Dragon’s Crown Receives New Patch that Delivers “minor fixes”

Atlus has announced that they have released a new patch for the popular dungeon-crawler, Dragon’s Crown.

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dedicatedtogamers903d ago

Thank you, ATLUS, for providing continued support for one of my favorite games from last year. Now, back to the loot grind...

xSHADOWx903d ago

QQ: People still play this game, like a lot?

1nsomniac903d ago

Been holding off buying this game for ages is it that good?

nope111903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

@SHADOW the community is okay, but it's filled with laggy japanese and korean players.

@1nsomniac It really is awesome, i pumped about 50+ hours into the game already. Damn addicting.
If you like old-school brawlers like Golden Axe, you'll like Dragon's Crown.

Odoylerules000903d ago

I've put a lot of time into this game... its really good.

Puppy_Farts903d ago

I literally JUST purchased this game for delivery. Pumped to finally play it.

MightyNoX903d ago

The fact that they kept supporting this game is nothing short of salute-worthy.

il-JumperMT903d ago

I still need to grind 4 more classes to levle 255

Master-H903d ago

I'll be buying this game shortly , for couch co op. I had the idea that it was online only the past months, silly me.

Inception903d ago

Atlus x Vanillaware comboe never dissapoint me ^^