a clone of Big Boss, logically speaking Kojima CAN'T make them different people without ruining his own story.

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SnotyTheRocket1386d ago

Do you have anything positive to say? Ever? You haven't played the game, and I haven't played the game. Don't jump to conclusions because one dude beat it in 2 hours. It depends on how you play. Que the "you're and idiot for defending a two hour game! It's not worth the money" arguments.

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Stringerbell1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Me thinks sometime in the near future this game will be bundled in with MGS V as some 'GOTY Edition'. Hold off on this one...

One_Eyed_Wizard1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

I'm pretty sure it's already bundled with it. As in not as a special bundle but the actual standard package.

Inception1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )


You made a good decision mate, because i'm very positive that GZ will be bundled with PP. Just look at previous MGS or collections that Konami doing all this past years:

- MGS 1 had MGS Integral bundled with VR mission
- MGS 2 had substance with more content
- MGS 3 had subsistence bundled with MGO and more content
- MGS Essential Collection (MGS 1-2-3)
- MGS HD collection (2,3,peace walker)
- MGS the legacy collection (1,2,3,4,peace walker, graphic novel)

Only Peace Walker and 4 that doesn't have their own bundle. So yeah, i'm very positive there will be GotY or substance or something that will bundle GZ & PP.

RenegadeRocks1386d ago

This is already part of. MGS V . This is the first mission of MGS V, the prologue. When u get MGS v , GZ will be the opening mission in there too.

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zalanis1387d ago

I agree. thing is, the game on these mgs titles, im talking actual interactive gameplay here, has never been long. the cut scenes are longer then actual gameplay. its the reason a GRAPHICAL BEAST like mgs4 tanked. ppl want to play not watch a $60 dollar or $40 dollar movie. you guys buying?? then dont forget the POP-CORN!

porkChop1387d ago

Tanked? roughly 6 million units sold does not in any way whatsoever equate to tanked. The game was a huge success early in the PS3's life.

One_Eyed_Wizard1387d ago

Except the gameplay in MGS is also always awesome so I end up replaying it a lot. I can tell you I PLAYED a lot more of EVERY MGS title than just watching cutscenes. In other words my gameplay time>cutscene watching time. Well maybe except Portable Ops. Still played a lot of it.

If you're the kind of person that plays through the main story of a game then never touch it again it's your decision. Just don't judge the game and the people who like it.

RenegadeRocks1386d ago

You, sir, are a misinformed one. There are more new mechanics in each MGS game than studios put in new IPs. MGS sells due to its gameplay, not due to its cutscenes.

The only people who can't appreciate MGS are the ones who cannot wrap their head around its gamelpay. They want super easy stuff which rewards them for just pressing a button. In MGS, u actually have to play it, not just spamL2+R2 and move on.

Pillsbury11387d ago

I start thinking about then I hesitate to get it. I think about it some more and then come to the conclusion that this is going to set up the story that leads up to the events in phantom pain, which is going to be an important part of the story...

One_Eyed_Wizard1387d ago

You could also wait for Phantom Pain and play it then. I'm getting it now. I don't think anyone's forcing anyone to get it.

AutoCad1387d ago

lol at kojima..
this game should $10-15.

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