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Kojima Productions defends Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Length

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes has been met with a lot of criticism regarding the new information about the length. Fear not because Kojima has jumped up to defend these allegations. (Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, PS4, Xbox One)

Batzi  +   157d ago
Getting this game on day 1!
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Zuperman  +   157d ago
Quality > Quantity.
aimforthehead  +   156d ago
Quality + quantity > quality > quantity.
Oh shit I just checked and this thing is $30.00?
Why would anyone buy such a short game for so much?
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xHeavYx  +   156d ago
Next gen is $40. I'll just wait for the "ultimate edition" of Phantom Pain
Soupaman66  +   156d ago
because a shiny penny is better than a crumpled pile of 100 dollar bills
Derekvinyard13  +   157d ago
And you will be completing it entirely on DAY 1!
elda  +   156d ago
More like an hour or two.
DeadRabbits  +   156d ago
You will be up to Gamestop same day to trade it in!
SoulMikeY  +   156d ago
I hope everyone here realizes that it's the same 30 idiots complaining about nothing while millions are very happy to spend 20 or 30 bucks to get more value than the last 5 call of duty games....

So, there's maybe 50 people total in the world that feel they are getting ripped off. Lol dumbasses.
Rainstorm81  +   156d ago
40$ for a "game" that is shorter than most COD campaigns....and no MP to make up for it?

I'm a huge MGS fan but this should be 20 bucks

Not to mention Titanfall and Infamous releases the same month

I don't see this doing more than 2-3 mil....if its widely successful, forget unfinshed games that need day one patches, we will have less than half of games for near full price
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WorldGamer  +   157d ago
Well, the argument that they give about Journey would be valid if their price points were similar, but they are charging quite a bit for what essentially they have described as a tutorial.

I love the MGS universe and characters just as much as the next guy, but I think I might hold off on getting this until A) the price goes down or B) they release the inevitable GoTY edition with both Ground Zero and Phantom Pain on the same disk.

It will be interesting how this all turns out when all is said and done.
-Foxtrot  +   157d ago
"Are Journey and Dear Esther long? Voltaire’s 18th-century writing Candide is like a hundred pages at most. Yet they are masterpieces of video game and literature"

That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard

Journey and Dear Esther are Indie games and when you buy them you get the full game. Oh and using 18th century literature as an excuse....lol

"Ground Zeroes is both a prologue to the MGS 5 story and, at the same time, a tutorial for a new Metal Gear"

The Tanker Missions in MGS2 were aswell yet we didn't have to buy that separately.....logic flawed.

"I want people to celebrate the new MGS like we used to."

Hey thats not our fault, you are the people making it, if people arn't excited as they used to be then something is wrong. I mean first another prequel which seems to be pushing the story, then you had Kojima going on about how it "didn't matter" if there was inconsistencies when it does in such a complicated story like this and now you have the fact they are trying to sell us the start of the game as a separate title. All that is NOT our fault

Take a look back to when MGS4 was coming out or even MGS3 compared to now...the hype just isn't there.


Find it funny we have this article


But the guy in this article is admitting it IS short as he's defending it
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14Feb-R  +   156d ago
I don't want to be hyped after all these changes so i'm gonna play it as a normal game. That way it will speak for it self and i will see if these changes are for better or not. I got a deal and I'm buying it for half the price. So it's worth it for me. :)
PassiveAttack  +   156d ago
I could care less about the length. Kojima has never let me down so I will shell out for this because the more support there is for this well Phantom Pain will just be that much better.

Take my money!
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chrissx  +   156d ago
So much damage control for this expensive demo
thekhurg  +   156d ago
Tutorial, not demo.
MilkMan  +   156d ago
Price matters, money don't fall from trees and I don't know about anyone else's pockets but I pay rent, car note and have a family to take of. So...2 hours for $40...yeah not my cup of tea. No matter how much I like and respect Kojima.
Go this route, next thing you know well be paying $65 for 15 minute demos down the line. Just sends a bad message.

I'll wait for the full game, which I am positive will be great AND save these $40 for full fledged games coming down the pike like Castlevania and Thief.
Joe913  +   156d ago
Why act like your only choice is $40 or do not get it. If money is such a issue get it on last gen for the $20 if you do not have last gen get for $30. Also do you normally buy a game and play through it without being killed once and without watching the story and not doing the side missions if so any game you buy is a waste but you pay 60 for it. My main point is there are 3 choices in price starting at $20 bucks. I understand why ppl will not get the $40 version hell I am not getting the $40 version but I will pay $20 for the last gen digital version and I will be playing the whole thing so I will get more like 5 to 6 hours of game play so it is worth it. But people need to stop acting like $40 is the only choice there is. They should just have 2 prices $20 for digital and $30 for disk on both gens this is the only game that separate the price due to the generation the game is on that is a dick move but I blame Konami for that.
elda  +   156d ago
Kojima Productions can defend its length of this demo all it wants but it can't defend it's $40 price tag for a 2 hr demo it should be $10 at best.
Qwagy UK  +   156d ago
Free demo!
Qwagy UK  +   156d ago
Just watch it on twitch tv, you spend 3/4 of the game just on story info
Biohazard8860  +   156d ago
Ill be doing the smart thing and renting this at my redbox.
kx11  +   156d ago
Kojima is a bitch
Kojima is a lying bitch , he made a 2hr tutorial and wants money for it

if EA or Activision heck even capcom did it fans will go on a full rage over this massive joke by Kojima who stopped making interesting characters in MGS world since MGS3 ( mgs2 was terrible )

but on the other hand 99% of japanese devs are far far behind the current times of gaming and run around doing stupid crap that cost them their rep and damage their financial state , look Nintendo and Sony then Square-enix .... etc

only Dark Souls devs are the ones i respect because they created a game that is worth every penny and didn't ask us for fucking 40$ for a 2hrs tutorial

fuck you Kojima
Agent2009  +   156d ago
Who said it's Kojima who decided the price?
kx11  +   156d ago
isn't Kojima the head of Kojima production ?

alejandroelputo  +   156d ago
Our welcome to the new generation of gaming.
theXtReMe1  +   156d ago
I think what they need to do now, is tell people that buy the prologue that they will get $10 or $20 off the full game when it releases. It would save face for the developer and be a goodwill gesture towards people buying the full game. It would be a win-win for both.

$40 for a two hour game or even $30, is a bit out of people's comfort zone. You're basically asking people to pay the amount they would pay for 3 or more, 2 hour movies for 1, 2 hour game.

There has to be a compromise with the developer. I think what I mentioned above is the best compromise they could offer gamers. Especially to those who have never played a Metal Gear game before. Guaranteed, you will be able to find Phantom Pain for $40 or $45 when it launches anyways. So why would you pay the same price for a game that is 18 hours shorter(as Kojima said Phantom Pain would be 20 hours long)?

I guess we'll see. Ground Zero does look decent, but I don't want this trend of developers releasing these prologues for outrageous prices to continue. If it works out for Kojima and crew, others may jump on the bandwagon and do the same. Basically splitting their games in half and charging us double to play the full game. Episodes 1 and 2, each costing $40 or $60 dollars. Not a gaming future I think many are looking forward to.

All of this is conjecture, because I cant imagine others would follow the same kind of business model, with the backlash this is already receiving. But, if it works for one... others may think it will work for them. Causing a snowball effect, which will cut gamers game budget in half and therefore hurt the industry, with more people buying less games.

Lets hope other developers don't get just as greedy.
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CNCOMICS  +   156d ago
Gran Turismo 5: Prologue debuted at $39.99 and it made it to the PS3's Greatest Hits. And that was called a glorified demo, too.

It did what it was supposed to do, it held people over until the main game. And so will Ground Zeroes.
kx11  +   156d ago
terrible logic
Death  +   156d ago
The logic is spot on.

If we want to see big budget games that take advantage of our consoles, there has to be a sound business model around them. Ground Zeros will bring in the additional revenue needed so we see games like Phantom Pain. It's easy to write off GZ as being a "greedy" release, but most gamers don't consider the development cost or profit margin needed to make games.

The bottom line is if you are a fan, buy the game and support the developer. If you can't justify the cost, buy it used, borrow it, or just wait for PP to ship. Throwing a tantrum will not make the game free or help ensure more big budget games are released.
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ambientFLIER  +   156d ago
GT Prologue was different. It's a racing game. You could play it for many hours and get your money out of it. This game will be an interactive cutscene, just like every other MGS game, good for one playthrough.
Twiggy  +   155d ago
You should have stopped at GT being a racing game, MGS series just an interactive cutscene? pretty sure you haven't played them, what an outstandingly stupid thing to say.

On topic: £40 for this is a joke, I was raised playing MGS, and will finish playing when Kojima finishes making, but this is whack, staggeringly arrogant on Kojima's part, I'll borrow it or buy it, if nobody else I know picks it up on PS4.
14Feb-R  +   156d ago
True but GT prologue is a car game , car games usually take you a lot of time to get bored or complete them. It had a huge step in gameplay and graphics so my brother played it until GT5 released and he still didn't master it lol ..

As for MGS GZ , it will take less then 5 hours to complete everything. That's really big difference in my point of view. These kind of releases are only good for specific games..

Going muliplatform and having a lot of unwanted changes(including this decision to make GZ short ) really effected the fans in a bad way. I think this time Kojima will quit MGS because of this. The game is gone from masterpiece to hated game.

I'm not one of you guys though. I'm supporting Kojima but in my way lol. The game will be huge even with these changes and with hype being not there. We don't see awesome games like MGS a lot. I'm not missing it because of these stupid mistakes. :P
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OldDude  +   156d ago

How is buying the game used or borrowing it supporting the developer? It's a cash grab pure and simple aimed at people wanting something AAA and new to come out. I dont buy used games, or borrow them because I DO support the developer. I wont be supporting Konami on this, its a garbage move.
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Philoctetes  +   156d ago
I absolutely will not buy this, and it makes me much more inclined to skip Phantom Pain.
Biohazard8860  +   156d ago
Just rent the game that's what i'm doing going right over too my redbox.
AnEwGuY  +   156d ago
If people support paying for tech/game demos, then they're essentially helping AAA devs create their own "kickstarter" program. Remember how DLC on consoles started? Horse Armor....and people just laughed, and said DLC wouldn't take off. Yeah....
ambientFLIER  +   156d ago
People blasted Limbo for being 3 hours long and $15. And that game was one of the best games of last generation. And now it's ok to spend $30-$40 on a two hour demo? Kay.
DJrantz  +   156d ago
Sounds like a 1 day rental to me
vegnadragon  +   156d ago
We can't tell people what to buy with their money, they are free to waste/spend it as they wish. However, i can tell them that they are idiots.

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