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GameDynamo - "South Park: Stick of Truth has long been in development by Obsidion studios surviving numerous delays and the bankrupcy of their original publisher THQ. But now South Park: Stick of Truth is back on track with a new publisher, Ubisoft, as the game is set to release next month."

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TheSuperior 1536d ago

Still.... STILL cant wait for this game x) hope it comes out soon Ive been waiting

Stringerbell1536d ago

You and me both, almost there!

TheSuperior 1536d ago

Glad its still on others minds too :) This is exactly the type of game i need right now haha

mikeyphi1536d ago

The Stick of Truth has been lying about that release

theDivision1536d ago

just wish ps4 and x1 could get a hold of it.

Magnus1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Been waiting for this game I was afraid it wasn't coming out when THQ tanked and it being pushed back so much. Glad to see this title is coming out I already have it preordered.

blackstrr4111536d ago

I just hope there's no blasphemy in the game.