GameCube Controller on the Wii U?

On, fans have banded together to sign a petition to send to Nintendo. Quite simply, this is a petition to persuade Nintendo into making a GameCube-style controller for the Wii U. The controller itself has been a fan-favorite during the GameCube and Wii era and used in many games, notably Super Smash Bros. Melee on GameCube and Super Smash Bros. Brawl on Wii. When the Wii U came out, it was unfortunate that GameCube controllers would no longer be usable on the new console. It was up to third parties to keep it alive and make adapters that allowed users to connect said controllers to use on Wii U.

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-Foxtrot1712d ago

SIGNED...I hope they succeed.

Make it so Nintendo, just in time for Smash Bros

-Foxtrot1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Doesn't it...fell it love with it the moment I saw it.

If I could play Smash or even Mario Kart with that controller or something like it, it would be amazing

3-4-51712d ago

Probably best looking controller I've ever seen.

Snookies121712d ago

I just hope if they do decide to make one, that they'll make a more suitable D-pad. That was the only flaw the Gamecube controller had in my opinion. It was such an awesome controller, but the D-pad was just terrible lol.

PS4isKing_821712d ago

I want to make sweet electronic love to that controller.
Make it so Nintendo!!!! Best Nintendo controller ever made in my opinion and one of my all time favorites.

3-4-51712d ago

This picture is awesome.

Gamecube controller IMO is the second best gaming controller of all time behind the 360 controller.

deafdani1712d ago

Funny, considering both have shitty d-pads. :P

Berezau1712d ago

It looks good but definitely prefer the pro controller, mainly because I feel that it is more comfortable to have the thumb sticks at the top of a controller in opposite but even positions... it's a getting old, arthritic thing lol

swice1712d ago

Man...I never wanted to make love to a piece of hardware as much as this right here.

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Andy15201712d ago

I'm not so sure about it. But it would be a great piece of collection for sure.

-Foxtrot1712d ago

If it's successful they could just revamp it as the new Pro Controller, so they don't have too many different controllers out there.

Andy15201712d ago

You make a good point there. I would definitly buy just to play the new Smash on it for sure

deafdani1712d ago

Wouldn't work, at least not with the current button configuration. One of the main reasons for the Pro Controller to exist is to play Virtual Console games, and in that area, it excels, because its button layout is perfect for any console that is emulated on the Virtual Console.

Try playing Super Mario World on the Gamecube controller, for example. It just doesn't work.

nassour1712d ago

Cant wait! I hope the thing works out, perfect controller for smash!

-Foxtrot1712d ago

A good marketing plan would be having bundles for Smash with it included like how with Skyward Sword it was bundled with the Gold Wii Mote.

jcnba281712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Would be sweet if they packed it in with a copy of the new Smash but I'm happy enough with the pro controller.

BlackWolf1712d ago

Would be a nice feature to have. Many of my buddies prefer using the GameCube controller when playing Samsh Bros. Hope Nintendo gives players some way to use it with the Wii U.

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The story is too old to be commented.