Xbox 360 vs Xbox One vs PS4 vs PC: Graphics Comparison Of Tomb Raider

GameMag "We have prepared this video in order to bring out the differences in the visual detail of the various versions of Tomb Raider available today."

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UltimateMaster1505d ago

The PS4 version looks great.

afterMoth1505d ago

18fps looks great on Xbox One!

GarrusVakarian1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

It really does. When i played TR last weekend on my friends 62 inch TV i was gobsmacked. He equipped an outfit for Lara which covers her in mud head to toe and then he went up to a lamp and rotated the camera so we could see her face...the graphics were incredible, all the mud on her face had tiny cracks in it and her eyes were amazingly life-like.

Also the village on fire looked AMAZING, the way the fire lit up the smoke and all the embers floating around. I thought it was a simple HD remake, but it really isn't. It's so much better than i remember it being on the 360 in every way.

Also, wtf is up with doing comparisons on YouTube? It's "1080p" mode sucks and isn't 1080p, because of that you always get people saying things like "they all lo2k the same". All of those versions look better when played at home on your own TV. YouTube needs true, uncompressed 1080p and the ability to view in 60fps for comparisons like this.

Kleptic1504d ago

all look pretty good...

wish the TressFx stuff made it into the new consoles...clearly, it didn't though...2:08 on PC and PS4; dat hair...................

Mr Pumblechook1505d ago

The 360 version and Xbone version are virtually identical.

Ultr1505d ago

looks awesome on nextgen

Aon1505d ago

Yea! Young Lara Croft:D heh. I think it's time to buy PS4:D

Dehnus1505d ago

Porn would be cheaper.

kx111505d ago

PC wins we get it

ps4 is better than x1 we get that too

every freaking comparison is the same

Ultr1505d ago

Dunno, I thought it looked cooler on nextgen than on pc? The light was reeeally nice

KonsoruMasuta1505d ago

Lighting and particles are better on the definitive edition but the PC version looks sharper.

Jag-T10001505d ago

Can't tell the difference! These stupid videos, even at 1080p, the comparisons suck!

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The story is too old to be commented.