Wii U's Hullbreach Uncloaked MMORPG Reveal Within Next 48 Hours

Hullbreach Studios today revealed via their Twitter, that their Wii U game, Hullbreach Uncloaked will be revealed within the next 48 hours.

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EliteGameKnight1537d ago

Exciting stuff! hope it'll be cool

RadioActiveTwinky1537d ago

oooh... You have my curiosity. Will you get my attention though?

ZeekQuattro1537d ago

Sounds interesting. I was always a fan of space exploration games. I may have to check this out. Weird that I never heard of it until now let alone there being a Wii version.

Rockefellow1537d ago

Did anyone play the original one that was browser-based on Wii? I'd appreciate a quick explanation of how the game played, and what to expect out of a full-fledged version.

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