Battlefield 4's first 'DICE Community Mission' announced

GameZone: As part of February's Player Appreciation event, DICE has revealed its first "Community Mission" for Battlefield 4. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help collect 10,000,000 dog tags using melee attacks in just six days.

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pompombrum1505d ago

10m dog tags with melee attacks in six days.. Does that mean you need to kill 10m people in six days? Sounds more like it's designed for hardcore MMO gamers than it is FPS gamers.

Rattlehead201505d ago

No. It's for the whole community. An accumulation of dog tags spread throughout all platforms.

Akuma071505d ago



You only need to get ONE melee kill technically. It is a community wide event. Meaning every single melee kill that anyone gets counts towards the total.

DeadlyFire1504d ago

No that means it is KNIFE SERVER WEEK! 64 players running around using only knives.

Skate-AK1505d ago

Pretty cool looking dogtag. I played last night and it played the best it has since release. PS3 version.

Akuma071505d ago

Claymore's here we go!

Seriously though, at least everyone know's to expect a lot of desperate knife attacks for that week.

Trunkz Jr1505d ago

This will be easy.

Someone simply makes a Knife Only Server and go to town.

Skate-AK1504d ago

Battlefield 4 doesn't have rentable servers yet.

PsyMonk3y1504d ago

More subterfuge to hide the fact that this game was released unfinished and broken and still many months later theres little to no improvement but hey don't worry Dice will give the community more worthless trinkets to make up for it.