The Asymmetric Potential of a DS Virtual Console on the Wii U

Nintendo Enthusiast's Ryan C.: "During the recent financial results meeting, President Iwata stated that there will be a Nintendo DS Virtual Console on the Wii U. I was late getting a DS, so this makes me very excited. I’ve played New Super Mario Bros. and Pokemon Black, but to say that I’ve missed some games would be an understatement. I honestly think having a DS Virtual Console could fix a number of issues currently plaguing the Wii U. Now, I’m not trying to jump on the Wii U bandwagon of hate, but having some DS games available is simply a good thing."

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nohopeinc1566d ago

Will there be a world in which Nintendo makes a console after the year 1990 that isn't completely fucking stupid looking with a dumb ass controller. Because nothing good since the SNES.

WeAreLegion1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Unpopular opinion, bro. Prepare your bubbles!

EDIT: Haha. I sort of hate the bubble system. I miss the old system...where everyone trash talked for hours. :/ That was around 2005/2006 though.

nohopeinc1566d ago

Don't care. But your comment made me laugh. I imagined a million little bubbles with sword and shield.

WeAreLegion1566d ago

I can't wait! I hope they keep it updated with tons of titles. There are many DS games I missed out on.

SirNintend01566d ago

Yeah, Phantom Hourglass or GTFO for me. Only Zelda I haven't played.

bobsmith1566d ago

if mario kart ds was released would it work online with other people on ds's

yugovega1566d ago

just release some pokemon games on the vc already. if they arn't going to make a full one in hd at least let me play the older ones as is on my tv and gamepad

zalanis1566d ago

what ninty needs to do is give us a multi gamepad game already

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