What is the Deal with Micro-transactions?!

By now most gamers are familiar with the term “micro-transaction” and cringe every time they hear it. Games started introducing this with the creation of the mobile market, and it deemed to be so successful for mobile companies that AAA titles and companies started implementing them into their games. This creation of micro-transaction has caused the online gaming world to be very unbalanced, and companies are now creating excuses to justify the use of micro transactions

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Eonjay1568d ago

"What is the Deal with Micro-transactions?"


worldwidegaming1568d ago

If you can afford gaming the companies can bleed you dry until you can't. Simple as that.

Prototype_79L1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

I hate microtransactions, especially in mobile games, where you can easily sink in the price of a proper game and it gets you basically nowhere, you are back to the waiting x hours bullshit gameplay. The best we can do is that gamers completely ignore them. I cry back the Old PSX and PS2 times, where you got a decent content for your money. I will rather pay 5-10 euros for a DECENT game like Infinity Blade 3, then pay for any microtransaction. Microtransaction is the cancer of the game industry and we have to find a cure very soon.

Roccetarius1568d ago

It's pretty obvious that games aren't made by gamers anymore. It's the suits behind the gamers.

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