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Submitted by Gadgetgyaan 736d ago | opinion piece

Why Battlefield 4 left Call Of Duty Ghosts behind?

Gadgetgyaan: The game world of 2013 was very good. It was one of the biggest year for the gaming sector as in the last year we saw the launch of many next generation consoles like Xbox One and Sony PS4. (Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Xbox One)

Garethvk  +   736d ago
Left behind only in the lawsuit department. I do not remember COD being the subject of a Class Action lawsuit over numerous bugs. I also do not remember Activision having to pull developers off other games to fix outstanding issues with COD and last I checked, COD outsold BF 4 by a wide margin. So exactly how did a buggy game that was outsold leave COD behind?
mewhy32  +   736d ago
COD crushed BF4 just like it always has. BF4 had so many bugs on PS4 that I had to call the exterminator before I felt comfortable in my home LOL. EA missed the one chance to trump COD with it's BF4 next gen first impression. Boy what an impression they made (sarcasm). Lawsuits, bugs, crashes, bugs, corrupted data, bad press, and did I mention bugs? Gamers will remember this come the next release and probably stay away. I know I will.
Garethvk  +   736d ago
Lets not forget that a third lawsuit is being eyed and there is speculation that the Feds may get involved over claims that the release of the game was done in a way that some speculate may have manipulated the stock price.
Vegamyster  +   736d ago
When they fix one thing another pops up, i was getting crashes until a few weeks ago and now the sound doesn't work properly until a new map loads.
iiorestesii  +   736d ago
BF4s campaign is far superior to ghosts in every aspect. This alone makes BF a superior game, overall. Or it would have if DICE had been able to retain the ability to save your campaign progress. Or at least used number grids like MegeMan X's.
Rikuide_Furame  +   736d ago
I'm a huge battlefield fan, but BF4 did far more damage than good to the franchise. Months after launch and still issues galore. Seems a far cry from Bad Company 2 : (
inmusicutrust  +   735d ago
Didn't mean to disagree and it wont let me switch my vote on mobile sorry. I am new to the series, long time MAG fan, never liked the twitchy gameplay in cod, even with all its bugs its still drawn me in. The campaign bug is b.s. to not have been fixed yet though, that's the biggest complaint I have so far.
CertifiedGamer  +   736d ago
That can all be true but Battlefield multiplayer has already been 75% fixed. The Multiplayer in Battlefield 4 puts COD:Ghost to shame. BF4 is a better game even with its bugs.
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   736d ago
I bet you are a COD Fanboy... well Fanman by the looks of it. I agree with what you are saying, but the point is that when BF4 works properly... It's much better than anything COD has to offer!
GraveLord  +   736d ago
BoriboyShoGUN  +   736d ago
COD is trash!!!! Rather play a buggy BF4 then give my money to any COD tile. COD is just too easy same old shit! Not to mention the damn kids running wild on that game no thanks!!!!!
CPTN MITCHELL  +   735d ago
cod has more of the same problems for years now.....1-quick scooping 2- spawn trap 3-lagging 4-hit detencion 5- overpower hand gun and shotgun 6-over power c4 and many more
frostypants  +   735d ago
Because broken BF4 is still a better game than CoD.
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Garethvk  +   735d ago
How can anyone disagree? Everything I stated was a fact and not an opinion? Fact Battlefield 4 has lawsuits pending. Fact, EA pulled developers off other projects to fix the game. Fact, COD: Ghosts has outsold BF 4. Fact. Activision has zero lawsuits over COD pending. Fact, no developers were called off other games to fix Ghosts. Fact, Ghosts outsold BF 4. So exactly what did I post that anyone other than hurt fanboys and COD haters can disagree with?
OutcastMosquito  +   736d ago
I'll admit there was bugs in BF4 but they didn't stop me from playing and enjoying it 95% of te time.
bryam1982  +   736d ago
left behind in patches need it playable lol
RobbyGrob  +   736d ago
"Why Battlefield 4 left Call Of Duty Ghosts behind?"

Possibly because BF4 is the worst Battlefield ever released? It doesn't deserve half its sales. Loads of games left BF4 in the dust.
dcj0524  +   736d ago
No the worst battlefield was Bad company 2 on ios. It was good for a mobile game but it was just a slower call of duty. In terms of main games i'd say BF3 because over simplified it too much.
bestofthebest  +   736d ago
I been enjoying bf4 a lot lately haven't noticed any major bugs its runs fine on X1. My campaign save got erased somehow a few times but that was a month ago.
T2X  +   736d ago
Actually, I don't think they "Left COD behind" at all. They had a very rocky start with the launch of Bf4. That being said, I also feel that it's most likely because of all of the platforms including the next gen ones they had to work on at the same time. I play both every day for a bit and I enjoy both for different reasons. But, I wouldn't say anyone was left behind.
Master-H  +   736d ago
While a shit game , at least Ghosts worked on release and still does ( i sold it shortly afterwards though).
frostypants  +   735d ago
I'd hope so, given that it's basically a re-skinned and inferior version of a 7-year old game.
jimjam3442  +   736d ago
i didnt get ghosts, but i know this, ive lost faith in dice, after bf3 i expected a launch where i could actually play conquest. guess my expectations were too high.
GhettoBlasStarr  +   736d ago
Just finished playing "BF4 Conquest64" on PS4 for 6hrs & had a great time. Yeah there were no sound, but only when you join a match in progress.

Look, you can Bitch&Moan about every game, every bug. Whine about getting shot around the corner & game lagging & Brag about K/D/R's and talk Shit......
..... Or make friends and just have fun playing the game. The choice is yours.

It seems that there's more problems with people that complain about games, than the games themselves.... PEACE
dcj0524  +   736d ago
Getting shot behind cover and lagging dampens the experience.
GhettoBlasStarr  +   735d ago
It's just a GAME......Enjoy it. The only thing that's realistic is Reality. But I warn you, You only get one life.... Enjoy It!!!
Nocando  +   736d ago
BF4 has gotten this generation off to a very underwhelming and disappointing start for me. Problem after problem after problem, its just been an awful experience until only recently.
Minute Man 721  +   736d ago
I just wanna know who is responsible for this mess EA or DICE?
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Ra3030  +   736d ago
Wow! some of you Call of Duty fans sound very butthurt over the thought that another game might be better than CoD Modern Warfare. Sure BF4.1had its bucket list full of issues though most seem fixed now at least when I'm playing...can't speak for anyone else. But there is no question BF4.1is a better game than CoD....none! You gotta hand it to the Call of Duty makers they have had that game on top for 7 years now..that's awesome and that will never be done again and it's about time but BF4.1 is the better game. It's amazing that Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been rereleased 5 times now by adding a name tag to each redone release while adding nothing new to the game example, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 or Call of Duty Modern Warfare Black Ops 1 or the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare Ghost. They are they same game CoD MW. Whats wrong with this is the "new" game...wink, wink! Was just DLC content nothing more and the CoD nation drank up that kool-aid like they reinvented the wheel. Paaalease don't be so butthurt BF4.1 will nnnnever out sell a CoD MW game but as BF4 " you call it BF3" was a better before it BF4.1 is even better at least as far as war games go.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   736d ago
COD takes no skill whatsoever!! Now BF that's a challenge, yeah it was buggy at first it was damn near unplayable, but its decent now. Battlefields always take a few updates to get rolling, but when they do theres nothing better.
0neShot  +   731d ago
Okay, no skill required. So why don't you join the MLG pro gamers and participate in esports, coz, you can win millions in prices!!! You can just hop in and be the best.

But sadly, only in your dreams. If you haven't played COD before or play it occassionally, you will be raped by experienced COD players. Just try it and you'll see.
inmusicutrust  +   735d ago
I kid you not I thought black ops was doc for about half a year. I had played ME a few months after it came out and thought no way is there a new COD out already MW is still new. That says a lot IMO
urwifeminder  +   736d ago
If it left COD behind I am very glad I did not get it as the new battlefield is crap long time fan of dice own every BF game ever made.

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