Infamous: Second Son Crafted On PS4, Impossible On PS3

Infamous Second Son could be the first, true next generation title - Art Director Dociu swears it would be impossible on PlayStation 3.

Also, some cool new artwork!

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amodestoccasion1689d ago

I would think so! That's all I really want from the new consoles - games that couldn't happen on the older ones :P

Zuperman1689d ago

HAHAHAHA @ PS3 owners.


Snookies121689d ago

Why are you laughing at PS3 owners? I own a PS3, and am very happy with what's coming out for the system in the next year or two. :]

With that said, I'm still planning on buying a PS4 in the next month or so...

Master-H1689d ago

I'll be laughing at you come March, when i'm playing Dark Souls II :)

Rimeskeem1688d ago

they still have TLOU and Beyond so dont count them out

Alexious1688d ago

It doesn't make much sense to laugh at PS3 owners, really... Not to mention that most series scheduled for PS4 were born there, including Infamous

TruthInsider 1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

@Zuperman - Idiot! I got both and am playing PS3 way more at the minute.

Not doable on PS3! I would hope so too!

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webeblazing1689d ago

Besides gfx effects, resolution, and frame rate I Dont see why not. Its definitely more happen but you can always scale it down

dcj05241689d ago

Thats like saying BF4 is possible onthe PS3. It is. But not really (conquest is a joke on ps3).

webeblazing1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Exactly scaled down so basically they need to shut up with the PR talk and let the games talk for themselves. Plus they could just tone down the gfx. Its just getting old

Alexious1688d ago

You misunderstood them. He probably meant that the graphical effects they are using would be too expensive to use on PS3, and as such, it would be a watered down version.

As it is on PS4, it would not be possible on its predecessor.

SWayne1688d ago

This is the best quote Ive heard in a long time!

karamsoul1689d ago

Saw the amazing in-game cutscenes yesterday. Truly some next-gen stuff.

Miss_Vixen1689d ago

Thoroughly enjoyed the first two games. Very much looking forward to this. :)

VSVP1689d ago

That's good. But man PS3 still has some amazing looking games under its belt.

Software_Lover1689d ago

It Is possible. You would just have to cut the resolution, AA, and use smaller textures.

Anonagrog1689d ago

You're assuming none of the other systems have changed besides the rendering?

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The story is too old to be commented.