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Xbox 360 vs Xbox One vs PS4 vs PC: Graphics Comparison Of Tomb Raider

GameMag "We have prepared this video in order to bring out the differences in the visual detail of the various versions of Tomb Raider available today." (PC, PS4, Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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UltimateMaster  +   536d ago
The PS4 version looks great.
Revolt13  +   536d ago
*next-gen looks great.
afterMoth  +   536d ago
18fps looks great on Xbox One!
Lukas_Japonicus  +   536d ago
It really does. When i played TR last weekend on my friends 62 inch TV i was gobsmacked. He equipped an outfit for Lara which covers her in mud head to toe and then he went up to a lamp and rotated the camera so we could see her face...the graphics were incredible, all the mud on her face had tiny cracks in it and her eyes were amazingly life-like.

Also the village on fire looked AMAZING, the way the fire lit up the smoke and all the embers floating around. I thought it was a simple HD remake, but it really isn't. It's so much better than i remember it being on the 360 in every way.

Also, wtf is up with doing comparisons on YouTube? It's "1080p" mode sucks and isn't 1080p, because of that you always get people saying things like "they all lo2k the same". All of those versions look better when played at home on your own TV. YouTube needs true, uncompressed 1080p and the ability to view in 60fps for comparisons like this.
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Kleptic  +   535d ago
all look pretty good...

wish the TressFx stuff made it into the new consoles...clearly, it didn't though...2:08 on PC and PS4; dat hair...................
Mr Pumblechook  +   536d ago
The 360 version and Xbone version are virtually identical.
Ultr  +   536d ago
looks awesome on nextgen
Aon  +   536d ago
Yea! Young Lara Croft:D heh. I think it's time to buy PS4:D
Dehnus  +   535d ago
Porn would be cheaper.
kx11  +   536d ago
PC wins we get it

ps4 is better than x1 we get that too

every freaking comparison is the same
Ultr  +   536d ago
Dunno, I thought it looked cooler on nextgen than on pc? The light was reeeally nice
KonsoruMasuta  +   536d ago
Lighting and particles are better on the definitive edition but the PC version looks sharper.
Jag-T1000  +   536d ago
Can't tell the difference! These stupid videos, even at 1080p, the comparisons suck!
Dlacy13g  +   536d ago
I wasn't terribly impressed with how this comparison was handled. a few shots were really done well while many others seemed to be slightly different shots (especially some of the stills).

Either way I think the real take away from this is...game looks good even for a 360 game. Go get it on any platform and play it, its worth playing.
JediDiah  +   536d ago
On Xbox 360 she looks like Jennifer Lawrence but on Xbox One she looks like....well....Laura!
Allsystemgamer  +   536d ago
thexmanone  +   536d ago
PS4 looks washed out
GW212  +   536d ago
Hey MisterX, how are you? Good holiday season? Great.
PhantomPat  +   536d ago
Between 1:40-1:44 no water effect on the rock for the xbox one vs ps4
PhantomPat  +   536d ago
i bought the ps4 version and i already have the pc version of the game, my impression are, the ps4 version have more detail in some places, but... but the textures are superiors on the pc and it's normal (superior AA and Resolution)... they add some new movements for lara and it's welcome... for my part i prefer the old face, but the new one seems to be more loyal to the tomb raider 1 to 8.
The only thing is really missing for the definitive version for me is the 3D option... this game is so amazing in 3D.

For someone having a ps4, it's a must buy if you never experience it before.

For pc gamer like i am (i love console either) Tomb Raider on pc is better for someone having 3D tv screen.

For 2D Mode for me the winner is PS4 (in 1080p farewell)

Sorry my english is not perfect See ya
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RevXM  +   535d ago
Yeah well, its not like you missed out on something with the ps3 or 360 version looks largely the same.

Not to say I doesnt notice any differences the DE looks like the pc version but cleaned up with NOTICEBLY BETTER lighting and a new face on Lara. Probably not the best comparison vid, but seems like there is something missing on the Xbone version where there is water and debris dripping from a rockwall on the ps4 version.

I have to say it looks more like a graphics patch with an alternative skin (New face) and DLC that could have come to pc than a remaster worthy of a release on next gen consoles.

Its good, but is it worth the asking price?
Id say its a steep price atm for a 1 year old game but Ive been tempted to buy for a while. But I think Im still going to wait for a bargain bin deal or something.
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