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The Asymmetric Potential of a DS Virtual Console on the Wii U

Nintendo Enthusiast's Ryan C.: "During the recent financial results meeting, President Iwata stated that there will be a Nintendo DS Virtual Console on the Wii U. I was late getting a DS, so this makes me very excited. I’ve played New Super Mario Bros. and Pokemon Black, but to say that I’ve missed some games would be an understatement. I honestly think having a DS Virtual Console could fix a number of issues currently plaguing the Wii U. Now, I’m not trying to jump on the Wii U bandwagon of hate, but having some DS games available is simply a good thing." (Nintendo DS, Wii U)

nohopeinc  +   70d ago
Will there be a world in which Nintendo makes a console after the year 1990 that isn't completely fucking stupid looking with a dumb ass controller. Because nothing good since the SNES.
WeAreLegion  +   70d ago
Unpopular opinion, bro. Prepare your bubbles!

EDIT: Haha. I sort of hate the bubble system. I miss the old system...where everyone trash talked for hours. :/ That was around 2005/2006 though.
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nohopeinc  +   70d ago
Don't care. But your comment made me laugh. I imagined a million little bubbles with sword and shield.
Acesonnall  +   70d ago
Not in your world.
WeAreLegion  +   70d ago
I can't wait! I hope they keep it updated with tons of titles. There are many DS games I missed out on.
SirNintend0  +   70d ago
Yeah, Phantom Hourglass or GTFO for me. Only Zelda I haven't played.
bobsmith  +   70d ago
if mario kart ds was released would it work online with other people on ds's
yugovega  +   70d ago
just release some pokemon games on the vc already. if they arn't going to make a full one in hd at least let me play the older ones as is on my tv and gamepad
zalanis  +   70d ago
what ninty needs to do is give us a multi gamepad game already
Kennytaur  +   69d ago
I hope they'll release DS games digitally on 3DS as well, it can already run the games so it's crazy not too.

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