9 Huge Assassin’s Creed Changes That Ubisoft Are Considering, According to Official Survey

J Station X writes

"Breathing fresh air into the Assassin’s Creed series is what Ubisoft needs to do to keep the series original, because eventually, sticking yet more daggers into the backs of even more Loyalist Lobsters is going to grate on us. That’s likely the reason why they’ve recently put out a survey asking players for their thoughts.

But this isn’t your average run of the mill ‘did getting blasted to smithereens by a Man O’ War in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag make you cry like a wimp or spur you on?’ as Ubi’s suggested changes could be completely mind blowing or utterly disastrous for the series. Having taken the survey, I’ve rounded up the juiciest bits of info from it, which you can read about here."

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-Foxtrot1569d ago

"1. Was There Too Much Naval/Land Gameplay?"

For an Assassins Creed game...yeah

"2. Did The Pirate Theme Fit The Game?"

Nope...Assassin - Pirate, they couldn't be different

"Would The Pirate Theme Work as Standalone Gameplay? Would You Be Interested in Playing a Pirate Game?"

It would have to be seperate from Assassins Creed and worked into a new IP, with no AC ties to it.

"4. Was Assassin’s Creed as Open World as GTA V and Skyrim?"

Not really, the sea pretty much was half the map.

"5. Did You Like Charles Vane and James Kidd"


"6. Tablet and Smartphone Apps"

Hell No

"7. Multiple Historical Figures"

I wouldn't go overboard with it

"8. Customisable Hero"

Just have to expand on the stuff we have now, I would like to choose my own colours for the Assassins Robes instead of pre sets. Oh and maybe even the smaller things like the handles to a sword or the designs on a gun for example.

"9. Adewale and Aveline"

To be honest, since we've had Liberation and Freedom Cry I rather they focus on other characters.

What about Anne Bonny, I'm guessing she could be trained as an Assassin.

UnHoly_One1569d ago

This doesn't surprise me, but I disagree with nearly every one of your answers. lol

1569d ago
-Foxtrot1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )


Do you want it to be an ASSASSINS Creed game or a shadow of it's former self.

Seriously it's not like people who call the pirate theme are calling the actual game but at the end of the day good or not AC4 was not a good ASSASSINS CREED game. It would be better off as a new IP.

You have all this Naval combat stuff and Pirate themed content yet hardly no stealth elements like a simple crouch button what a game like AC needs.


Oh shutup, don't call someone just because you don't agree with them. Cherry picking comments as usual. I've said good things about AC4, I just don't agree with the Pirate theme because it dosen't fit the ASSASSINS theme the game set off with in the beginning. Whats wrong about that, I'm just too much of a fan to let turn into a shadow of it's former self.

If it was a game set in China with Ninjas and stuff then at least that fits in with the Assassins theme better then bloody Pirates

1569d ago
-Foxtrot1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )


Most of time when I actually do, but like most people you cherry pick comments to try and make your comment look better.

You could that to anyone on this site if you sive through their comments.

Stay on topic for goodness sake, I'm sick to death of off topic comments on this site instead of people talking about the actuall article...they'd rather call the users, I mean whats the point. It's just sad at the end of the day.

"AC IV was the best AC game since 2"

I didn't say it wasn't, it was a good game just not a good "Assasins" Creed game.

"Now you done acting like a keyboard warrior? "

Says the guy who's just wrote all that s*** in his own comment and started this in the first place when he decided to call a user instead of talking about the article....yeah sure ok.

erathaol1569d ago

Darn, one of the questions isn't "Would it be better if only a single studio worked on the next Assassin's Creed?"


1569d ago
Akuma071569d ago

AC4 was the best Assassins Creed since ACII.

I loved the entire theme, and you are totally wrong about Pirate's and Assassins being far apart. Pirates were sea faring freedom fighters, the Assassins fought for freedom of all peoples from the Templars.

You have 2 kinds of people who played AC4. Those who loved it, and those who didn't. The ones who didn't love it, are the same people who hate the annual releases, and think the game should go back to what it was in ACII.

I have liked most of the AC games. Revelations was the worst. I loved the direction they took with AC4, and Edward Kenway is my favourite Assassin so far.

PhantomT14121569d ago


I think it's one of those games that manages to work pretty well with multiple studios (on the exact same project, unlike Call of Duty with alternate studios).
Anyway, why would you want less people working on it and have a lesser quality (or content) product for the same price? (they won't rise the price because more people are working on it, they just expect better sales).

DragonKnight1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

1. There was too much Naval gameplay for sure, but it wasn't bad so I didn't hate it. That said, AC games were always about the free running and it seems that Ubisoft just keep moving away from that.

2. No, the Pirate theme didn't at all fit the game. AC4 wasn't about Assassins or Templars, it was about Edward Kenway and his life. It got to the point that the Assassins, Templars, and even the First Civ. was just a framing device for Edward Kenway, and that was off putting.

3. Yes, the Pirate game would work on its own, but it wouldn't stand on its own if it was at all attached to AC. Make it its own franchise, add some stuff to it to make it unique (maybe make it a Pirate RPG) and you'll have something.

4. No. GTAV and Skyrim were more open world because they had varying landscapes and locations. ACIV was lots and lots of water for the most part. Didn't feel too varied. That said, and open world AC RPG sounds interesting.

5. Yes. Particularly James Kidd. Awesome character.


7. I like having multiple historic characters, but having the key enemy switch between them is rather annoying.

8. A customizable hero would depend on what the customization is. Making your own Assassin would only work if Ubisoft made an AC game where you start out as an Assassin trainee, go on missions to improve your skills, and work your way up the ranks. Otherwise, that particular cusomization wouldn't mesh with a main AC game. But if we could customize the look, or fighting style of an Assassin in a main game, that might be cool.

9. I'm indifferent.

AC4 was a good game, definitely better than AC3 but it doesn't touch AC1 or the AC2 trilogy.

I can go back to AC1 or any of the AC2 trilogy and replay those games. Why? AC1 has the best setting and story of the entire series. AC2 trilogy combines many story plots together so that any weaknesses of the individual games are made up by the whole trilogy. AC3 is awful and AC4 is good but I probably won't go back to play it again unless I'm very bored.

Edward is a better character than his grandson, but he tends to fall into the same issue his grandson had. That being that he is used to do other people's bidding too much. Altair in AC1 fought for redemption and later to save his order from betrayal. Ezio started out seeking nothing but vengeance, but growing to realize vengeance wouldn't make him happy, and eventually realizing he gave too much to the Brotherhood.

Connor was a lackey. He wanted to help his people, but really all he ended up doing was the dirty work for the Colonials and he seemed like a perpetual teenager always pissed off. Haytham was by far a better character.

Edward was so focused on making a fortune that he never saw how he was being used just because people knew his weakness. By the time he opened his eyes, the game was pretty much over and any interaction with the Assassins or the Templars seemed out of place and unnecessary.

AC5 really needs to remember what made AC1 and AC2 so great and stop trying so hard to tell the story of one person.

starchild1569d ago

I have enjoyed all the Assassin's Creed games. I only hope they improve the stealth mechanics and the next one is set in feudal Japan. That would make me very happy.

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theDivision1569d ago

Customisable Hero:

Yeah... for me games are about immersion, I have a disconnect when forced to play as a pre created character. I want to make my character from head to toe and be able to build him to fit myself.

Vashv171569d ago

I agree with most of your points. I love AC4, I platinumed it, and spent over 70 hours with it. They could add some more customization. I wouldn't mind playing as either Adewale or Aveline in another DLC or main story, although I agree we should see some new faces. If AC4 would have had more side missions like non repetitive ones I would have loved it more. So yes they could do with more open world. As far as the too much naval/land thing i'm in the middle. There could have been less naval but it would have taken away from the whole pirate theme a bit. All in all I can't wait for the next AC.

-Foxtrot1569d ago

Thank you...for actually talking about the article unlike some people

"I platinumed it"

Lucky you I couldn't, I wanted to but the online trophies were a joke. "Reach Level 55", I tried playing a few matches and GOD it was so boring, plus you hardly level up.

I didn't realise this though until I had worked at getting the single player ones.

Akuma071569d ago

You know Fox, it sounds like you just don't enjoy playing AC games. I know someone else like you, he hates every game he plays, but yet, still buys and plays them all.

-Foxtrot1569d ago


Really, your doing the "I'm going to make out I know you to try and take a dig at you" lame

I do enjoy them, I've enjoyed every one up to revelations. Enjoyed AC4 but not as an Assassins Creed game.

So really at the end of the day the only one I hated was the third one.

Try harder next one

Mr Pumblechook1569d ago

They should've asked "do you want an Assassin's Creed game without all that present day rubbish constantly interrupting your game?"

Akuma071569d ago

I like a little mystery. The present day story in AC4 was one of the better ones.

TheRatedD1569d ago

How was it not an AC game? Because I could have sworn AC was about exploring different points in history. So if AC4 is a story of how Edward became an assassin, and naval battles were a part of that time in history, then how is it not an AC game?

And us real AC fans know about how the devs want future AC games to be more like 4, in that they take aspects of that time period to make gameplay out of (like naval battles).

I see you complaining on every AC4 article, but you don't even know what an AC game actually is...

-Foxtrot1569d ago

Because it was Pirates Creed, about Pirates, with Pirate themed missions, gameplay and even characters

Edward never became an Assassin, so obviously you didn't play it all the way through, he only helped them and that was only at the end.

"And us real AC fans know about how the devs want future AC games to be more like 4"

LOL...get over yourself man

"us real AC fans"

Says the guy who just said Edward becomes an Assassin....FAIL

All I see you do is post on N4G, trolling in capital letters....pretty sad I reckon.

Next time, catch up on some AC history.

3-4-51569d ago

I think they accidentally stumbled upon a new UBISOFT game type that will now be made.

It will have elements of Assassins Creed in it, but will be free to be it's own thing and will honestly probably end up becoming the better quality franchise.

There is endless possibilities for the future of that gameplay type.

AC4 is the best Pirate game ever far.

Mary Read & Anne Bonney were two the most likeable females in any game ever....more likeable than most females in movies or TV even.

They seemed real....

I loved the cast of AC4, and I think a Prequel Pirate game could be awesome.

dcj05241569d ago

Idk man princess peach is a very rich character /s

CrossingEden1569d ago

"Assassins and pirates are different" god forbid we allow developers to use creativity right? No no, let's just keep these things the same to appeal to a crowd that refuses to allow any change to a series. And god forbid we have a protagonist who starts out selfish and learns to become humble and mature, it's almost as if *GASP* that's the kinda story they were going for in AC4!

TheRatedD1562d ago

lol you're view on AC4 is a total joke dude. Like I said, the devs said they included naval battles, drinking, and all other pirate themed bits of gameplay, because the location is about pirates, just like AC2 dealt with Catholics and had you parkour thru churches, and you used Leonardo's inventions, because it was set in Italy during the Renaissance...

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ReesesPuffs1569d ago

What they should be considering is how they can make the free running flow better like Sleeping Dogs or even Splinter Cell Blacklist. They should also be looking in to changing up their combat for the next iteration because it doesn't challenge me at all and can get repetitive while also defeating the point of being a stealthy assassin. Why sneak when you're practically a tank. Oh and get rid of all of the trailing missions please.

elninels1569d ago

I agree, I began by restarting when I wouls get caught trying to maintain stealth, but the stealth gameplay is so shallow, as is the combat, that I tired of all land activities rather quickly. I'd like a true stealthy assassins game.

fanta_claus1569d ago

I just want a wild west Assassin's Creed

alexkoepp1569d ago

guessing that one will be coming sooner rather than later

PhantomT14121569d ago

I'm not one of those people that say a pirate themed Assassin's Creed Game isn't an Assassin's Creed game. But an Assassin's Creed set in the wild west would be closer to Red Dead Redemption than an AC game.

KentBlake1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

No more eavesdropping and tailing missions, and I'm good.

And that Kenway's Fleet thing felt more like work than fun.

Lucreto1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

I don't understand why people don't like eavesdropping and tailing missions.

You are an Assassin you need to gather information on your target through eavesdropping and then find their location by following know associates.

If you take them out how would you find your target?

I loved the fleet game. I had the phone app and I kept my fleet moving each evening even if I couldn't get to the game. I raised 200,000 over a week I was away from my machine.

Vashv171569d ago

I understand where you're coming from but there are way too many. It gets repetitive fast, gameplay wise. Story/lore wise it makes sense to eeavesdrop but not every other mission has to have it.

Lucreto1569d ago


What would you change it with?

I know it gets old but there is no other way on finding your target. The Assassin can't automatically know there he is.

Eavesdropping and tailing missions are fundamental part of the series and can't be just gotten rid of. If people don't like them there are plenty of other games out there.

PhantomT14121569d ago

I wouldn't say no more tailing missions but definitely less of it. It's more annoying than challenging.

As for the eavesdropping, I think it can be quite challenging (especially those in AC4), but they shouldn't put big narrative info in them, it's quite difficult to actually listen to what they say when you're struggling to follow them.

DragonKnight1569d ago

I'm fine with tailing, I enjoy it. It's like a hunter stalking prey. But those eavesdropping missions are awful. I like how AC1 did it, but having to stay in a circle in some of these areas is just too much.

PhantomT14121569d ago


Lol, eavesdropping in the first AC was a joke. You just had to sit back, relax, and listen.

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Vashv171569d ago


I don't know honestly. I'm not saying take it out of the game entirely. I'd just like more variety that's all.

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